Benefits of green tea with lemon on an empty stomach

Still don't know the benefits of drinking green tea with lemon on an empty stomach? The combination of these ingredients is perfect to enhance its antioxidant, purifying, detoxifying and slimming effects. In fact, some studies carried out in this regard have shown that lemon would act by enhancing the properties of green tea by facilitating the absorption of antioxidant components and by combating the problem of iron absorption caused by the consumption of green tea. In short, we are facing an ideal natural remedy to drink in the morning if we want to improve our health and eliminate all the accumulated toxins that affect our daily well-being and that can make us sick more easily. Keep reading this article to find out what all the benefits of fasting lemon green tea are. You're going to be surprised!
Benefits of green tea with lemon on an empty stomach

Excellent for improving digestion

One of the main benefits of drinking green tea with lemon is that it is an excellent natural alkaline remedy that helps improve the health of the digestive system in general and promote the correct absorption of nutrients. It has been shown that the fact of including lemon juice in green tea allows the catechins of green tea not to volatilize when they reach the stomach, but, on the contrary, reach the intestine, thus favoring their purification, and improving the absorption of all the nutrients we ingest through food.

By taking this preparation in the morning, stomach health is greatly improved and ailments, such as constipation and nausea, are prevented.

Green tea with lemon to lose weight

Green tea with lemon has become a very popular home and healthy remedy to lose weight and reduce measures, eliminating the fat accumulated in different areas of the body. The slimming properties of green tea and lemon come together and the result is a drink with the following benefits for weight loss:

  • It has thermogenic properties, which help accelerate metabolism and, therefore, it is possible to burn a greater amount of stored fats.
  • It helps to reduce the assimilation of lipids and carbohydrates, which allows reducing the number of calories that are absorbed.
  • It has depurative and diuretic properties, which help eliminate liquids and toxins, two elements that, without a doubt, have an important influence on weight gain.
  • It regulates intestinal transit and prevents both abdominal inflammation and the accumulation of fat in the belly area.
  • The catechins, powerful antioxidants, contained in green tea are perfect for taking care of heart health, but also for accelerating fat burning.
  • Its consumption supposes a good contribution of energy for the whole day, which is very effective to improve the performance in the workouts destined to the loss of weight, thus obtaining better and faster results.

To make the most of the benefits of lemon tea to lose weight and purify the body, it is best to take the first cup fasting and the second after a main meal. In total, it is advisable to take about 2 cups a day of this infusion.

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