How long can you have sex while pregnant?


After some time of wishing for it, you have finally succeeded: you are pregnant! And although you are very happy and look forward to those nine months to see the face of the new member of the family, there are a million doubts that arise related to the time that the pregnancy lasts. The body of the future mother will undergo many changes for the baby to develop within her, so there will be many modifications in her body and this will affect your routine.

How long can you have sex while pregnant

One of the most common questions that arise in couples when they discover that they are going to have a child is the issue of sex. They do not know if it is advisable or not to have sex while the gestation time lasts because the surrogate mother may feel uncomfortable, or the future father may be afraid of harming the mother or the baby … If you are asked this type of doubt, in we solve them together with the big question: how long can you have sex while pregnant?

False myths about pregnancy and sex

Before explaining if there is a time when it is not advisable to have sex while on tape, it is important to eliminate certain myths and fears about the appearance of having sex during the period of pregnancy. It is very understandable that, due to the changes that are taking place in her body, the woman feels uncomfortable or weird when it comes to having sex, or that the father believes that he can harm the baby in some way during sex.

For those insecure dads-to-be, the father can never harm the baby, as there is a mucous plug placed at the entrance of the cervix that prevents anything from reaching him. In addition, do not be afraid that sexual intercourse can somehow advance childbirth, since the contractions that are produced by arousal and orgasm are not strong enough to cause the baby to leave.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to have sex during pregnancy, and now we will give a series of reasons why you should practice it.

Can you have sex while pregnant? – the answer is yes

Having unprotected sex during pregnancy (or with her, in the event that a partner has an STD) is not only possible, but even recommended. There are a few reasons that support that having sex during the gestation period is highly recommended:

  • The woman experiences greater pleasure, since there is a greater irrigation of the genital area.
  • The hormones related to pleasure and happiness generated by the mother reach the baby, providing a state of relaxation and well-being.
  • Increased self-esteem of the mother, who may be uncomfortable with her physical appearance.
  • It involves training for the genital muscles for the preparation for childbirth.
  • It improves and reinforces the bond between the couple, fundamental for the moment in which the baby is born.

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When NOT to Have Sex During Pregnancy

However, there are times when sex during pregnancy is not advised:

  • In case of being a risky pregnancy, that is, there is a threat of abortion or premature birth.
  • If there are problems in the placenta or mucous plug.
  • If the parent has any type of genital infection.
  • In case of bleeding, spotting or contractions.
  • If the mother suffers from cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

In these cases, it is better to go to the doctor first to determine whether or not you can make love while pregnant.

So how long can you have sex while pregnant?

In reality, if the pregnancy is low risk, the woman has not experienced any type of discomfort or problem during it, has no complications from diseases suffered prior to pregnancy, and none of the contraindications that we have previously explained are presented, sexual relations can be maintained until the moment in which the woman breaks waters and begin labor. In this way, you can have sex while pregnant in the first months, and you can even make love pregnant for 8 months.

It is true that during the first trimester there may be some problems having sex, such as nausea and general malaise or discomfort due to the changes that the woman is suffering. Also, during the third trimester, due to the increase in size of the abdominal area, doubts may arise about the correct position to have sexual intercourse. We recommend that you consult with the doctor, but the most comfortable positions when the abdomen already has volume are any in which the woman is above or with the man placed from behind. This way it will be much more comfortable and pleasant.

Sexual postures during pregnancy

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