How to cure false sciatica – the best tips


When you have a pain in the lumbar area that goes down the buttocks, you always tend to think that you suffer from sciatica, however, this is not always the case. This symptom is common in another pathology known as pyramid syndrome that, above all, is noticeable in people who practice running or have a very sedentary life.

How to cure false sciatica - the best tips

They are cases that are known as false sciatica and that require other treatments that differ from those prescribed for conditions that are only of the sciatic nerve. In we are going to tell you how to cure false sciatica, in addition to giving you the main keys so that you know how to recognize pyramid syndrome.

What is pyramidal syndrome or false sciatica

The pyramidal syndrome is one that alludes to the affections on a muscle that we have that is called pyramidal. It is very small and, in many cases, goes unnoticed because it is located in the inner area of the hip. However, despite being so hidden, it is fundamental for the human body because it helps to hold the skeleton and facilitate movement.

Normally, the problems in the pyramidal muscle come because there has been a contracture or a shortening of it, which is what causes the pain, which is very similar to that of sciatica and, therefore, this condition is usually thought of and the pyramidal syndrome is also called false sciatica.

There are several causes that can cause this situation. For example, if you are a runner, you have surely noticed that, when running with long strides and on uneven surfaces, there is an overload in the spine, which extends to the hip and leg area. This excess tension reaches the sacral bone, generating in turn that the joint is blocked and, consequently, pain appears in this muscle.

But this pain can also appear from other causes. This is the case of people with a very sedentary life. If you spend a lot of time sitting and not doing physical exercise or specific stretches, you will also notice that you hurt that muscle. The reason is none other than that, by not exercising it and always having that compression on it by sitting, it shortens and thus the pain appears.

The Difference Between Sciatica and False Sciatica

Once we already know the main causes of false sciatica, it is convenient to know how sciatica and pyramid syndrome are recognized. It is actually easy, because the key is in the pain because its appearance is linked to the fact that the sciatic nerve crosses this muscle. But luckily, it's not the only symptom in both cases. You may also feel a certain tingling or numbness and you can differentiate the type of pain in each case:

  • In sciatica the pain starts from the back, from which it radiates to go down the buttocks and the back of the leg, being able to reach the toes.
  • In pyramid syndrome, the pain starts from the buttock and is mainly concentrated in this area of the body. Sometimes, it can be passed to the abdomen.

Home Remedies to Cure False Sciatica

False sciatica or pyramidal syndrome can be cured with various treatments, ranging from more home remedies to taking medication or performing exercises. Among the care and home remedies to treat pyramid syndrome that we can do at home are:

  • The application of ice helps relieve pain: to do this, you have to put a package or bag with ice cubes or a block of ice, wrapped in a cloth, on the area where you have the pain. Leave it for about 10 minutes at most. This application can be done several times a day and is combined throughout the day with massages in the area to decontract the muscle, but these should be done away from the application of cold.
  • The application of heat is also useful: dry heat pads will help you relax the muscle and therefore relieve tension and contracture of the pyramidal muscle. They can be worn for a maximum of 20 minutes, although it is possible to apply them several times a day and even combine them with ice packs. It is advisable to perform massages to decontract the area.

Medicines to cure pyramidal syndrome

In some cases of false sciatica or pyramidal syndrome it is recommended to take medicines, which must be prescribed by your doctor. In general, anti-inflammatory pills are given to decrease inflammation of the affected area. In addition, it is common to also prescribe pain medications or analgesics.

If you have a very intense pain, surely, you will be prescribed some injections, which can also be anti-inflammatory or contain a corticosteroid and even some anesthetic component.

The Importance of Exercises to Cure False Sciatica

Pyramidal syndrome is also cured with physiotherapy or exercises, mainly stretching to relax and strengthen that entire area and the pyramidal muscle in question. The specialist will be in charge of telling you when you can start doing these exercises – it is not recommended when you have a lot of pain – and the most appropriate stretches according to the case.

Actually, stretches and subsequent exercises are very necessary to finish curing the pyramid syndrome well, performing them ensures that the problem has been completely solved. However, it is not recommended to perform them on our own, but always with the help of a physiotherapist or a doctor.

They are indications on how to cure false sciatica that we have provided you in, but always remember to go to the doctor to diagnose what disease you have and prescribe the best treatment.


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