The Best Essential Oils for Cough


Really, the cough is annoying. And, although it is generally associated with colds or colds, the truth is that it can occur at any other time due to allergies or other conditions. In fact, it is often considered a symptom of a disease, even though it is a defense mechanism that the body itself has to cope with external agents and clear the airways.

The Best Essential Oils for Cough

A function that is very important, but it does not make the cough stop causing some discomfort and, even, sometimes makes it difficult to continue with daily life. There are several medications and treatments that are used to eliminate it. Within them, there are also essential oils for cough. From, we explain which are the best so you can relieve cough and prevent, above all, the strongest attacks.

Benefits of Essential Oils for Cough

Essential oils are of great help in relieving some symptoms of many diseases or pathologies. In the case of cough, they have also been shown to be effective. The key is that they help stimulate the person's immune system, so that the body is more prepared to respond to external agents. Thus, it is not necessary for you to resort as much or to a greater extent to the coughing mechanism to defend yourself.

In general, essential oils are used in a similar way, regardless of which one has been chosen. You just have to put a few drops in a diffuser to inhale – never directly – throughout the day, less at night.

You can also impregnate some cloths or place small bowls so that the aroma of the essential oil permeates the room or the rooms of the house that you want. Sometimes, it can be applied externally on the area to be treated, usually the chest and back if you suffer from problems in the airways.

But for the essential oil to be effective, it is important to choose one that is antiseptic. And what are they? In the following sections we are going to talk about them so that you know them and decide which one you prefer.

Eucalyptus essential oil to end cough

Normally, the appearance of cough is related to the respiratory system. And to open the airways and facilitate breathing, there is an essential oil that is one of the best: eucalyptus.

And it has been shown that this oil has many beneficial properties for the respiratory system due to its content in cineole, which is the active ingredient that acts to:

  • Reduce inflammation of the airways, noticing relief and less damage or discomfort in each breath.
  • Facilitate the exit of mucus both those that are in the nose and those that accumulate in the lungs. In this way, nasal congestion and airway obstructions caused by this problem are combated.

Peppermint essential oil for airway problems

Another essential oil that is very effective in ending coughing is peppermint essential oil. In that case, it is menthol that acts to improve, in general, the airways.

In addition to coughing, it is also useful for sore throats and colds, as well as respiratory and nasal infections. Benefits that are due to its expectorant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, antimicrobial and antiviral properties.

When using it, you notice both greater well-being and relief and calmer throughout the area affected by the infection in the respiratory tract.

The Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil for Cough

In this list of essential oils for cough you cannot miss rosemary. And it is that this product has also been shown through various studies and research that it is effective in dealing with bacteria.

In this way, it is recommended for problems in the respiratory tract and for cough, although it is equally effective for other pathologies such as asthma, bronchitis and sinusitis.

In all these cases, it calms and helps eliminate mucus, apart from clearing the airways to breathe better and not have that feeling of suffocation.

Is tea tree essential oil good for coughing?

The tea tree has many applications in the field of beauty and also well-being. And in the case of health, too. And, in particular, for cough, being very useful through its use as an essential oil.

And it is proven effective in reducing inflammation and strengthening the immune system, especially when problems are related to the appearance of microbes and viruses. By facing them, it removes the cough and also the congestion both nasal and bronchi, in addition to ending the sore throat.

These essential oils for cough are the most effective you can use to treat this problem. From, we advise you to always consult with a doctor or a specialist the most appropriate treatments and care you need to stop coughing.

Here you can find out more about what tea tree oil is for, properties and contraindications.



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