How to cure gastritis with ginger – we tell you


Benefits and properties of ginger for gastritis Ginger has many beneficial properties for health and, above all, for the digestive system, such as those we will see below:

How to cure gastritis with ginger - we tell you.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: Ginger, being an anti-inflammatory plant, helps reduce inflammation of the stomach.
  • Antibacterial properties: therefore, ginger is ideal for eliminating bacteria in the stomach that can cause symptoms similar to those of gastritis.
  • Improves digestion: its function to accelerate digestion and thus prevent problems from appearing in the digestive system during this process is also remarkable. It is even helpful in neutralizing the production of stomach acid.

These are some of the main particularities of this plant, which can be consumed in different ways so that the body benefits from all these health properties. Below, we tell you the most effective ways on how to consume ginger to cure gastritis.

Ginger infusion for the elimination of gastritis

One of the best ways to consume ginger is to prepare an infusion or tea. The process is quite simple and fast. You just have to put water to heat and add a few pieces of ginger until they boil. After letting the infusion cool, you can take it.

In these cases, there is no minimum or maximum amount and, at first, you can take all the number of infusions you need depending on the stomach discomfort you have. However, it is best to take it three times a day, distributing the three intakes at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Ginger shake for gastritis

Although ginger is already effective for gastritis, there are other ways to consume it by incorporating other foods that are also beneficial for the digestive system. In this case, instead of making an infusion, what we prepare is a kind of smoothie or thick juice. The process is also very easy.

  1. Ginger cuts into small pieces.
  2. Cut into pieces three stalks of celery, half an apple and two not very large carrots, after having washed everything previously.
  3. Blend all the ingredients in the blender or with the help of a blender. The result is this smoothie or natural juice, which provides fairly quick relief from stomach discomfort.

Eating ginger to eliminate gastritis

To cure gastritis with ginger, there is still another option. It's actually the easiest of all because it's all about eating ginger. Yes, you read that right. To do this, you just have to wash it well, peel it and chew a few pieces.

If you are not used to ginger, at first you may notice a not very pleasant taste because it has a spicy touch. However, the results are immediately perceived and you will notice the stomach much better. Also, you don't need to chew the ginger for a long time. A couple of minutes may be enough.

You can also use it to dress salads or dress meats or other foods, so that the dishes are more digestive. This can be a complement to other options that you have chosen until you pass the gastritis, because just a little to spice up what you eat will not be enough to completely relieve the discomfort of the stomach.

Contraindications of ginger

Although ginger has properties that are beneficial to health, it also presents a number of contraindications. In fact, it is not convenient to take it sometimes even if you have gastritis.

  • Pregnant women: they should not take ginger from the third month of gestation because it acts in the uterus as a tonic. And, although in the first trimester it can help to avoid nausea, it is better to consult with the doctor beforehand.
  • Children under six years old: it is also not convenient for them to take it because it can cause problems in the stomach by being spicy.
  • Abusive consumption: this is also not good because it can produce the opposite effect to the one desired. In fact, it can be one of the causes of gastritis.

With these guidelines, we hope in we have answered your question of how to cure gastritis with ginger? It is always advisable that you consult with a doctor and go to a specialist to prescribe the most appropriate treatment for you, especially if gastritis is frequent. You may also be interested in how to treat gastritis.



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