Why when I’m nervous my breath smells

Surely, more than once, when you have lived a moment of tension or anxiety, you have noticed that your breath smells bad. It is a very common physiological reaction since, with the nerves, we suffer from dry mouth and, therefore, bad breath or halitosis. To better understand this relationship between stress and breath, in we offer you this article that wants to answer your question of “Why when I am nervous does my breath smell?”. Keep reading and you will know the most common causes of this condition as well as some home remedies that will help you overcome it. Say goodbye to bad breath right now.
Why when I'm nervous my breath smells

Nerves can cause bad breath

It is quite common that, when we are nervous, we suffer from bad breath. If you're about to give a lecture, give a presentation, or hang out with that person you love so much, you're likely to suffer from dry mouth from stress. This dryness causes bad odors to appear in the oral cavity and, therefore, we have halitosis or bad breath.

If you want to know why when you are nervous your breath smells you have to keep in mind that, stress, causes a series of effects on our body that produce bad odors. For example, stress causes:

  • Dehydration
  • Lack of oxygen in the mouth
  • Sweating

All this, makes the saliva that is generated in the oral area is altered by these physical conditions bringing as a consequence that the usual smell of the breath is modified. In order to combat this situation, the best thing you can do is drink water so that the bacteria in your mouth dissipate and you recover your oral hydration again.

Keep in mind that, in addition to stress, other causes of bad breath can be the intake of certain drugs, tobacco, drinking alcohol or having an empty stomach for several hours. Therefore, in order to combat this situation, nothing better than leading healthy lifestyle habits and proper oral health.

Bad breath and stress

We continue to analyze why when you are nervous you smell your breath. It is important to know that this nervous alteration affects many planes of our life. Stress causes modifications in our body causing the level of adrenaline to rise and, therefore, we do not produce as much saliva. This is why we suffer from dry mouth and, therefore, bacteria emerge in the mouth.

All this causes our breath to be affected by stress, something that can cause insecurity, shame or discomfort. Think that, if the mouth does not have oxygen, we can suffer halitosis in a timely manner. This is why, when we are nervous or worried about something, we can experience a bad taste in the mouth or bad smells.

Of course: we must rule out that the presence of bad breath is, really, because of stress or nerves and is not a sign of any disease in our body. Halitosis can be an indicator that there is something inside us that does not finish working properly. Some of the conditions that can manifest with bad breath are:

  • Periodontal diseases
  • Conditions or alterations in the functioning of the liver
  • Kidney problems

Therefore, if you experience bad breath continuously and for no apparent reason, we recommend that you go to a specialist to examine your case and give you the best treatment to mitigate the bad smell.

Other causes of bad breath

  • Lack of oral hygiene: we have to take into account that one of the most common causes of bad breath is not having proper hygiene. Lack of cleanliness can cause more bacteria to accumulate in the mouth and, therefore, the smell is modified. By carrying out a good hygiene routine you will be able to reduce the presence of these infectious agents and make your breath smell better.
  • Empty stomach: when we wake up in the morning it is normal that we have bad breath because, on the one hand, we have been many hours with our mouths closed and, on the other, because we have not eaten food for a long time. This causes the stomach to burn the fat it has in reserve and, this process, produces these bad odors.
  • Being sick: another of the most common causes of halitosis is that we are sick or cold. This happens because inside us there are many bacteria that try to be released by our body and, therefore, produce these unpleasant odors that come out of the oral cavity.

Avoid halitosis with home and natural remedies

Now that you know the relationship between stress and bad breath, it is important that you learn to remedy it. This condition can become very uncomfortable both to the person who suffers from it and to the people around him, therefore, nothing better than taking measures that contribute to greater oral health.

To do this, here we will indicate some of the best natural remedies for bad breath that you can start applying in your day to day.

Drinking water, essential to avoid halitosis

If you want to avoid the bad smell in the mouth it is important that you are properly hydrated. As we have already mentioned above, one of the causes of these bad odors is suffering from dryness and dehydration. Therefore, to combat it, it will be enough that you get used to drinking water continuously during your routine. It is best to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day and, thus, you will avoid dryness and, also, you will advocate for a cleaner and purified organism.

Orange or lemon juices

Citrus fruits are perfect foods to help you reduce bad breath. These fruits contain a type of acid that helps stimulate the flow of saliva, therefore, you will not be left with dry mouth. In addition, these ingredients have a fresh and refreshing taste that will help you enjoy a good taste in your mouth and, therefore, a neutralized smell. You can choose to incorporate orange, lemon or grapefruit juices into your routine.

Chlorophyll, perfect for bad breath

And finally, another of the best ingredients that will help you avoid bad breath is chlorophyll. It is a plant that acts as an antibacterial and, therefore, will eliminate the possible bacteria that are causing the bad smell. In addition, it has a very fresh and pleasant aroma that will help you modify the bad smell of the mouth for another much more refreshing. To do this, you can choose to prepare an infusion of chlorophyll and drink it 2 times a day.



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