Argan Oil Benefits for Psoriasis


At present, despite the existence of an increasing number of artificial and chemical medicines to combat all kinds of diseases and alterations in our body, the use of natural remedies is also increasing, which, in addition to being normally cheaper, also tend to have fewer contraindications and side effects for our body than those that are created in a laboratory.

Argan Oil Benefits for Psoriasis

This upward trend of these more natural products has intensified to relieve the symptoms and discomfort of certain diseases, especially those that affect the skin. They may seem minor pathologies, since they do not imply a high risk to our health, but psoriasis or atopic dermatitis can generate problems in the day to day that alter our routines and can also have consequences at a psychological level because they affect our image. There are natural remedies that help us fight them. That's why in we explain the benefits of argan oil for psoriasis.

Treatment of psoriasis

Probably one of your relatives or acquaintances suffer from this alteration in the skin that manifests itself through reddened plaques that can cause itching or not and that flake. These plaques are produced because keratinocytes, the skin cells, suffer from chronic inflammation that causes their ability to reproduce to be higher than that of unaffected cells. The skin does not always look the same, since there are times when breakouts occur and a large number of plaques appear, while there are periods when it subsides.

It is important to know that it is not contagious, but if any of your relatives suffer from it, it is recommended that you keep an eye on your skin, especially in the twenties to thirties, and in the fifties to sixties. And if you already suffer from it, it is essential that you notify your doctor if you begin to notice pain in the joints, in the back, or in the extremities. The inflammation may be shifting and causing psoriatic arthritis.

The treatment of psoriasis is totally personal, it depends on the patient and the time in which he is, if he is suffering an outbreak or in remission. But there are certain natural products that can help at any time, as they provide benefits for the skin. One of the best known and used is argan oil.

Properties of argan oil for health

Surely you have already heard of this product, since it is used in a large number of cosmetic products, both for the skin and for the hair, thanks to the properties that we will explain below. Argan oil is extracted from the fruits produced by the argan tree, which is very special, because it only grows in certain areas of the world. The best known is the southwestern part of Morocco. The small fruits contain seeds from which comes this substance that has become one of the most used for the treatment and care of the skin.

Argan oil contains some compounds that help skin cells regenerate and protect themselves from external aggressions. Specifically, this product is very rich in essential fatty acids and has high levels of vitamin E. These two nutrients are not only fundamental in our diet, they are also fundamental for our skin, since they act as a great moisturizer and regenerator. With its properties we can achieve many benefits for the skin.

Argan Oil Benefits for Psoriasis

There are different benefits that, in case of suffering from psoriasis, argan oil can provide to your skin to educate the discomfort and symptoms characteristic of this pathology:

  • Its components cause it to have a great capacity for hydration for the skin. In the case of psoriasis, in which there is the presence of a large continuous peeling of the scabs or plaques, it is essential to have those areas well hydrated.
  • It can be used as a natural barrier for external aggressors, such as wind or other particles that can increase irritation in the affected areas. If you also choose a sunscreen with argan oil, it will also protect you from the sun.
  • Its calming effect can also be highlighted. One of the most characteristic symptoms of psoriasis is the itching that can exist in the areas of plaques. With a daily application of argan oil you will notice a relief from the itching sensation.
  • In addition, argan oil has a great regenerative power of skin cells. In the plaques or scabs produced by psoriasis there is a continuous desquamation, therefore, cell death. With the application of this oil, we get the cells to regenerate.

It is enough with a daily application of this oil on the affected areas. We also advise you to consult your dermatologist or specialist in the use of this product, since the treatment of psoriasis is very personal and specific.


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