The best foods to lose weight


Nature is very wise, and for this reason perhaps it has made us available many foods with slimming properties that, combined with a good diet and exercise, could help us a lot to lose those extra quilitos and, thus, have the body with which we have always dreamed. We all know some of these “miracle foods”, but the list really is as big as there are countries in the world because, in fact, many of these foods are of foreign origin and, therefore, unknown to us.

The best foods to lose weight

That is why in this article of we bring you a list with the 10 best foods to lose weight that perhaps you did not know. Notes!

Artichoke – burns more than you eat

We start this list of fat burning foods to lose weight eating with a classic among the classics: the artichoke. Among the slimming properties of the artichoke, the following stand out:

  • Diuretic properties: this vegetable has great diuretic properties because it contains a lot of fiber, which helps improve intestinal transit. In addition, this helps to lower blood glucose and lower cholesterol levels.
  • Satiating properties: Eating artichoke helps you lose weight in part because it also takes away the feeling of hunger. However, do not abuse and satiate yourself only with artichoke, since your body also needs other foods to have all the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body.
  • Fat-burning properties: artichoke contains cynarin, a substance that stimulates the burning of fats and their expulsion through urine. This, in part, is also due to its diuretic properties, so that it also eliminates toxins from our body.

And if that were not enough, artichokes contain very few calories and, therefore, are part of the list of foods with negative calories, this means that it is a food that spends more calories during digestion than it gives us. If you want to know more, you will find more information in this other article about How to lose weight with artichokes.

Ginger – diuretic and anti-inflammatory

Ginger is another of the best allies when it comes to losing weight. It can be taken as an infusion or put in salads and other dishes, yes, little and grated. Among the properties of ginger to lose weight, the following stand out:

  • Diuretic properties: ginger improves the digestion process, favoring that of those more complicated foods and, at the same time, helping us to eliminate fat and toxins through urine due to its diuretic properties.
  • Satiating properties: taking ginger also helps to have less appetite, so we would not need to eat so much and, therefore, we could lose weight more easily.
  • Fat-burning properties: among other things, ginger accelerates metabolism. In this way, our body would begin to burn more fat than usual.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: ginger also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which would help reduce gas and, therefore, swelling of the belly, something that can make it seem that we have a few extra quilitos.

For more information, in this other article we teach you how to lose weight with ginger so that you know all the ways in which you can consume this food.

Garcinia cambogia – the best natural fat burner

Garcinia cambogia is a fruit of Indian origin not well known, but very beneficial when it comes to losing weight. In fact, it is one of the natural fat burners par excellences. The slimming properties of garcinia cambogia are:

  • Diuretic properties: Garcinia has great digestive properties that help reduce constipation and eliminate toxins, among others. In addition, this fruit eliminates lipogenesis, the process by which sugars are converted into fats. This, combined with its powerful fat-burning effect, would go a long way towards weight loss.
  • Satiating properties: in addition, garcinia cambogia satisfies very quickly, so it eliminates the feeling of hunger. This is great for those who have difficulty curbing their appetite.
  • Fat burning properties: this is the property for which this oriental fruit is best known, since its fat burning properties are more powerful than that of other foods, so combined with a healthy diet and exercise could give really miraculous results.

If you have been interested in this fruit and want to know more about it, you may also be interested in this other article on Slimming properties of garcinia cambogia.

Apple – a healthy and sweet satiating

Another of the best-known foods to lose weight is the apple. And it is not only famous for it, but also because if eaten with skin and bites, it helps to strengthen and clean the teeth. Among the slimming properties of the apple, the following stand out:

  • Detoxifying properties: one of the main properties of the apple is that it contains detoxifying and diuretic properties, since it is mainly made up of water. In this way, the apple would help us eliminate toxins through urine, as well as reduce the fluid retention of our body, which would help us look thinner.
  • Satiating properties: the apple is rich in fiber and, since the fiber is slow to digest, this would help reduce our appetite and not need to snack between meals. This is perfect if you are one of those who cannot avoid eating cookies and other snacks every day.
  • Reduces the desire for sweetness: since the apple (like other fruits) contains fructose, the natural sugar of fruit and other vegetables, when eating it you will not need to eat chocolate and other sweets that are not healthy at all, since your body will already have enough sugar.

