How to tell if I’m pregnant from the flow


Vaginal discharge is a high indicator of all the changes in our body, it tells us when we are on fertile days, when we are ovulating, if there is the presence of any infection and of course, when you have become pregnant.

How to tell if I'm pregnant from the flow

Although it does not happen so exactly to all women because remember, each body is different, in most cases the increase in vaginal discharge during the first weeks of gestation can be an indication that you are going through a pregnancy, even before having a home test.

If you have any doubts as to why this happens, stay reading this article that in we bring for you and learn the answer to your question about how to know if I am pregnant by the flow.

How to tell if you're pregnant from the flow – the changes

A woman's vaginal discharge varies throughout the menstrual cycle. At the beginning of the cycle the flow is much more transparent or white and is a liquid flow. When you move to fertile and ovulation days, it becomes a little stickier but is still between transparent and whitish, much like an egg white. Learn more in this other article on How to know if you are in fertile period by the flow.

When fertilization is performed, the body immediately enters a process of hormonal changes, this being the cause of the release of estrogens and consequently the increase in blood circulation; all this set causes the body to produce more vaginal discharge than normal. This flow will later become a kind of plug, in fact it is called a cervical plug because it occurs in the cervix, to prevent the passage of bacteria and other microorganisms to the uterus and thus prevent them from affecting the baby that is on the way.

Generally, this change of the cervical plug or mucus can occur after about two weeks of fertilization, that is, a week before the date where it was supposed, the period should come. So, to know if you are pregnant by the flow keep in mind that it is usually completely transparent, a very abundant flow and with no smell.

Hygiene measures if vaginal discharge is very abundant due to pregnancy

Now that you know how to know if you are pregnant by the flow by seeing its appearance and according to the time of your menstrual cycle, you may also be interested in more information about it such as that related to the hygiene necessary for this type of flow.

Many women who have already gone through the experience of gestation, comment that the vaginal discharge that is forming the mucus or cervical plug during the first month of pregnancy is so abundant that it can wet the underwear and even the pants. However, certain hygiene measures can be taken to cope with this and a few others, which will help keep the flow in a normal abundance and avoid some type of alteration.

You should avoid the use of tampons as much as possible during this stage and throughout pregnancy. Remember that this contains cotton, bleaching products, perfumes and other components that can alter the pH of your vagina and affect pregnancy. opt for towels or sanitary napkins that you use in your period regularly; use this only and exclusively if the flow is too much and is staining your clothes, also keep in mind to use compresses or towels without perfumes and if possible neither bleached.

Other tips you should follow for good hygiene if you have a lot of flow from being pregnant is to avoid tight pants and use only underwear that is cotton. It also completely bans products containing perfumes, harsh soaps or aerosols. Finally, do not douche, as it increases the risk of infections, much more during pregnancy.

When to see the gynecologist for changes in flow

As we mentioned before, the change in the appearance of vaginal discharge is synonymous with alterations in our body and can indicate from a pregnancy to a vaginal infection or sexual transmission. Whatever the case, you should consult your gynecologist; However, especially in case of an infection you should go immediately so that it determines what is happening with your body and indicates a treatment for its cure. If the white discharge causes itching, burning or you notice a bad smell both in your vagina and in the discharge and swelling in this area, you may be in the presence of a vaginal infection known as candidiasis and to cure this, you should go to the gynecologist.

White vaginal discharge is normal and is known as leukorrhea; This usually occurs in much of the menstrual cycle, especially when you are ovulating and is easy to recognize because it has no smell and can stain your underwear.

If the discharge turns yellow, gray, green, or some other strange color outside of white and transparent, it may be due to a much more serious infection, including sexually transmitted. Although there may not be the existence of other symptoms such as burning or swelling, the flow of these colors is synonymous with something not being right and you should consult with your gynecologist to see what happens.

When the flow is very abundant and somewhat transparent, we can say that it is an indication of pregnancy, however vaginal infections also occur during this, so we recommend you go to the gynecologist both to rule out a principle of infection and so that you can know if you are really pregnant or not with a blood test that will be performed by the specialist. Be aware of any strange changes and in case you are pregnant, do not hesitate to consult quickly with your obstetrician to see what is happening.


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