Why My Head Hurts When I Bend Down


Headaches are one of the most frequent discomforts that can appear throughout your life, in fact, surely you have already experienced a simple headache once. This isn't usually serious, so it's not a thing you should obsess over a lot, but you shouldn't overlook it either. There are different types of headaches, each with a specific explanation. One of them is the headache that occurs when you bend down, and it is one of the most worrying since it influences the routine and many do not know where it comes from.

Why My Head Hurts When I Bend Down

If lately you are experiencing headaches or dizziness when you proceed to bend down and you are interested in discovering the cause of this condition, in the following article of we explain the reasons that answer your question about why my head hurts when I bend down.

Symptoms of headache when bending over

First of all, it is necessary to know what are the symptoms that accompany the headache when bending over, since it may be something punctual and totally normal or you could be experiencing something more serious. These symptoms are:

  • Nausea and dizziness immediately after you get up.
  • Fading and weakness when you get up and stand upright.
  • Decreased vision and visual perception. It usually occurs when you get up as well and feel your eyes cloud for a few seconds.

All these symptoms lead to the fact that when you bend down your head hurts or you experience dizziness and discomfort.

Causes of headache when bending over

The most common causes of a bending headache are the following:

  • Anxiety and stress: if you lead a very busy life, it can have an impact on your daily life, in addition to producing a stabbing headache when you bend down and sometimes vomit.
  • Cough: although no one usually relates these two factors, it can happen that during an episode of immense cough such as bronchitis, flu etc., headaches are usually produced when you bend down. In this situation the pain can last for several minutes and even half an hour.
  • Inflammation of the sinuses: These structures are air cavities positioned in our head that influence breathing. Faced with allergies or colds, these structures can become inflamed and in some cases a problem related to this area becomes chronic, so the person will become more susceptible to suffering headaches when bending down and contractions can occur in the forehead.
  • Vertigo: there is a feeling that everything around you moves or turns, so it is common in people who suffer from it that when they bend down, they notice a rather annoying headache. In addition, the symptoms that you may be suffering from vertigo are: loss of balance, heavy head, dizziness and discomfort or pain when you tilt your head.
  • Tension headache: It happens when you bend down and get up abruptly or quickly.
  • Tiredness: when you have not slept enough it is totally normal that sometimes you go to bend down and when you get up you feel dizzy or headache.

Before any of these symptoms it would be convenient to go to your doctor to examine you and give you the best treatment to help you take this situation as best as possible and not interrupt your routine.

Treatment for headache when bending over

If you have decided to go to your doctor, he will ask you a couple of questions and examine you to find out what is the definitive cause for which you suffer from these pains. The treatment that will include you according to the cause could be the following:

  • For anxiety and stress: the most common are tranquilizers if you have the obligation to lead a life too busy and may recommend relaxing infusions, as they also go very well for anxiety and stress.
  • For cough: he will prescribe antitussives, anti-inflammatories and mucolytic (if necessary) and if appropriate also antibiotic to combat the disease that causes said cough.
  • For inflammation of the sinuses: if it is due to a spontaneous cause, it will normally be treated with anti-inflammatories and if it is chronic the treatment may be forever.
  • For vertigo: after examining yourself and assessing your episodes of vertigo, he will prescribe some medication to help fight it. To do this, studies claim that vertigo is due to a brain disorder, one of the inner ears, both, or none. The drugs used for this problem are antihistamines, anticholinergics, diuretics and anxiolytics. There is also surgery that consists of destructive operations (destroy affected target organ) and conservative (interfere with the inner ear without affecting hearing).
  • For tension headache: there are studies that have shown that the doctor's recommendation on the intake of simple analgesics is always associated with the frequency, duration and intensity of the pain. Fatigue only depends on you, since the doctor will recommend you to bend down correctly and get up slowly and sleep more hours, if it cannot be fulfilled will evaluate other options to help you. Learn more about How to Avoid Tension Headache in this other article.

Tips to avoid headache when you bend down

There are a number of recommendations to relieve and avoid headache when bending over and they turn out to be very beneficial for health:

  • Performing moderate exercise such as walking an hour a day will help you improve blood circulation and therefore decrease the headache when bending over.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Try not to bow, and if you have to, try not to tilt your head forward or down.
  • Avoid fatty foods.
  • When you feel a headache, close your eyes for a few seconds, this will relieve your discomfort.
  • Sleep 8 hours minimum.
  • Eat foods rich in omega 3 and 6 as well as vitamins B2 and C.
  • Before you get up, sit and breathe deeply for a minute or two.
  • Always get up slowly.

These recommendations together with the treatment administered by the doctor, if necessary, will help you alleviate this problem and in a few days, you will notice an improvement and if you follow these tips, you will more easily avoid a recurrence of the problem.

If the symptoms are not usually common, there is no need to worry, because if you follow the guidelines described in this section you should notice improvement. If episodes of headache when bending over appear often the doctor will give you the guidelines to follow to help improve this irritating discomfort.



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