In addition, it is a very healthy food with very few calories, so it is essential in a healthy and balanced diet, especially if you are looking to lose weight. If you want to know more, you can read this other article about How to lose weight with apple.

Papaya – breaks down the fiber in meat

Papaya is another of the star products to lose weight. This fruit, sometimes ignored, contains many slimming properties. Among the most important, the following stand out:

  • Diuretic properties: papaya contains large amounts of fiber, so it helps eliminate fluid retention, fight cellulite and eliminate toxins through urine and sweat.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: among others, papaya also contains great anti-inflammatory properties, due on the one hand, to the fact that it helps eliminate liquids, and on the other hand to help eliminate gases. Which makes it excellent for weight loss.
  • Digestive properties: however, the slimming property that most characterizes papaya is its excellent ability to break down the fiber of the meat protein we consume, thus neutralizing gastric acids and, therefore, preventing the formation of gases. All this is thanks to papain, the enzyme in papaya.

In this way, with papaya you can include meat in your diet to lose weight without any fear. Also, if you are going to take papaya to lose weight, do not throw away the seeds! In fact, they are where we find the most slimming properties of papaya. If you want to know more, you will find more information in this other article about How to lose weight with papaya.

Nopal – absorbs fat from other foods

Another of the lesser known but ideal foods for weight loss is undoubtedly nopal. This fruit, product of the Mexican cactus Opuntia, contains great slimming properties, among which are:

  • Diuretic properties: the components of nopal will help you improve intestinal transit and eliminate fluid retention, also avoiding the excess absorption of fats and sugars.
  • Satiating properties: nopal is a fruit that, with a little that you ingest, quickly eliminates the desire to eat. This is perfect for weight loss, because if we eat less, less fat we will accumulate. Of course, we must bear in mind that in diets you should eat everything and not only satiating foods.
  • Fat-burning properties: the fiber contained in nopal absorbs 30% more fat from your body than other fibers. Because of this, we could consider that the nopal is an excellent fat burner and is ideal for weight loss.

Of course, to lose weight with nopal, you have to directly consume the fruit and not manipulate it with other foods. In addition, nopal is ideal because it contains hardly any calories (less than 17 kcal, exactly) and much less fat. On the other hand, it is very rich in minerals. Do not miss this other article on How to lose weight with nopal.

Pineapple – all water and nutrients

Another food that certainly could not be missing in this top 10 of the best foods to lose weight is pineapple. Pineapple is perfect for weight loss because it contains the following properties:

  • Diuretic properties: pineapple contains a large amount of water and fiber. In this way, it helps eliminate fluid retention, improves intestinal transit and eliminates toxins from our body, helping us not only to lose weight, but also to feel better.
  • Satiating properties: pineapple contains 85% water, which makes us feel satiated with just a few slices. This is perfect for people with obesity problems. In fact, the so-called pineapple diet is still widely used today.
  • Rich in vitamin and minerals: pineapple is very rich in nutrients, which, together with the amount of water, means that we do not need to eat in several hours, because in addition to satiating ourselves, it provides us with great vitamins and minerals essential for our body.

