I wear contact lenses and my eyes dry, what do I do?


One of the most common problems experienced by contact lens users is dry eyes. Contact lenses create a kind of “barrier” that modifies the shape of the eye but, at the same time, blocks the entry of liquids, moisture and oxygen. That is why it is so common to suffer from dry eyes when wearing the lenses for many hours. If this is your case you should know that it is not necessary to return to the glasses but, nowadays, there are a wide variety of options to take better care of your eyes and keep it hydrated.

I wear contact lenses and my eyes dry, what do I do

In we will answer your question of “What do I do if I wear contact lenses and my eyes dry?” and, to do so, we will discover the most common causes of dry eyes, as well as the most recommended solutions that you can include in your day to day.

Why my eyes dry with contact lenses

Dry eyes from contact lenses is one of the most common problems that affect people who suffer from myopia or astigmatism and who wear corrective lenses. The main cause of this situation is that the lens can alter the natural hydration that the eyeball has during the day and, therefore, that it is drier that produces discomfort or discomfort throughout the day.

However, if contact lenses are used correctly, dryness does not have to exist. If this happens it is because, surely, we are following some lifestyle habits that are not optimal for the care of our eyes or our contact lenses.

Here we offer you a list with the most common causes that can lead to the appearance of dry eye. They are as follows.

  • Dirty contact lenses: it may be that, if you use them longer than recommended, the contact lenses are dirty and, therefore, in poor condition. This can affect the eye making it more sensitive and drying more easily due to the presence of bacteria or specks of dust.
  • Dry places: another of the most common reasons that can cause your eye to dry out is that you work in a dry environment or with excessive dust. This can cause these irritants to hook on the contact lenses and, therefore, itch and dry our eyeball.
  • Suffering from an allergy: many allergies can directly affect the eyes and, therefore, we can immediately associate these discomforts with contact lenses. However, we have to rule out that our dryness really comes from the lens or, on the contrary, is a condition that comes from an allergy or other disease.
  • Sleeping with contact lenses: it is totally contraindicated to sleep with contact lenses because it prevents the eye from hydrating well and, in addition, since the eyelids are closed, we prevent oxygen from hydrating the balloon. Therefore, if we sleep with the lenses we can suffer from dry eyes and, over time, we can experience some diseases due to the abusive use of contact lenses.
  • Medications: if you wear contact lenses and your eyes dry out, you should know that, nowadays, there are some drugs that can cause dryness in the eyeball. Above all, they are the drugs indicated for the treatment of allergies or to regulate blood pressure.
  • Smoking and/or drinking alcohol: People who are smokers or drinkers tend to have greater dryness in the body because both practices cause dehydration. Therefore, it is best to reduce the consumption of tobacco or alcohol or, failing that, to increase your daily water intake to reach 8 glasses.

What to do if my eyes dry with contact lenses

As we have already said, if you wear contact lenses and your eyes dry out, it is surely because there is something in your routine that you are not doing correctly. Lenses do not have to cause dryness because, nowadays, they are made with materials that allow the correct hydration of the eyeball.

However, if you suffer from dryness, below we will indicate the best remedies to solve this situation.

Eye drops

If you work in dry areas, with dust or in front of the computer, it is recommended that you use eye drops that will help moisturize the area and relieve the feeling of dry eye. But you have to check that those drops are suitable for people who wear contact lenses because not all of them work.

Use the right products

Not all contact lenses are the same and, therefore, not all should be cleaned and maintained with the same products. The best thing is that you consult your optician to give you the best cleaners and products that will help you take good care of the lenses. If you use the wrong ones, you can spoil the quality of the lens and, therefore, that your eye suffers. In this other article we tell you how to clean contact lenses well step by step.

Diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids

Many times, in order to reduce dryness in the eyes, it is not only enough to hydrate well externally but also, we must do it internally. Therefore, it is recommended that the consumption of Omega 3 in our diet be increased, which will help improve the quality of the tear and, therefore, that our eyes are in a wetter environment.


This is one of the remedies that can be carried out in the event that the dryness of your eyes does not improve. It is about wearing contact lenses that are special for use at night and that help you reshape the cornea. In this way, during the day you will not have to wear glasses and, therefore, you will not experience dryness. It is a perfect alternative for people who do not have improvement and who want to be able to wear contact lenses without discomfort.

The best contact lenses for dry eyes

If you wear contact lenses and dry your eyes, the problem may be that the lens you are using is not the right one for your type of eye. We have already said that there are many different types of contact lenses and that, each of them, is designed for people with particular situations and characteristics.

Therefore, if you usually suffer from dry eye, the best thing you can do is buy contact lenses that are made with ideal materials for the treatment of this condition. Some of the best options that currently exist on the market are:

  • Silicone hydrogel: This type of contact lens is perfect for preventing dry eyes. And it allows oxygen to enter the balloon and, therefore, that it does not dry out so easily
  • Contact lenses with little water: if you are usually in dry spaces, a good option is to choose contact lenses that are not very rich in water because, otherwise, they will tend to dry out more easily. Always ask your eye doctor to indicate the best option for you.
  • Daily lenses: the vast majority of people wear monthly contact lenses, however, if you want to reduce the discomfort derived from their use, nothing better than moving to daily lenses. In this way, neither dirt nor debris will accumulate in the lens and, therefore, its use will be much more comfortable.
  • Special contact lenses for dry eyes: today there are some brands of lenses that already make products specially designed for people who are prone to dry eyes. Ask your trusted optician for advice on market developments.



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