Causes of Fordyce grains and how to remove them


Fordyce pimples, also known as Fordyce spots, are more prevalent than you think in both men and women of any age. There are many people who believe that this problem is related to some sexually transmitted disease, however, this link is not correct at all, since the causes of its appearance have nothing to do with sexual contact.

Below, from we explain the causes of Fordyce grains and how to remove them so you can get rid of them as soon as possible.

Causes of Fordyce grains and how to remove them

What are Fordyce grains?

Fordyce grains are ectopic sebaceous glands that manifest themselves through the appearance of very small grains that do not usually exceed 3 millimeters in size. These granites are usually white, cream or yellowish in color and are completely painless.

These pimples appear in the area of the lips and mucosa of the mouth, as well as in intimate areas such as the vulva in the case of women and in the penis and scrotum in men. It is important to keep in mind that although their appearance usually creates alarm, these pimples are neither infectious nor malignant lesions and, in fact, many times they do not even require treatment.

Fordyce Grains: Why They Come Out

When we talk about the causes of Fordyce grains, the truth is that everything is reduced to a single reason, and that is that although it may surprise many, these granites appear already in the birth of the person naturally, although during the first years of life they are not visible.

The most common is that these grains are more noticeable during the stage of adolescence due to the hormonal alterations that occur during these years and that, often, enlarge the granite. This implies that this ailment can appear on the skin of anyone, although Fordyce pimples in women are less frequent than in men and although people with oily skin are more susceptible to having these pimples.

Symptoms of Fordyce Grains

Although they are painless pimples and do not usually cause any irritation, Fordyce pimples are recognized by symptoms such as:

  • Appearance of small pimples, dots or lumps of white or cream color.
  • Appearance of grains in an isolated or grouped way.

But, in particular, where do Fordyce grains usually come out?

  • Mouth: They are common on the upper lip, gums and the inside of the cheeks.
  • Male genital area: Fordyce spots are common on the foreskin, on the body of the penis, glans and testicles.
  • Female genital area: appear on the vulva.

Treatment of Fordyce grains

In most cases, the doctor does not apply any treatment to remove fordyce grains because they do not produce discomfort or irritation, which reduces the pimples to a mere aesthetic problem.

In those cases, in which the aesthetic problem prevents the patient from leading a normal life, the doctor may recommend its elimination through treatments such as:

  • Creams: Ointments with tretinoin and dichloroacetic acid are used to remove alterations from the skin.
  • Micropuncture: this technique requires anesthesia and consists of removing the granules from the skin through their self-regeneration.
  • Laser: The CO2 laser is indicated to remove Fordyce grains. However, sometimes, it may not be recommended because scars may remain after use.

However, it is important to mention that many times the total elimination of grains can be difficult.

Natural Remedies to Remove Fordyce Grains

In addition to the above treatments to remove Fordyce pimples, some natural remedies can be used to disguise them and to keep the skin in perfect condition:

  • Jojoba oil: helps fight pimples and pimples.
  • Argan oil: reduces the level of sebum in the skin.
  • Coconut oil: helps prevent the appearance of pimples and attenuates stains.
  • Tea tree oil: this type of oil is a great ally to reduce the pimples that appear on the face. Wondering how to use tea tree oil on your face? Find out in this article.
  • Oatmeal: taking an oatmeal bath is beneficial because this product helps to eliminate skin irritations and eliminate its impurities. It is enough to put a cup of well-ground oatmeal in the bathtub and soak in it. In case of appearance of Fordyce grains in the mouth, mouthwashes can be made with oatmeal.
  • Take vitamins: consume, especially, vitamin E, as it helps to eliminate pimples and imperfections of the skin. You will find this vitamin in nuts, sunflower seeds, vegetables such as spinach or broccoli, etc.

We recommend that, if you have any questions, you go to the doctor to prescribe the most appropriate treatment for your case and ensure that it is Fordyce grains and not a sexually transmitted disease.


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