Noni – heals and slims down at the same time

Another of the best foods to lose weight is noni, a fruit native to India and Polynesia with great health properties. Noni, also called the devil fruit in some places, also contains multiple slimming properties, such as the following:

  • Digestive properties: noni is an excellent ally to improve the digestion process, as well as to purify the body of toxins and fats through urine. Therefore, one of the best options to lose weight is noni.
  • Fat burning properties: this oriental fruit also helps to lose weight because it reduces the fat accumulated in our body, so that by consuming this fruit we will not only enrich ourselves (because it has a lot of vitamins and minerals), but we will also lose weight.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: Noni is a potent anti-inflammatory and antihistamine. Therefore, it is often used to combat allergies and other health problems. In addition, being anti-inflammatory, it would help to reduce inflammation of the belly, eliminating the gases retained in the intestinal transit.
  • Stimulates serotonin production: In addition to all of the above, noni is widely known because it helps produce more serotonin, i.e., the happiness hormone. This makes noni a powerful natural antidepressant that, in addition, helps to heal and regulate the body, physically favoring weight loss and helping us not to decay at any time during our diet.

Now that you know this powerful fruit to lose weight, you may want more information in this other article about Properties of noni to lose weight.

Aloe vera – detoxifies and slims down

Most people know the healing properties of aloe vera or aloe vera, but did you know that it can also be consumed to eliminate fat from our body. The slimming properties of aloe vera are as follows:

  • Diuretic and detoxifying properties: aloe vera contains aloin A, a substance that helps detoxify the body and stimulate bowel movement. In this way, we will reduce constipation, gas, abdominal inflammation and eliminate waste through urine and feces.
  • Fat burning properties: the phytosterols contained in aloe vera or aloe vera help to naturally eliminate the fat accumulated in our body, decomposing it and reducing it to nothing. In this way, aloe vera has become today a powerful natural fat burner, so it is perfect in a diet to lose weight.
  • Accelerates metabolism: aloe vera, incredible as it may seem, also helps to accelerate the metabolism because it stimulates the nutrient receptors, so they would work faster and, therefore, we would burn fat faster, while we would better absorb the energy of the nutrients.

If you have been surprised by this information about losing weight with aloe vera, you may want to read more in this other article about Properties of aloe vera to lose weight.

Guarana – perfect for athletes and sedentary people

And we finish this list of the 10 best foods to lose weight with guarana, one of the fruits with the greatest slimming properties that exist. These include:

  • Diuretic properties: guarana is perfect for reducing fluid retention, as well as for eliminating toxins harmful to our body through urine. This is ideal for weight loss, since the accumulated toxins end up becoming fat deposits that are difficult to eliminate.
  • Satiating properties: guarana also has a great satiating effect, so you will reduce your appetite for hours and avoid falling into the temptation of taking snacks, whether sweet or salty. In addition, it also reduces anxiety about food, so it is ideal for times of stress and for all those people who have problems limiting their appetite.
  • Fat burning properties: something surprising about guarana is that it helps us release adrenaline, which would naturally burn more calories than normal, even when at rest, ideal for all those people who wonder how to lose weight sleeping. However, adrenaline also helps us to be more energetic. Perfect for athletes and sedentary people!
  • Accelerates metabolism: finally, it is important to comment that guarana helps accelerate the body due to its high levels of caffeine. In this way, our body would burn the accumulated fat faster, which would be perfect for weight loss.

As you can see, guarana is another perfect unknown to lose weight. If you want more information about it, you can find it in this other article about Properties of guarana for weight loss.

How to lose weight without diet

Now that you know these fat-burning foods to lose weight by eating, it is important to remember that the best way to lose weight is to lead a healthy lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet and daily exercise. Taking only these foods is not good or suitable for weight loss. And, although it is best to go to a nutritionist or specialist to make personalized weight loss menus, with these foods that we have brought you here you can also make yourself the occasional table of meals to lose weight with a balanced diet.

On the other hand, if what you intend is to lose weight without diet, that is, eating everything, it is possible as long as your metabolism is accelerated and you exercise a lot, either at home or in the gym. Otherwise, you won't be able to burn those calories you eat.

Now that you have an idea of how to diet yourself to lose weight and volume fast, you may also be interested in this other article from on How to lose weight with exercise.


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