Is a blood pressure of 120/90 normal?


Normal blood pressure values

Talking about blood pressure and normal values is complicated because there is no clear unanimity in the criteria that determine when a blood pressure is high, normal or low. In addition, there are several factors that influence such as age, the general state of the person's health and weight, among others. Sometimes it even depends on the assessment of the doctor himself.

Is a blood pressure of 12090 normal.

And there are also other factors such as the time of day, whether or not the person performs physical activity or if you have just been in motion seconds before taking the tension. In all these cases it will be convenient to have a medical follow-up to determine if the blood pressure of 120/90 is within the normal in your case.

Anyway, the World Health Organization created a system to identify blood pressure in patients. According to this parameter, a blood pressure of 120/90 is high and we would find that you have stage 1 hypertension. In general, it is considered that the normal and most suitable blood pressure is the one that registers values of 120/80 mmHg.

However, if there is no other health problem and more or less throughout your life you have had this same level of blood pressure, your doctor may tell you that a blood pressure of 120/90 is normal because it is also compensated.

In fact, in general and in accordance with European health standards, we can say that systolic pressure (that is, when the heart pumps blood) has a normal value when it is between 120 and 90 mmHg, while diastolic pressure (the heart relaxes) is considered normal when it is between 80 and 40 mmHg. In the case of 120/90 blood pressure, the low or diastolic pressure would be a little high.

Symptoms of Stage 1 High Blood Pressure

Stage 1 high blood pressure is often difficult for people to detect because it does not usually present clear symptoms. In fact, the most common is that it is diagnosed when health personnel measure it.

However, on some occasions, you may notice some symptoms, although they are not always related to high blood pressure, because they are quite common and indicative of many other possible diseases or health conditions, such as simple dehydration.

The most common is that in this stage 1 of high blood pressure you have headaches, which mainly manifest themselves in the morning and as soon as you get out of bed. This pain, sometimes, you will notice accompanied by not very strong dizziness and a feeling of confusion.

Treatment of stage 1 high blood pressure

In the event that the doctor determines that the blood pressure of 120/90 is high, you must follow essential rules and care because the normal -unless otherwise clinical prescription-, is that no type of medication is prescribed as it is not a serious case.

If you are in this group of people with stage 1 high blood pressure, the first thing you should do is modify your habits, especially when it comes to eating and drinking. For example, in relation to food, it is good that you follow a diet rich in vegetables and fruits and low in fat. Dairy products can also be consumed, but as long as they are not excessively fatty, so they will surely recommend that you eat them skimmed.

Also, you should reduce the intake of salt, avoiding adding excess to meals when preparing them. In addition, it is good that you reduce the consumption of salty foods or foods that contain a lot of salt. For example, pipes or other nuts can be taken naturally or without salt.

The diet for hypertensive people in stage 1 includes the organization of meals so that you have the necessary supply of vitamins and minerals. In this way, you should try to take potassium, calcium and magnesium every day, especially if you finally have to take medication because they are usually pills with a diuretic effect, which leads to the loss of minerals and vitamins.

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Daily exercise in a moderate way should be introduced into your routines, apart from leaving aside alcoholic beverages and cigarettes because their consumption is related through various medical research to high blood pressure.

From we hope to have answered the question of whether a blood pressure of 120/90 is normal? But do not forget to always consult with the doctor to perform the necessary controls and determine if this tension is really high for you and you need some type of medication or special care.


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