Benefits of showering with cold water


A cold shower is perfect to help us lower our body temperature and refresh ourselves on the hottest days, but this is not the only benefit it can bring us. Of course, preferences regarding the temperature of the water are very particular, there are those who enjoy a warm shower or a very hot bath, but if you want to discover what the benefits of showering with cold water are at any time of the year, follow reading this article because some of these benefits will surprise you.

Benefits of showering with cold water

Activates blood circulation

Cold water showers are excellent allies when it comes to improving circulation, because they cause a gentle contraction of the blood vessels, causing the blood to flow correctly and to carry more oxygen and nutrients to each cell of the body.

The effect of cold water is especially beneficial for improving return circulation, the one that carries blood back to the heart, thus helping to prevent and avoid the appearance of varicose veins.

The gentle vasoconstriction caused by cold showers favors a moderate increase in heart rate, something that can be beneficial for cardiovascular health, but beware! People who suffer from some type of heart disease should consult a specialist about the advisability or not of this practice, taking into account their specific pathology.

Clears and tones body and mind

It is something that is easily verified because, upon waking up, taking a shower with cold water, makes us wake up in a matter of minutes and feel active and full of energy when facing a new day. Upon contact with fresh water, the nervous system is quickly activated, sending the signal to the brain that warns of a thermal contrast between body temperature and that of the water. As a result, the mind and body react to the cold by trying to minimize this contrast, something that translates into an almost immediate revitalization of the body as a whole.

Strengthens the immune system

Although this is a benefit still under study, it is believed that the generalized activation of the body that occurs when showering with cold water could also affect the immune system, making it remain alert to any external aggression, not only in the face of thermal contrast, but also before the action of viruses, bacteria or other microorganisms. In fact, the results of a curious study published by the journal Plops One [1], indicate that work absenteeism in healthy people (without previous pathologies) was notably lower (29%) among those who followed a regimen of daily cold showers during a month, that among those who did not carry out this practice.

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Recovery after exercise and anti-inflammatory effect

Cold, in general, is an effective anti-inflammatory. In fact, it is common that when we give ourselves a small blow, we resort to applying ice to the area to prevent it from swelling. The same thing happens with cold showers, which can provide good relief for any ailment that involves an inflammatory process, as is the case with certain rheumatic ailments.

An extra benefit of showering with cold water after sports practice is that with a shower of these characteristics, we will not only achieve a refreshing sensation, but we will also be favoring good muscle recovery, reducing possible subsequent discomfort caused by fibrillar micro-tears.

Promotes concentration and mood

It is clear that a cold-water shower clears the mind but, in addition, it causes the brain to remain in an ‘alert' state by increasing the secretion of two important neurotransmitters: dopamine and norepinephrine, which are involved in cognitive processes such as attention and memory and also in the regulation of sleep. The greater the presence of these neurotransmitters, the greater attention and concentration before any task. It is also estimated that the presence of norepinephrine at the correct levels favors a good mood, since it lacks could be related to episodes of unexplained sadness, discouragement or even depression.

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Take care of skin and hair

Cold showers are beauty allies because they help keep the skin, including the scalp, and the hair fiber in good condition. Cold water on the skin of the body and face helps to decongest it, giving it firmness by reactivating the microcirculation of the area. The same thing happens on the scalp, where the cold water from the shower on it will become an excellent massage to keep it in optimal conditions. Cold water will also help seal the hair cuticle leaving hair softer and silkier.

Relieves tired legs

As we have indicated, cold water showers improve blood circulation, being especially beneficial in the case of heavy or tired legs. A massage applying fresh water upwards, from the ankles to the knees, activates venous function, helping to improve return circulation and providing great relief, as pointed out by the Cuica Tus Veenas Association [2].

Helps prevent fluid retention and cellulite

Finally, the benefits of showering with cold water also extend to the lymphatic system and its proper functioning, which is largely responsible for the correct elimination of excess fluids, toxins and fats from the body. In this sense, these fresh showers help to avoid fluid retention problems and also the accumulation of fat that can be the origin of cellulite.

You can also take advantage of the benefits of cold water by performing a contrast shower, that is, combining a few minutes of cold water with others of warm or hot water. If you have a hard time starting, another option is to shower with warm water and finish with a final massage with cold water both on the scalp and the rest of the body.



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