Is it normal for your period to be delayed after having sex?


Many are the girls who wonder about various aspects about the relationship between menstruation and sex, such as if it is normal for it to take time to lower the period after having sex or if whenever there is a delay after having sex it is because there is pregnancy. The truth is that there are many factors to take into account and, for this reason, we recommend that whenever you notice irregularities in your menstrual cycle you go to a visit with the gynecologist.

Is it normal for your period to be delayed after having sex

In we want to help you clear your doubts and, therefore, we have prepared this article answering whether it is normal for the period to be delayed after having sex or not, as well as the causes of the delay of menstruation more common.

Is it normal for your period to be delayed after sex?

There are women who have doubts about whether the period is delayed by sex or not but there are those who, even, have the belief that it is so, that the period is really delayed when having sex. The truth is that there is no further from reality, it is NOT normal for the period to be delayed after having sex.

Sometimes, there may be changes in the period after having sex, but it is not usual and the fact of having sex will not directly cause the period to be out of balance and there is a delay. Anyway, as it can happen that after having sex, either a few days or the following month, there is a delay, it is good to be well informed of the causes of delayed period, have to do more or less with that sexual encounter.

Is it normal for your period to be delayed after having sex for the first time?

This question is one of those who are facing their first time or when it has already happened and they find themselves with the first delay. The truth is that, again, it is NOT normal for the period to be delayed when you lose your virginity.

When this happens, it is mainly due to the nerves and tension experienced during and even after this situation, since the first time you have sex involves a great emotional charge. Another common cause is having an irregular menstrual cycle, either because it is, because it is still adjusting, or because we have some hormonal imbalance.

Below, we explain the reasons why there is a delay sometimes. If it has happened to you, pay attention to the following lines, apart from consulting your doctor or gynecologist.

Why the rule is delayed – the main causes

Now that you know the answer to your question, we tell you what are the main causes of the period being delayed, whether it coincides with the fact that you just had relationships recently or not.

Tension and nerves

One of the main reasons why your period is delayed by a few days is stress, nerves and tension. Apart from being able to have nerves and tense during the time of having sex, if we worry about the period or a possible pregnancy not sought, then we are causing a muscular tension in the area that will cause menstruation to be retained. It can last a few hours until a few days, but as soon as we manage to relax the muscles will relax and menstruation will arrive normally.

Flow cap

Another possibility is due to the increase in flow due to being close to menstruation and the increase in production of lubricating flow during intercourse, a flow plug is formed. This is created in the cervix and makes it difficult for the period to go down normally. In this case, the decrease in menstrual flow will only be delayed for a few hours or someday, but no longer.

Possible pregnancy

Of course, the fact that menstruation does not arrive when we wait for it, especially if it is regular, and we have had sex, may be due to pregnancy. Anyway, you can't be sure without calculating the days and getting tested. So, if you suspect this possibility, you just have to calculate the fertile days of last month and think about whether you have had sex during these. Then, get tested at home but keep in mind that you must be at least a week late to do it and that it is reliable. Check out this other article in which we explain when to take a pregnancy test and how to do it. Finally, go to the gynecologist to take the pregnancy test with analysis, as it is the definitive way to know.

Taking the emergency pill

Some women after having sex take the morning-after or emergency pill, sometimes poorly taken as a contraceptive method and other times because they consider that there is an elevated risk of unsought pregnancy. It is only well used in this second case, because it is not really a contraceptive method and, in fact, taking it in this way greatly harms health. In this other article we explain how to take the emergency pill.

Taking it always delays one's own period, because in reality what it does is produce an increase in hormones that cause an abundant menstruation to fall shortly after taking it, preventing fertilization, and for this reason there is an irregularity in the menstrual cycle, which will make the menstruation itself that we had calculated that it would arrive one day will not, will be delayed.

Taking hormonal contraceptives

Some women start taking hormonal contraceptives affects them to the point of modifying their cycle and making it irregular for a while, because it is normal that it is soon regulated again or, in fact, it does not change at any time. Likewise, the gynecologist will have to perform an annual check-up to verify that the use of hormones is not affecting the menstrual cycle or any other aspect of health and if appropriate, will have to modify the dose or method.

Premenopausal and hormonal imbalances

The state prior to the arrival of menopause implies that the rules are irregular and, therefore, there are times that they are delayed. If you are not sure if you can be in this phase, apart from discussing it with your doctor, in this article we tell you the Symptoms and treatment of menopause.

In addition, there are other hormonal imbalances that can be produced by a variety of causes, from bad habits to conditions such as polycystic ovaries, which will produce the same effect of irregularity and delays.

So that you can expand all this information, in we have prepared this other informative article on Why the rule is delayed.

When to go to the gynecologist because the period is delayed after intercourse

It is important to keep in mind that it is best to go to the doctor whenever we consider that there has been a change in our body and, above all, if we do not understand what they are due to. Thus, when our period is delayed and more than a week of delay has passed, the best thing to do is to go to the doctor.

In fact, it is advisable to go to the gynecologist because the period is delayed after having sex if:

  • In addition to not going down, pains are felt in the genital area, in the lower abdomen or lower back.
  • If in addition the urine is of an unusual color.
  • It has been several weeks since the delay, whether there have been relations a few days ago or more time ago.
  • If there are other symptoms such as fever, dizziness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or major weight changes.

Is it normal for your period to go down after you have sex?

Other times, some women wonder the exact opposite: is it normal for menstruation to go down after having sex? The truth is that either, it is NOT normal for your period to go down after sex. You can only lower the rule when having sex in the event that it was close or about to get off and due to the movement and when, after the tension, the area relaxes. What is certain is that, if it is not the time for it to arrive by itself, sex does not advance it.

We tell you more about this doubt in this other article about Do sexual relations advance the rule?



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