How to accelerate basal metabolism to lose weight


Metabolism is a chemical process in the body by which food is transformed into energy or fuel for the body. It measures the energy expenditure that our body makes at total rest, that is, without exercising any activity. A fast metabolism burns more fat a day and this will also influence weight. Conversely, a slower metabolism will take longer to generate energy and fat will accumulate in the body. However, although the metabolism of each one is different and depends a lot on genetics, there are some tricks that can be used to accelerate it and thus achieve weight loss. In this article we tell you how to accelerate the basal metabolism to lose weight.

How to accelerate basal metabolism to lose weight

How Basal Metabolism Works

Basal metabolism measures the amount of energy the body uses at total rest, without exercising any physical activity. And in this way, we can see how quickly it transforms the fats of our body into energy for the body. Therefore, it can be said that basal metabolism measures the amount of energy our body needs simply by being alive, without attending to physical activity or other factors.

It depends, to a greater extent, on genetic and physical factors such as sex, height, weight, amount of muscle mass… And until approximately 30 years the basal metabolism grows, however from 30 to 40 years it is maintained and decreases progressively. That is why it is very common to say that children have a lot of energy, unlike older people. And it is also one of the reasons why many older people gain weight as they age, also due to the lack of physical activity.

Muscle mass is also a determining factor in basal metabolism, since the more muscle mass you have, the greater the basal metabolism since muscle needs a lot of energy.

And how is basal metabolism calculated? It is calculated in kilocalories per day and, as we have seen, it depends on factors such as seo, weight or height, among others. Therefore, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has determined an equation to calculate the basal metabolism in children aged 10 to 18 years, which is as follows:

  • Women: 7.4 x weight in kilograms + 428 x height in meters + 572
  • Men: 16.6 x weight in kilograms + 77 x height in meters + 572

However, the daily basal metabolism can also be calculated, more approximately, using Harris Benedict's equations:

  • Male: 66.4730 + ((13.751 x mass kg) + (5.0033 x height cm) – (6.75 x age years))
  • Female: 655.1 + ((9.463 x mass kg) + (1.8 x height cm) – (4.6756 x age years))

Aspects that accelerate basal metabolism

Although basal metabolism depends on some factors, there are certain situations or predispositions that accelerate it such as:

  • Have more muscle mass
  • Increased total body area
  • Male. It is usually due to the increased muscle mass.
  • High body temperature. Having a fever, for example, increases metabolism.
  • Thyroid hormones
  • Activity of the nervous system. More nervous or stressed people have a higher basal metabolism.
  • Some stages of growth in the life cycle
  • Caffeine or tobacco use

However, you can also follow some guidelines to speed up your basal metabolism on your own to lose weight. Let's look at a few.

Exercise to speed up metabolism to lose weight

Exercise increases muscle mass and this accelerates basal metabolism. You have to combine it with a good diet and also good rest times, but it is one of the best ways to accelerate the basal metabolism.

It is best to perform different intensities of exercise, for example if you go for a run or walk you can do small intervals of 30 seconds in which you intensify the exercise. Although they are almost insignificant, these small changes cause the body to consume more energy and also favors the oxygenation of the cells. Therefore, you can get the results in less time. It is not about forcing the body but about changing the intensity in short intervals of time.

It is also important to rest so that the body does not run out. The important thing is to have a balance in such a way that the exercise is healthy. Of course, to accelerate the metabolism you will have to burn more fat than you consume or, exercise more if you have consumed more amount, but always changing the intensity without forcing the body.

Increases proteins to lose weight

Proteins are not digested in the same way as the rest of the food by our body. The body takes longer to digest them and therefore the feeling of satisfaction or fullness comes earlier with proteins. And in the meantime, the metabolism continues to work and burn fat to digest it. Which translates into an increase in metabolism while reducing hunger. In addition, proteins make you gain muscle and not so much fat.

Eating several times, a day is vital to speed up metabolism

Eating several times, a day will accelerate the metabolism since it does not stop working. Eating several times, a day makes you still active and this will cause you to accelerate. It also keeps glucose levels stable without having insulin spikes and this prevents you from gaining weight. It is preferable to make five or six meals a day than two or three large ones. You can chop nuts between meals, for example nuts are also good allies to accelerate metabolism.

Breakfast is very important

During the night the body spends less energy and therefore works less, although it is still active maintaining vital functions so while it is active without eating food it accumulates fat. Waking up and having a good breakfast is essential to start the necessary mechanisms and that the body puts digestion back into operation. Breakfast gives energy to the body and when it starts up it stops accumulating fat. Therefore, breakfast is the most important meal. It is vital to have a light dinner before bed and have a good breakfast in the morning.

Drink water to speed up basal metabolism

Drinking water is essential at all times but it is also a way to accelerate the metabolism and burn calories. However, although it is established that you have to drink eight glasses a day this will depend on each person and there are those who drink more or less. The important thing is to stay hydrated at all times and for this it is best to drink mineral water. Forget about drinking soft drinks at mealtime and replace them with water. Your body will improve and your body will appreciate it.

Foods that accelerate basal metabolism

There are some foods or foods that also help speed up the body, such as:

  • Coconut oil: it is digested better than the one we use in our kitchen. Replace your oil with coconut oil for cooking. It burns far more calories than the oils we normally use.
  • Eggs: The egg contains proteins and fats beneficial to improve metabolism. Take scrambled eggs for breakfast to start the day off right or add them to your diet.
  • Spicy foods: Oddly enough, spicy foods have benefits. They increase metabolic activity, by at least 20%, for thirty minutes in which the body is burning fat.
  • Legumes: they also help to improve the activity of metabolism. For example, lentils, beans or chickpeas. One idea is to make or buy humus and take it between meals, or before exercise to enhance fat burning.
  • Fish: not only does it have a lot of protein but it is also rich in Omega-3. Both natural accelerators of metabolism.

As for drinks, the best is green tea, a drink rich in antioxidants and that also accelerates the metabolism promoting the oxidation of fat. It contains no calories so you can increase the basal metabolic rate by drinking several cups of green tea a day.


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