How to eat well to lose weight

To lose weight you do not have to sign up for miracle diets or too strict diets. All you have to do is know the eating habits you have to follow to give your body just what it needs. We live in a society of excesses and, therefore, this is also reflected in our diet since we provide the body with many more calories than it really needs. In this article we are going to discover how to eat well to lose weight, we will provide you with some tricks and tips that will help you change your habits. We want to emphasize that we also include a weekly menu so you can start taking care of yourself from today.
How to eat well to lose weight

Fruits and vegetables, the perfect foods to lose weight

If you want to discover how to eat well to lose weight, the first thing we have to do is look at the food we consume. We must bet on a healthy and balanced diet where we include nutritious and beneficial foods for the body. And obviously fruits and vegetables cannot be missing in our diet.

Why? Essentially because they are two food groups that are highly beneficial for the body and, at the same time, perfect to help us lose weight. The reason is that, as a general rule, they are ingredients that provide us with a large number of vitamins and minerals with very few calories and a very low portion of fat.

It is for this reason that, if you want to eat well and lose weight, you have to start including both fruits and vegetables in your diet to satiate your appetite without an exaggerated intake of calories. The properties of fruits and vegetables to help us lose weight are the following:

  • Low in calories
  • Low amount of fat
  • They are rich in fiber and, therefore, satiate the appetite
  • They are usually rich in water and, therefore, help purify the body and reduce fluid retention

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Proteins to lose weight in a healthy way

Proteins are another of the food groups that have to be part of a healthy diet. They are foods that provide you with a large amount of essential nutrients for the body and, in addition, help strengthen and build muscle. Therefore, it is a perfect type of food to reduce the presence of fat in your body and, instead, there is more muscle mass that helps you look a more toned and healthy body.

And what kind of foods do we find inside proteins? They can be both foods of animal origin (meat, fish, eggs and dairy) and of vegetable origin (soy, tofu, seitan, legumes, etc.). Therefore, both vegetarians and those who have a varied diet can include protein in their diet without any problem.

Tips for eating protein and losing weight

Anyway, there are a number of recommendations that will help you enjoy the benefits of protein and lose weight. Not all foods are recommended to lose weight and, therefore, here is a list with considerations to take into account when eating:

  • Fresh and natural proteins: it is always recommended that you opt for the freshest pieces to guarantee their nutritional contribution
  • Limit processed foods: it is important that you opt for the most natural variety of meat and, therefore, reduce processed meats such as sausages, sausages, hamburgers, etc., as they provide fats and additives harmful to health
  • Opt for lean meats: if you want to lose weight, it is best to opt for including lean meats in your diet (chicken, turkey, rabbit) since they are the lightest pieces and with less fat
  • Skimmed dairy: if you want to lose weight you do not have to give up dairy but, yes, you have to opt for skimmed so that, thus, you eliminate the amount of fat to the maximum and you stay only with the nutrients
  • White fish: it is also recommended that you opt for white fish as they contain less fat. However, you also have to include the blue varieties since they are rich in Omega 3 although, yes, in smaller quantities.

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Carbohydrates to eat well and lose weight

If you want to know how to eat well to lose weight you should keep in mind that as much as you have heard otherwise, carbohydrates are not your enemies. Many “miracle” diets recommend you to limit the consumption of carbohydrates (or even eliminate them completely) to achieve weight loss. The truth is that the most advisable thing is that you know how to eat them and that you do not exceed it. You don't have to declare war on them, but simply understand what they are for.

Carbohydrates provide us with a lot of energy (that is, calories) that help us perform at our best during our day. Therefore, it is recommended that they be ingested during the first hours of the day and that they are stopped taking during the afternoon and, of course, at night. At those times of the day, we no longer need that energy injection and, therefore, if we do not spend it, our body will store it in the form of saturated fats.

In addition, it is important that you keep in mind these recommendations to eat carbohydrates without getting fat. Because, believe it or not, it is possible! Here are the tips:

  • Bet on the integral version: it is always more advisable to opt for the integral version of the hydrates because they provide us with more nutrients and more fiber. In addition, the white version is refined with what has lost the vast majority of nutrients and, failing that, contains many sugars.
  • In the early hours of the day: we have already commented on it but we want to highlight it. If you want to eat well to lose weight you have to take into account that hydrates are very caloric and, therefore, are ideal for the first hours of the day and, instead, should be reduced to the maximum during the last.
  • Watch the amounts: carbohydrates are very energetic and, therefore, provide us with many calories. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not exceed the amounts and that you avoid mixing them with fatty foods. A good idea is to opt for a dish of 150 grams of whole grain spaghetti with vegetables since, in this way, you will get the fiber of the vegetables to satisfy your appetite without going over the amount.

Tips for learning to eat well and lose weight

Therefore, with these food tips that we have just given you can already know what many of the healthy diets are based on to lose weight. And there is no more secret than to eat a balanced and healthy diet, as well as the practice of physical exercise.

Anyway, below we are going to discover some good tips so that you can eat well and lose weight easily. These are the “rules” that you should follow to get more visible results:

  • Eat 5 times a day: in this way, you will be able to avoid feeling excessively hungry during the course of the day. In addition, you will also speed up your metabolism and make your body burn more calories without needing to do anything else.
  • A light and early dinner: dinners are one of the most important times of the day if you want to lose weight. It is best that you opt for light dinners and that you take them at least 2 hours before bed so that your body has time to assimilate food.
  • Drink 2 liters of water: water is essential for your body to be hydrated and, also, for you to eliminate toxins and fluid retention.
  • Cook lightly: avoid the greasiest cooking methods (such as fried, battered, etc.) and, failing that, opt for recipes baked, steamed, grilled, etc.
  • Avoid light products: you do not have to abuse these products because they will not help you lose weight, simply, they are designed to be able to give you a “treat” from time to time. But they have many sugars and usually have, also, a high number of calories.
  • Exercise regularly: and, obviously, if you want to lose weight it is important that you have an active life. Doing sports 3 or 4 times a week will help you burn calories and, at the same time, get your body to lose fat and have more muscle mass.

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We hope you have answered all your questions and with this article you have the exact information to know how to eat well to lose weight. Let us what you think in the comments.


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