How to remove lice in a day


Lice are present throughout the year, especially in schools, swimming pools and public places where children usually gather. These insects jump from one head to another, so getting rid of them can be a long and frustrating process. In addition, you not only have to deal with them, but also with the nits they deposit in the hair of their host.

How to remove lice in a day

At ONEHOWTO we know that the appearance of lice at home can be a complex and frustrating problem. For this reason, below, we tell you how to remove lice in a day with home remedies and a series of tricks that will come in handy to eliminate lice in adults or children. Notes!

Nit or special comb

If you're here, it's because you also want to know how to remove lice in a day. Well, the most important thing is to act quickly: once you detect that there are lice at home, it will be essential that you start looking for solutions. One of them and, perhaps, the most indispensable is to use a comb for the elimination of lice.

This comb is called a nit and is characterized by having very fine barbs. A tip that you will find very useful? Try to make the comb white, because this way it will differ better from the small parasites and you can eliminate them more easily.


If you want to play it safe and remove lice and nits in a day, both from your head and that of your child, the best thing you can do is bet on silicones. These products, unlike others, do not contain insecticides and are not aggressive to the scalp. To remove lice in a day, silicones create a veil around the parasites, suffocating them.

What to do to remove lice with silicones? You can find silicone colognes and shampoos at any pharmacy. Once you have the product, you will only have to follow these steps:

  1. Soak your hair well with the product.
  2. Wait for the minutes indicated in the product instructions and do not scratch your head.
  3. Some products will recommend rinsing your hair with plenty of water before the next step, but others will advise you not to.
  4. The last step will be to make use of the comb for lice (nit) and comb the hair well so that the parasites disappear.


Another method that can help you when it comes to eliminating lice and nits in a day is vinegar. This product is the result of two biochemical processes: on the one hand alcoholic fermentation, responsible for converting natural sugars into alcohol, and on the other hand acid fermentation, which converts alcohol into acid. This makes vinegar a powerful cleanser perfect for eliminating insects. Find out, below, how to remove lice with vinegar at home:

  1. Apply a large amount of vinegar to the head.
  2. Massage the scalp in circular motions until the vinegar spreads throughout the hair.
  3. Wrap your head in a towel and wait a few minutes (it can be 15).
  4. With the help of the nit, comb the hair and get rid of the dead lice left by the vinegar.

This is a method to remove lice naturally, so you may have to repeat it more than once to make sure all the parasites disappear from your head. If you want more information about this method, do not miss this article on How to use vinegar for lice.


Did you know that lice hate the smell of lavender? Here is why this is the third method we propose to eliminate lice naturally. All you have to do is boil a handful of lavender and make a well-concentrated infusion in which, later, you must add a little wine vinegar.

While it is true that lavender always has to be mixed with vinegar to combat lice, once these are eliminated, we recommend that you do not abandon lavender, as it is an ideal ingredient to prevent lice.

  1. Apply the mixture to the head. To do this, put small amounts in the palm of your hand.
  2. Expand the product to the tips with a good massage.
  3. Wrap your head in a towel or shower cap.
  4. Let it sit overnight.
  5. In the morning, rinse the hair with plenty of water.
  6. Comb with the nit to eliminate dead lice.

Find out more about this method in the following article on How to use lavender oil for lice.


Alcohol is one of the most effective tricks to remove lice and nits. When applying it to the head, the best thing you can do is look for an alcohol that has the smell of fruits so that, in case of children, it does not turn out to be such a strong smell.

The smell of alcohol intoxicates lice very quickly, so as soon as you apply the product to your hair, you will only have to wait a few minutes for the parasites to die. Follow this step by step:

  1. Apply a good amount of alcohol to the hair, starting on the scalp and ending at the ends.
  2. Cover your hair with a towel and let it sit for about 30 minutes.
  3. Put your head upside down and shake your hair on top of a white towel or rag that you can then throw away. You will see that the lice are falling little by little.

Before finishing this article on how to remove lice in a day, from we want to remind you that, whether it is children or adults, you should deworm the house so that the lice do not spread to the rest of the family. How to remove lice at home? It is about cleaning the key points of the home to remove lice from the sofa, pillows, sheets and other objects in contact with the head.


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