Why My Back Hurts When I Cough – Know the Causes


Does your back hurt every time you cough? When this respiratory symptom appears, we can spend a long time suffering it and end up feeling new discomfort. Discomfort in the throat, nose and chest is usually very common, but those in the back can be somewhat less frequent and, when felt, can lead us to suspect that something else is happening to us. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that there can be many reasons why coughing hurts the back, whether high or low, such as excess coughing, contractures or pneumonia. So, it may be something mild, which will happen shortly, or something more serious that requires medical attention.

Why My Back Hurts When I Cough - Know the Causes

For this reason, in we reveal the causes that answer your question about “why does my back hurt when coughing?” and we recommend that you go to the doctor for a review.

Why My Back Hurts When Coughing and Taking a Deep Breath: Causes

There are many possible reasons for this problem, but the following are the main causes of cough and back pain:

  • Excess dry or productive cough.
  • Knots and muscle contractures.
  • Pneumonia or pneumonia.
  • Grit or kidney stones.
  • Fissure in the ribs
  • Endometriosis

Anyway, as each case is particular and, in addition, there may be more reasons for this problem, we recommend going to the doctor as soon as possible for a complete review, a diagnosis made by the health professional and an adequate treatment in each case. Below, we explain each of these possible causes of back pain when coughing.

Excess coughing

Whether it is a dry cough or a productive cough or with mucus, the fact of coughing very often ends up getting tired and producing several discomforts, until the cough calms down and they go away.

Coughing causes an increase in pressure in the chest and the tendons in the area can become very tense, especially if the cough is very often and prevents resting and recovering from this tension and pressure. Thus, this can easily cause your back to hurt when coughing. However, you have to be calm, since it will pass only as you recover from the problem caused by this symptom.

Muscle contracture in the back

If you have a contracture in your back, especially if it is important, every time you cough you will notice punctures or discomfort in this area. This problem can occur in any part of the back, either high or low, that is, in dorsal or lumbar, and when this respiratory symptom appears that causes spasms in the muscles, you will notice the pain at the right point where the muscle problem is.

It is because the muscles of the back intervene in all the movement that occurs when this symptom of respiratory problems appears and if, any part of it, is already so tense that a knot or contracture has occurred, then the muscle tension increases so much that it hurts.

In this case, it is necessary that, apart from visiting a doctor to help you treat cough, you go to a physiotherapist to check your back and help you solve the problem of muscle contracture.

Pneumonia or pneumonia

This respiratory problem occurs when there is inflammation and infection in the tissue of the lungs, usually caused by bacteria, but can also be caused by viruses and fungi. Pneumonia or pneumonia is a serious problem that must be treated so that it does not worsen in a short time, so it is necessary to go to the doctor before symptoms such as breathing difficulties.

Among the most persistent symptoms in this disease is coughing. So, when coughing, due to muscle spasm and inflammation of this part of the chest, the back may hurt at the height of the lungs.

Fissure in the ribs

It is likely that it will not only happen to you when you cough, but also ask yourself “why does my back hurt when breathing deeply?”, since the movement of the rib cage when breathing, especially if it is deep, as well as when coughing make you feel more the inflamed part around the fissured rib.

Even if it is not broken, a bone with a somewhat deep crack, such as a fissure, hurts equally but to a lesser degree. Therefore, when forcing the area with the cough you can feel pangs right in the area of the injured rib.

In addition, when this respiratory symptom becomes very persistent and strong, it is possible that a rib will crack due to the strain of the lungs and the strength of each spasm.

In this case, it is also vital that you go to the doctor as soon as you can, since this type of injury can take time to treat well and heal and, if it is not taken into account and does not rest a little, it can easily worsen

Kidney stones

Kidney stones or kidney stones are another because of your back hurting when you cough. If you already have the advanced problem, surely, it will hurt almost constantly, it will produce nephritic colic in a timely manner and when you cough you will feel a great pain in the area.

In case the problem is beginning and you have only grit or very small stones, it may not hurt you regularly but you do feel that your back hurts when you cough right at the height of the kidneys. Actually, your kidneys and surrounding muscles will be hurting, more than your own back.


Finally, another cause of back pain when coughing is endometriosis, which can only occur in women. Endometriosis happens when this inner part of the uterus grows outside the uterus, anywhere else nearby in the abdomen. The endometrium is prepared for a pregnancy and expelled during menstruation if there has not been, so it is formed every month throughout the menstrual cycle, and this is why this problem can appear throughout the reproductive life of a woman.

One of the symptoms that warn that there is this health problem is pain in the lower back or abdomen, depending on the point at which the endometrium has formed outside the uterus, which can be felt when making efforts, such as running, exercising or even coughing.


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