How to know if I have flags and how to remove them


Do you feel itchy in the pelvic area? Do you have a rash in your genital area? These are symptoms that may indicate the presence of genital barks. Don't know what ladillas are? These are pubic lice that are transferred through physical contact with an infected person, especially in sexual relations but there is also the contagion of barks without relations, as it can occur by sharing clothes such as intimate clothing, bedding, etc. Any of these unpleasant situations may have led you to wonder: how do you know if I have barks and how to eliminate them?

How to know if I have flags and how to remove them

We know that this topic can be tricky and can give you a bit of embarrassment, but don't worry! In we tell you how to know if you have pubic lice and we tell you several ways to eliminate them.

Why pubic lice appear – causes

Now that you know what the barks are, those parasites so annoying in the pubic area, it is important that you learn why they appear and, thus, you can avoid future infections more easily.

The causes of the barks and their contagion is, mainly, direct contact with someone who is infested or indirect contact with objects used by a person already affected. Thus, the most frequent way to contract this infection is through sexual intercourse. If your partner is infected with these pubic lice, it's easy for them to infect you while you're having sex or sleeping together. But be careful, they can also spread to your body if you share clothes such as sheets or towels.

Many people look for images of real barks, so here you will see an enlarged one in which there are several of these parasites.

Symptoms of genital lice or pubic lice

To detect the infestation of barks, or Anoplura or anopluros, you need to pay attention to the most common symptom that manifests this problem: itching in the genital area. This is due to the presence of these insects, which are very tiny but stick to pubic hairs and bite to feed on blood, thus causing that itching. However, there are other symptoms of genital lice or pubic lice:

  • See the barks and nits: As pubic lice are so small and cannot be observed with the naked eye, it is best to take a magnifying glass to see them enlarged and up close. We know it's not the nicest thing in the world, but it needs to be done. Insects can be a grayish, brown or darker color. You may also see nits or eggs from the ladillas and they blend in with the color of the hair. Usually, several nits can be observed in the same hair because they form a group.
  • Spots on the skin: another symptom that you should take into account, is that the genital area presents with dark spots, sometimes bluish in color, because it is the area of the bites of pubic lice.
  • Poor general condition: in addition to these signs from which the presence of barks can be detected, it is also necessary to pay attention to symptoms such as fever, physical exhaustion and irritability.
  • Contagion to other parts: Sometimes, the infection may spread to other areas of your body that have thick hair, such as legs, chest, armpits and even can reach areas of your face such as beard, whiskers and eyebrows.

Medical treatment to remove genital barks

It is always good that you visit your doctor to determine the severity of the problem and prescribe the most appropriate for you, taking into account your needs and more aspects of your health. In the case of the removal of genital barks there are several chemical principles that you can buy in a pharmacy without a prescription.

Among the products to eliminate the ladillas are lotions or drugs with pyrethine or permethrin 1%, which is a common component in this type of treatment. There is also 1% linadol, although it is not recommended in pregnant women and during the lactation period. It is good that you consult with your pharmacist to get rid of doubts about these components and their applications.

In any case, before applying the lotion for the ladillas, you must wash the affected area very well, dry with a towel, which you will only use, touch and apply the lotion following the application instructions provided by the leaflet of the lotion itself, also following the guidelines that the pharmacist or doctor has given you.

7 home remedies to remove barks – very effective!

Apart from the treatment with products to eliminate barks, such as lotions, from we offer you 7 home remedies to eliminate the barks and forget about them:

Use a fine comb

You can comb the pubic hair to remove the bark one by one and remove the lice and nits. Combing should be done several times with a very fine comb, special for anti-lice treatment and also known as lendrera.

After combing the pubic hair, wash the comb with warm water to remove the extracted nits and barks and do not forget to sterilize it to use it again using, for example, pharmacy alcohol.


Vaseline destroys nits and barks, as it drowns insects. Therefore, you can shave all the pubic hair and then apply petroleum jelly throughout the area.

In the case of not shaving the area you can also apply petroleum jelly on the pubic hair and then with a fine comb remove the barks and nits. This treatment should be continued until all lice and their nits are removed.

Neem leaves and oil

Neem leaves have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties; therefore, they are a natural remedy to eliminate barks and other parasites.

The treatment consists of mixing the Neem leaves with water until a paste is made. Once the paste is formed, it is applied on the pubic hair. After the paste has dried, brush the pubic hair and then finish the treatment by rinsing with plenty of water.

Another option is to apply Neem essential oil on the pubic hair, leave it on for about 15 minutes and then remove it with a rinse with soap with neutral pH and warm water, thus removing all pubic lice. It can be repeated once a day several days in a row, until you make sure that there are no more parasites left.


Another natural remedy to eliminate the ladillas is wine or apple vinegar mixed with peppermint. It is an easy treatment to do and also helps relieve itching right away.

It is prepared by crushing some mint leaves with a little apple cider vinegar or wine until it forms a cream-type paste. Once the cream is formed, it is applied with gauze on the pubic area and allowed to act for half an hour.

Vinegar can also be used only to make rinses, at most twice a day until you no longer detect nits or lice.

Pennyroyal mint

Pennyroyal mint is an ideal natural repellent to combat ladillas. The treatment consists of preparing a decoction of dried mint pennyroyal leaves and, once finished and cold, the liquid is poured into a spray bottle or spray to spray the pubic area with this infusion of pennyroyal mint. After rinsing, wash the area as you usually do. Repeat the process as many times as you need until you eliminate all the parasites.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil stands out for its antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, among others, so it is also useful for the elimination of barks and nits.

The treatment is based on the dilution of the tea tree essential oil with a little water. Once the preparation is diluted, simply massage the affected area and after about 15 minutes rinse with warm water.

Astringent to remove barks

You can also prepare a natural and homemade astringent for pubic lice. Its main action is to suffocate the insect. To do this, prepare a thick mixture of a quarter cup of vinegar mixed with another quarter cup of water, and then add salt, sugar and honey.

Once this thick mixture is obtained, you apply it on the pubic hair with a cotton or gauze. This should be left to act for half an hour and, when it has dried, wash the affected area until all the remains are removed.

In this other article we show you more home remedies to eliminate ladillas.

Keep in mind that the rash and common symptoms produced by the barks, such as itching, can also be due to other conditions, so from we recommend you always consult with a doctor before applying any remedy or starting a pharmaceutical treatment on your own.


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