What is potato juice with aloe vera for?


It seems that gastric problems are becoming more recurrent, many are the people who over time develop stomach problems. And you will wonder why, because in many cases it is due to the fast pace of life, rhythms that, in turn, are those that do not allow you to eat as you should. First of all, due to lack of time, but also because you put food in the background.

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We talk about a possible solution to your upset stomach that may surprise you, we explain what potato juice with aloe vera is for and we also show you, its benefits. In a simple step you can introduce this potato juice for gastritis if necessary.

Protects the stomach wall

In aloe vera we find mucilage, a compound that not only fights gastritis and acidity, but also fights ulcers. In addition, we emphasize that aloe vera also helps strengthen the gastric mucosa that protects the walls of our stomach. Thus, with the intake of aloe vera we can begin to notice that the symptoms of heartburn will gradually disappear.

Helps you in the digestive process

Both potato and aloe are among the best remedies against constipation, so potato juice for gastritis also helps fight reflux and other digestive symptoms. And best of all, as you know, most existing medications to treat heartburn or intestinal problems carry side effects. We want to make it clear that aloe vera has no adverse effects if the consumption is not in excess.

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Cleanses the liver

The potato has a great power of detoxification, so starting a Monday with its juice in our body can help us greatly to eliminate harmful elements that we have been able to accumulate throughout an idle weekend.

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Improves the health of your skin

In addition to everything related to the digestive system, potato juice and aloe vera will help you maintain healthy skin. Why? On the one hand, vitamin A, which is present in aloe, is a nutrient that is stored in the liver functioning directly in cell reproduction and in the immune system. It is also very important for general growth and also for the maintenance of your hair, your nails and even your eyes, as it helps keep them healthy and in constant regeneration. We also add that for superficial wounds, applying a little aloe pulp as a cream on the skin is the perfect remedy.

On the other hand, the potato through vitamin C helps the production of collagen, a classic basic to keep the skin young. In this way, the skin remains hydrated and cared for thanks to an active immune system. You will be surprised to know that it is often also applied as an acne treatment thanks to the powerful way it helps the body in the elimination of toxins.

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Regenerates and improves the immune system

In the same way that it acts directly on our skin, aloe vera helps enormously in the reproduction of red blood cells and is also of great help during pregnancy for the development of the fetus inside the uterus, as well as for the DNA chain to reproduce correctly.

The potato, on the other hand, also helps in the reproduction of the basic white blood cells of the immune system. So, if you are a person who tends to catch colds on a regular basis, especially in winter, you can check the change yourself if you include this juice in your diet.

How to make potato juice with aloe vera

And you will wonder how to make potato juice with aloe, well, we offer you a very simple preparation. We explain step by step the instructions you must follow and, in addition, we add an extra ingredient that will enhance all the benefits of the two main ingredients. We point out that the extra ingredient will bring a richer and fresher flavor to this juice.


  • 1 medium potato with skin
  • 1 aloe vera pence (pulp only)
  • 1/2 apple with peel
  • Enough water to liquefy

Steps you should follow to make potato juice with aloe vera:

  1. Wash the ingredients well, especially the potato and apple, and cut them into medium pieces. In general, there are people who prefer to peel the potato, especially because it is what they are used to and do not trust that it is good to consume it with skin. However, for this juice to have a radically positive effect, it is advisable to take advantage of the tuber in its entirety with all its properties, and as with the apple, the skin is the part that contains the fiber.
  2. Leave the aloe vera pence to soak for a day. In this way, the mucosa that is its own and that, in addition, is often not pleasant for many people, since it is sometimes a cause of allergy will be detached.
  3. Add the potato, aloe pulp and apple in the blender along with a little warm water, it should not be too cold or too hot, in this way it will be much kinder to the stomach and will have much more effect.
  4. Take the smoothie (better if it is without straining), every day a few minutes before meals to combat gastritis. Keep it in your diet every morning before breakfast and you'll notice the results.

Do not forget that this juice is not the definitive solution if you do not take care of yourself the rest of the day. Get used to adopting, little by little, eating habits and a healthy life. Reducing alcohol consumption, not abusing certain analgesics or ingredients that produce acidity, as well as taking care of stress and worrying about our rest, are key elements to keep the stomach clean and strong.

We point out that the intake of this juice has no contraindications or negative effects, but the consumption of it in excess, like everything, can cause an adverse effect. You have also been able to verify that the properties of potatoes are many and the intake of this juice will make you strengthen the system. In addition, you have also read in detail that potato juice for gastritis is of enormous help so that it disappears gradually.

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