Health consequences of pollution


No one doubts that the pollution rates of large cities and major urban centres are increasingly high, which has an important impact on our bodies, and especially on the elderly and people suffering from heart and respiratory diseases.

Health consequences of pollution

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The situation has become so alarming that experts have even recommended avoiding going for a walk or cycling on days with very high temperatures, with little wind and a lot of sun, especially in cities such as Madrid or Barcelona, and especially in areas where traffic density is higher. In the opinion of experts, environmental pollution is associated with an increase in mortality worldwide, and mainly in large cities.

If we look at the figures and statistics, we conclude that the situation is as serious as the experts claim, since within our borders the number of deaths as a result of pollution reaches 16,000. In addition, it is believed that if pollution rates decreased slightly in capitals such as Madrid and Barcelona, the number of hospital admissions and deaths would be reduced very significantly and significantly.

Of course, there is a sector of the population that is more vulnerable to suffer the consequences of this environmental pollution, that is, the elderly and those who suffer from respiratory and heart diseases, and of course the youngest. However, there is another type of pollution that is not mentioned so often, but that also exists, and in fact has a very negative impact on humans, and that is noise pollution. Excessive noise causes stress, overwhelm and general malaise greatly affecting our mental health and our mood.


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