Wheat or oat bran, which is better?


It depends on what you need. It is not possible to answer in a certain way whether wheat or oat bran is better than the other because each of them, although they share very similar benefits and properties, are indicated for different topics. For example, wheat bran is mainly used to improve digestive processes thanks to its high fiber intake, it is also ideal for weight loss; however, oatmeal is ideal for regulating sugar, cholesterol and, also, to help us maintain an ideal weight.

Wheat or oat bran, which is better

Then in we will answer your question about is better if wheat or oat bran stopping at the contribution that each of these ingredients gives us.

Wheat bran and its benefits

To know if wheat bran or oat bran is better, it is important that, first of all, we stop to know the benefits that each of them brings to the body. We will start talking about the properties that wheat bran offers us to know the uses we can give it and how it benefits us.

  • Rich in fiber: wheat bran is known above all because it is a rich source of fiber, a component that will help us improve intestinal transit, reduce constipation and, in addition, is also ideal to help us lose weight because fiber is highly satiating.
  • Very rich in iron: another of the most remarkable benefits of this type of bran is that it is a food very rich in iron and, therefore, is ideal to include in the diet of a person who suffers from anemia or who has low iron. In the same way, it is also a very favorable dietary supplement for athletes who make physical effort because during training a lot of iron is lost.
  • It is good for the heart: another reason why it is very beneficial to include wheat bran in the diet is because it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids (that is, those known as “good fats”), a component that improves cardiovascular health, increases good cholesterol and provides large amounts of antioxidants that help us to have the body protected and in good condition.

To take advantage of its benefits it will be enough that you include this bran in your diet although, yes, it is not recommended to exceed the daily dose of 30 grams because it could produce side effects (gas, pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, etc.).

Oat bran and its benefits

Now let's stop for a moment to know the benefits of oat bran to understand how it benefits us and, thus, be able to answer your question of which of the two bran is better. Here are the main contributions we enjoy when we introduce this bran to our diet:

  • Rich in fiber: Like wheat bran, oat bran is also very rich in fiber (soluble and insoluble) and, in fact, has more fiber than oats themselves. Thus, by consuming this product we manage to improve our digestive system by making the intestinal transit work greatly and, therefore, avoid conditions such as constipation. Thanks to this component, it is also an ideal ally to help us lose weight since, as we have said before, fiber is highly satiating.
  • Regulates cholesterol and triglycerides: another benefit of oat bran is that it is an ideal complement to balance blood cholesterol levels as well as triglycerides. This is because it has beta-glucans, a component that absorbs intestinal fats and expels them rectally.
  • It helps to treat hemorrhoids: this is because it is a food very rich in fiber and, therefore, manages to improve the consistency of the feces making them softer and easier to expel them.
  • Regulates sugar levels: Oat bran is recommended for people with diabetes because the cereal is able to regulate glucose in the blood by preventing it from being absorbed by the intestines.

To take advantage of all these benefits, it will be enough to include oat bran in your daily routine: it can be part of your smoothies or mix it in milk, juices, yogurts, etc.

In this other article we discover the benefits of oat bran so that you know them concisely.

Which is better: wheat or oat bran

Now that we know the benefits of both foods let's find out which is better if oat bran or wheat bran. In order to answer this question, we are going to analyze in detail some of the aspects that we believe are most important to compare in order to give you an answer.

Caloric value of wheat and oat bran

If you want to lose weight you should know that oat bran is a product of greater weight than wheat, that is, in a glass fit about 90 grams and, on the other hand, in the same glass could fit 58 grams because it is lighter in weight. Likewise, oat bran is more caloric than wheat because for every 90 grams we consume about 250 calories and, however, wheat gives us an average of 200 calories.

The fiber of both bran

As we have seen in the previous sections, wheat bran and oats are rich in fiber but which is more beneficial? You should know that wheat gives us a greater amount of fiber but the one it gives us is different: more than 90% of wheat is insoluble fiber while 60% of oats is insoluble. Remember that the insoluble fiber is the one that increases volume without absorbing water and, therefore, will give us a greater feeling of satiety.

The mineral contribution of the bran

As we have seen above, wheat bran is very rich in iron; however, oats are very high in phosphorus. In this sense, we cannot answer your question of which of the two is better because everything will depend on the nutritional needs of each person. Of course: both are sodium-free.

In short, in order to know which is better if wheat or oat bran we have to know that wheat bran is beneficial for digestive issues thanks to its properties and benefits while oat bran is ideal to improve blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol and help us, therefore, to be at our ideal weight.



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