Why white dots come out on the lips


From time to time, a kind of white dots appear on the lips, which are usually quite worrying if, previously, they have not been had. The logical thing is to think that these small white spots are related to some disease, which does not always have to be oral. And this can be so, although they are not always a sign of a serious pathology. In addition, its appearance can be due to multiple causes, some being as simple as the rubbing of a dental prosthesis or dentures.

Why white dots come out on the lips

From, we are going to explain why white spots appear on the lips, in addition to explaining the different factors that are behind their appearance. We will also indicate how you can remove white spots on the lips because, although it is nothing serious, the truth is that they can be unsightly and annoying.

Why white spots come out on the lips – main causes

If you have white spots on your lips, you've probably wondered why pimples come out on your lips. The answer is not simple because there are many causes and factors that influence the appearance of these white spots on the lips. Of all, one of the main causes is oral leukoplakia, a name that refers precisely to the appearance of white spots in the mouth and that appear both on the tongue and on the inner face of the cheeks, as well as on the lips, especially in the part closest to its interior.

Oral leukoplakia is not well known why it appears, although experts currently consider that they are produced by an irritative origin due to the roughness of the teeth themselves or poorly fitted dental prostheses. There is also a relationship with tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption.

There are also other causes that explain why white pimples appear on the lips or marks such as whitish spots, being important to know them because, on some occasions, they are a symptom of a serious disease. However, it is important to emphasize that most of these white spots on the lips are benign. In general, they appear by:

  • Thrush: fungi are manifested on the lips by white spots or small pimples. In this other post you can learn more about what are the symptoms of thrush.
  • Immunological diseases: this type of pathology can also be behind the white spots on the lips because any bacteria or virus makes the system unable to defend itself well and damages tissues as sensitive as those of the mouth and lips. In these cases, whiteheads are usually accompanied by pain. White spots may also be due to lichen planus, which is an autoimmune disorder.
  • Cold sores: cold sores or lip fire can manifest itself through these white spots, although in these cases it is more common that there are like small blisters.
  • Canker sores or sores on the lips and mouth: they also explain the white spots. They usually appear due to friction, especially with dentures or prostheses that are properly adjusted or because they have been bitten or burned when eating or taking foods that irritate the mucosa, among others.
  • Milia or milium: the dots, in this case, can be white or like yellowish, which appear because the small dead skin cells and fat have become trapped near the surface of the dermis.
  • Fordyce pimples on the lips: they are white or slightly yellowish pimples, which appear by accumulations of fat on the skin.
  • Pimples: Although it seems incredible, acne can also appear on the lips.
  • Oral mucous cyst or mucocele: these are cysts with transparent fluid that can occur in various parts of the body with mucous membranes, such as in the mouth and lips, on the inside of these. In principle, they are not painful.
  • Oral or oral cancer: although leukoplakia is not mainly cancerous, it can become precancer or oral cancer. Precisely, one of the symptoms of oral cancer is the appearance of white spots on the lips, especially on the inside and closest to the inside of the mouth. It is also possible to notice as a small pimple or lump, which can also appear on gums, cheeks or tongue.

What do I do if I have white spots or bumps on my lips

Surely, if it has ever happened to you, you wonder what to do if you get a white pimple on your lip or several. The truth is that, as we have said before, white spots on the lips can be due to multiple causes. It is always best to go to the doctor to determine what is the reason or triggering factor of its appearance and prescribe the treatment.

In addition, it is never good that you touch or manipulate them without really knowing why the white spots on your lips have come out, nor that you use home remedies because you can delay the diagnosis of a serious disease such as cancer. The first thing is to know the cause and, then, the treatments and remedies recommended by the doctor are already applied.

How to remove whiteheads on the lips – treatments

When talking about how to eliminate white spots on the lips, it should be said that there are different treatments, although everything depends on the cause that has generated its appearance. In addition, there are cases in which it is convenient not to do anything as it happens with granites.

And, even if you wonder how to remove a pimple on the lip, it is best not to touch it and leave on its own to avoid possible infections, and it is not necessary to treat Fordyce pimples or mucocele or oral mucous cysts. The same happens if you are looking for information on how to remove miliums or fat pellets, it is better to wait for them to leave alone or go to a dermatologist to remove them. In these cases, no treatment is required, at most a specific ointment or cream prescribed by the dermatologist if there are complications.

In addition, in cases where whiteheads appear due to irritation or leukoplakia, everything is solved by eliminating the cause. That is, adjusting the denture or prosthesis well among other elements. And, in the rest of the causes of white spots on the lips, pimples and whitish spots, there can be a variety of treatments for white spots on the lips. Therefore, now we are going to go cause by cause and its most indicated treatment:

  • Oral cancer: the treatment of oral cancer has to be prescribed by the oncologist depending on each case. In general, a surgical intervention is usually done to later give chemotherapy sessions.
  • Candidiasis: In this case, mouthwashes that are specific to fungi are prescribed. In addition, the doctor can also prescribe pills to kill these microorganisms, especially if there is a lot of infection.
  • Immunological diseases: when white spots appear due to a virus, the most common is that an antiviral is prescribed.
  • Lichen planus: usually treated with corticosteroids.
  • Cold sores: The basic treatment for cold sores is to apply antiviral creams. We recommend you delve into this topic in this other article on How to cure cold sores.
  • Sores on the lips and mouth: they are cured with mouthwashes that prevent the proliferation of possible bacteria to prevent infections while the area heals.

From, we hope we have helped you learn more about why white dots appear on your lips. It is always recommended that you go to the doctor to indicate the cause and put the necessary treatment in case it is needed because not always the white spots on the lips are a sign of a serious disease.


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