Why my navel itches

Do you feel itching and burning in your belly button? It is very common to feel some itching in the navel, both outside and inside. It may be that poor hygiene, contact with the buttons of your pants or some conditions such as dermatitis produce this situation. In any case, it is essential to detect what is the cause of this itching and that, thus, we can put the best remedy and calm the itching. In we are going to answer your question of “Why does my navel itch?” by giving you a list with the most common causes that can produce these itching in this delicate area of the body.
Why my navel itches

Why my navel itches on the outside

If you want to know why your navel itches you have to know that there are several factors that can alter the skin that you have outside and that surrounds this area of the body. Here we are going to analyze the most common causes of you feeling itching in the outer area of the navel.

Allergic reaction

Many times, the appearance of redness or itching in the navel is given because of being in contact with some material that is producing some type of allergy. For example, nickel is the material with which most of the buttons of the pants are made and it is a material that usually produces allergy. In fact, people who have an allergy to jewelry, usually have an allergy to nickel so it is common that, if they wear “jeans” with buttons, they produce this irritation.

Contact dermatitis

Another because of your belly button on the outside may be due to a condition known as “contact dermatitis”. The most obvious symptom of this is that the skin presents an irritation and itching when it comes into contact with some materials that produce this reaction. It should not be confused with an allergy although the symptoms can be very similar. In this other article we discover how the treatment of contact dermatitis is.


It may also be that the reason for the itching in the navel is given by the appearance of an infection in this area of the body. When this happens is when we talk about “omphalitis”, a condition that is very common in both children and adults and usually causes alterations such as swelling, bad smell, redness, itching, etc. It is not a serious infection but it can be somewhat annoying because it can ooze greenish fluid and create an internal crust.

To treat this condition, you should go to the doctor to prescribe an antibiotic treatment that is usually taken topically (using a cream or ointment). Here we give you some tips so that you know how to cure an infected navel, however, you should always go to a health professional to indicate the best method for you.

My navel itches and I'm pregnant, why?

You may also feel itchy in your belly button and be pregnant. This is a fairly common situation and it takes place because the woman's body is undergoing a series of internal changes that can produce alterations. In fact, pregnant women suffer from hormonal, immunological, metabolic changes, etc., which can increase estrogen and, therefore, itching in different parts of the body, including the navel.

Therefore, if you had wondered why the navel itches in pregnancy you have to know that, one of the causes is for hormonal reasons but, another of the causes is due to dryness in the skin. At this stage it is more frequent for women to suffer from dehydration and, therefore, dry skin can cause the appearance of itching or irritation in sensitive areas such as the navel.

In the case of pregnancy, we must not forget that the skin of the navel is the one that stretches the most when the belly increases, therefore, it is usually more frequent to feel itching in this area of the body since it is the one that suffers the most from the alteration of the body.

Tips to avoid itching in the navel in pregnancy:

  • Avoid tight clothing: It is recommended that fresh and cotton fabrics be used to avoid allergic skin reactions. In addition, you should always go with loose and comfortable clothes to prevent the body from being too tight.
  • Avoid very hot water: it is recommended that, during pregnancy, you bathe with warm water because the one that is excessively hot dries the foot even more
  • Moisturize your skin: you must moisturize your skin to the maximum, especially the belly area. Apply moisturizer 2 times a day (morning and night) so that your dermis is perfectly cared for and moisturized
  • Drink 2 liters of water a day: in addition, you should also increase hydration internally, therefore, it is recommended that you try to drink at least 2 liters of water every day since, thus, you will get your body perfectly hydrated inside

My navel itches and smells bad: most common causes

In addition to feeling itching, do you also notice a bad smell? In the event that your navel smells bad, it is important that you know the causes of this situation but, also, the remedies to put an end to it. And there is nothing as uncomfortable as feeling that you give off bad smells from your body.

The most common causes of this condition are:

  • Poor hygiene: it is possible that the navel smells bad because you do not have good hygiene in this area. We must not forget that the navel is in contact with the guts and, therefore, we must clean it well whenever we enter the shower. Apply soap and water to the area to remove traces of accumulated dirt and, thus, bad odors will dissipate immediately.
  • Omphalitis or infection in the navel: and, of course, another cause of the navel smelling bad is that you have the infected area. In this case, you should go to the doctor to give you the indicated remedy with which you will eliminate the infection.

How to remove the bad smell from the navel

Now that you know why your navel itches, let's give you some of the best solutions that will help you eliminate bad odors. They are natural remedies with which you will be able to recover the hygiene of this area of the body in an effective and fast way.

  • Tea tree oil: this home remedy is perfect for removing dirt and removing bacteria that can cause the bad smell. To do this, you will need to moisturize a cotton pad in this essential oil and apply it to the navel just before sleeping. You will see that, little by little, the bad smells are reduced and your navel is shown in perfect condition.
  • Lavender oil: it is another of the best options to reduce the bad smell of the navel. Lavender can accelerate the healing of the area and, in addition, aromatize it preventing it from smelling bad. To do this, you must apply this oil with the help of a cotton ball in the area for 2 times a day.
  • Rosemary infusion: and finally, rosemary is also a perfect medicinal herb to eliminate these bad odors. To do this, you just have to apply a little of this infusion in the navel area and let its properties act naturally.


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