How saffron is taken to lose weight – find out


In today's society one of the most prominent problems within health are alterations in weight, such as overweight and obesity. Up to 80% of the population is overweight and 50% obese. Suffering from these disorders carries a higher risk of suffering from other diseases in the medium and long term such as type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. That is why it is very important to reduce these percentages.

How saffron is taken to lose weight - find out

How can it be achieved? Through healthy habits, within which we find a correct rest, a healthy diet and regular physical activity. The slimming diets that are promoted are not adequate, since it is a temporary routine that, in the event that it works, when we abandon it, it creates the rebound effect and we gain weight again (even more). That is why it is important to learn to eat and incorporate into our diet foods that help us, such as saffron. Therefore, in we tell you how saffron is taken to lose weight.

What is saffron and what is it for?

First it is convenient to explain what saffron is. This product is a spice whose origin is located in the Middle East, but over the centuries it reached other places such as India, Iran and the southern part of Europe, where it is now grown in a common way. The spice is composed of the pistils of the flower Crocus sativus and can only be collected in the months of October and November. This product is used to give flavor and color to a wide variety of foods, such as rice, which gives a characteristic yellow color.

Do you know the function that the hormone leptin has in our body? It is responsible for warning our brain that we have eaten enough, and that is why it is also called the satiety hormone. Thanks to it we know when we should stop eating and it also causes us not to be pecking continuously. To enhance or favor the action of this hormone, we can eat natural foods that increase that feeling of satiety, especially in the case that we want to reduce our weight. Here's how saffron does.

Properties of saffron for weight loss

Sometimes, because we don't eat properly or have lower levels of the hormone leptin, we have the feeling that we are continually hungry. To avoid pecking on a regular basis, it is best to eat foods and products that have more satiating properties such as saffron.

This product acts on another hormone, but it is not leptin, but serotonin. If its levels remain elevated in the brain, we don't have that need to eat. Therefore, thanks to this increase in serotonin at the brain level, saffron decreases the feeling of hunger and prevents us from pecking.

In addition, saffron also has other benefits closely related to health: it helps reduce the risk of suffering from cardivascular diseases thanks to the decrease in blood pressure, helps maintain a good memory, keeps us away from depression and can also calm the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

How to prepare saffron infusion for weight loss

The most advisable way to make the most of the satiating effect of saffron is to take it in tea or infusion. Here's how to prepare saffron tea or infusion for weight loss:

  1. First get the saffron, which you can buy in any supermarket or herbalist. We advise you to take the one that is not mixed with any other product.
  2. When you have it at home, put 200 ml of water to boil and add 10 grams of saffron.
  3. Heat the mixture until it boils and keep the heat for 10 minutes.
  4. Then, let the mixture sit and cool slightly and strain it to remove the saffron residue.
  5. You can take it once a day, at that time when you tend to be hungrier between meals, to take advantage of its satiating effect.

You may find its taste bitter. If so, you can perform the same operation but use low-fat milk instead of water. You can also use sweeteners other than sugar, such as honey or stevia, after cooking. And if you want to avoid straining the final mixture, get some tea bags to fill and it will be much more comfortable.

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