7 homemade detox smoothie recipes for the whole year


Homemade smoothies are one of the fastest and easiest ways to provide our body with all the necessary nutrients, mixing all kinds of fruits, vegetables and other types of foods necessary in our day-to-day diet. Combining the different foods can achieve different beneficial results for our body.

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One of the properties that are most sought after within this type of fruit and vegetable preparation is the detoxifying agent. There are a lot of recipes that combine different ingredients to detoxify the body and eliminate as many toxins as possible, in addition to reducing the annoying fluid retention. From we propose a few very simple ones so you can enjoy these smoothies at home. Read on and discover 7 homemade detox smoothie recipes for the whole year.

Ginger, cinnamon and spinach detoxifying smoothie

A very used ingredient in this type of smoothies is ginger, since it has quite powerful detoxifying properties. It helps the digestive system to eliminate gas and reduces heavy digestions, in addition to helping in the elimination of waste. It also stands out for its anti-inflammatory effects, which are multiplied if cinnamon powder is added to the preparation. In addition, spinach also provides a great benefit for the detoxifying process, providing fibers, minerals and vitamins.

To make this ginger and cinnamon detox shake you need a tablespoon of ginger, another of cinnamon, a bunch of spinach and 250 ml of water. After washing the spinach, they are introduced into the mixing glass with the water and the cinnamon and ginger are added. If the mixture is too spicy, the amount of both can be reduced.

Celery and parsley detox shake

With the combination of celery and parsley you get one of the shakes with the greatest detoxifying power that exists. Both products have as a common characteristic that they have a highly diuretic effect, therefore they are the perfect mixture to eliminate toxins from the body.

To prepare it, instead of using water, 250 ml of orange or tangerine juice is used as a base, a quarter cup of parsley is incorporated, two celery stalks well chopped, and to give a very refreshing flavor it is recommended to add a quarter cup of mint in the mixing glass.

Berries detox shake

The fruits of the forest are one of the most detoxifying fruits that exist thanks to the large amount of fiber and antioxidant components they contain. Apart from actively helping to eliminate toxins present in the body, they provide many nutrients necessary in the daily diet.

To increase the detoxifying capacity of this drink it is advisable to use a base of coconut water and normal water. A glass of 250 ml of natural water, half a glass of coconut water and a glass and a half of a mixture of berries must be introduced, including blackberries, blueberries and raspberries.

Spirulina shake with detoxifying effect

Although this shake has a color that may seem unappetizing, it is very useful to say goodbye to all the waste in the body. Both the dark green tone of this drink and its great detoxifying power is provided by an alga, spirulina.

To prepare it, it is advisable to add more ingredients to add nutrients to the drink. For the base you need 250 ml of natural water and half a cup of vegetable milk, preferably almonds. Then add half a cup of blackberries and the number of spirulina specified in the container for the amount of smoothie you are going to prepare.

Kale and apple detox shake

Kale is a variety of kale that, apart from being one of the new gastronomic trends, has a great detoxifying power and is therefore one of the most appreciated ingredients to make this type of drinks. If you want to multiply its effects it is best to add apple.

To prepare it, both 250 ml of natural and coconut water can be used as a base and a bunch of kale and half an apple is added to the mixing glass.

All of these detox shakes should be taken daily, preferably on an empty stomach, for up to 2 weeks. Then the body should be allowed to balance and rest for 2 more weeks before resuming the intake. However, it is always best to follow the doctor's instructions regarding food and guidelines for taking this type of shakes.

Zucchini and lemon smoothie to detoxify

If you are looking for a much more complete shake that, in addition to reducing toxins in the body and reducing fluid retention, provides a significant number of nutrients, it is advisable to resort to options with a greater number of ingredients, such as this one whose protagonists are zucchini and lemon.

In the mixing glass are added 250 ml of natural water, half medium zucchini, half lemon, half an apple and three lettuce leaves (preferably red or Italian).

Detox shake for the liver

If you are looking for a specific shake to cleanse the liver of toxins, where a large amount of waste is stored given the number of reactions that occur in it for the proper functioning of the body, this detox shake recipe is one of the most recommended.

It will be used as a base 400 ml of natural water, half a medium kale, a quarter cup of parsley, an apple, a lemon (without skin), half a glass of ginger and a small tablespoon of chia seeds.



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