Can I drink coffee if I have fatty liver? – here the answer


At least 30% of the average population and another 80% who have obesity or type 2 diabetes, suffer or have had fatty liver at some point in their lives. Considered as the epidemic of the XXI century, non-alcoholic hepatic steatosis commonly known as fatty liver, is an inflammatory disease of the organ and in which there is excess accumulated fats, which can be really serious if not treated in time, triggering cirrhosis or, in more extreme cases, cancer.

Can I drink coffee if I have fatty liver - here the answer

One of the most important factors to control such problems is a good diet. Just as there are contraindicated foods, there are others highly recommended to improve and prevent it. Coffee and its thousands of myths are some of the most common doubts, especially if you suffer from a problem like this. Therefore, in we will answer a frequent question: can I drink coffee if I have fatty liver?

Benefits and properties of coffee for fatty liver Coffee has several health benefits, but there is a very important one that we will talk about next: treat fatty liver and prevent its development.

For a long time, the consumption of coffee became regulated by doctors and nutritionists since it had the bad reputation of increasing blood pressure and altering patients with cardiovascular problems, because you have to know when to take it and in what quantities it should be. However, nowadays coffee is seen as more than just a drink.

In recent years, studies have shown that the caffeine in coffee is excellent for eliminating the fat that is stored in the cells of our liver and in turn helps prevent its appearance and accumulation, it is also equally beneficial caffeine or theine that is in tea. Its effectiveness has been confirmed and, in some countries, they are developing drugs whose active ingredient is caffeine to treat, among several pathologies, fatty liver.

People suffering from non-alcoholic hepatic steatosis are currently advised to increase their coffee intake or include it in their diet as a liver cleanser. In addition, in this other article we explain what to eat if I have fatty liver, so you have a better idea of what to include in your diet, such as coffee, and what not to include.

How to Drink Coffee to Treat Fatty Liver

Like everything, it should be consumed but in moderation. The most recommended is to consume 4 cups a day, but beware, 4 small cups of coffee if you take it cut, or that would be like 2 cups of coffee only a day. Likewise, the ideal is to consume them at breakfast, another after lunch and in the middle of the afternoon, however, with 2 of cut coffee is more than enough since it can be completed with a tea of your preference.

Keep in mind that if you are a hypertensive person, coffee intake is not the most recommended, however you can consult with your cardiologist or family doctor to tell you if you can include coffee in your diet to treat fatty liver and how to do it better.

So, can I drink coffee if I have fatty liver?

After having detailed the good of caffeine for the liver, the answer is that YES, you can consume coffee if you suffer from fatty liver and it is recommended because it will help you avoid a greater accumulation of fats in the liver and has, in addition, a degreasing effect of this organ.

What we recommend in is that you consult your doctor if the intake of coffee is the most recommended for you, especially if you suffer from any other disease, such as hypertension, apart from fatty liver. In the same way remind yourself that you should drink coffee in moderation, because everything in excess ends up hurting. Now you can rest easy and enjoy a good cup of coffee!

In addition, apart from drinking coffee, another option if you like natural drinks, are infusions. Here you can find the best infusions for fatty liver.

Other properties of coffee for health

This delicious drink known for being the second most consumed in the world has many myths around and although it has its cons, more are the benefits and properties that it gives us. In addition to providing us with energy in our day to day, thanks to caffeine, these are other wonderful benefits and properties of coffee for health, apart from helping the treatment of fatty liver.

Relieves headache

Thanks to the caffeine contained in coffee, it is excellent and extremely effective in relieving pain due to tension or stress, which usually accumulates in the head, neck and shoulders.

For the vitamins and minerals, it contains such as B vitamins, calcium, iron and magnesium, coffee in an excellent vasoconstrictor of the head area, which helps to reduce inflammation and relax the muscles, even helping to improve problems such as migraines if taken in adequate doses.

Delays premature aging

Coffee is a natural bomb of antioxidants, which are necessary to keep our body healthy and among that, prevents premature aging. The more natural and purer it is, the more benefits it will give you, fighting free radicals to achieve smooth skin.

The most recommended is to consume 1 to 3 cups of coffee per day, however it is necessary to consult with your family doctor if you suffer from hypertension or any cardiovascular problem.

Improve your short-term memory

Studies have shown that caffeine is excellent for slowing the oxidation of cells and similarly cognitive decline, making it a fundamental food for the prevention of Alzheimer's. They recommend consuming a good cup between 6 or 7 in the morning to improve information retention until about noon.


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