Why my urine smells like coffee – we’ll tell you


Urine is not always the same. It is common that each time it is uritic it is different in color and smell, hence it is said that there are many types of urine odor. This is often due to the food that is eaten, since they influence by producing alterations in their tonality (from lighter or transparent to more yellow and even brown), as well as in their smell. But it can also be an indication that there is something in the body that is not working well.

Why my urine smells like coffee - we'll tell you

Smell is one of the main warning signs, although it is not always a cause for concern. And one of the most easily identifiable aromas is that of coffee. If it happens to you, you've probably wondered why my urine smells like coffee? In we are going to give you the main keys so that you know the reasons behind that characteristic smell.

Does coffee alter the smell of urine?

One of the main reasons for the change or alteration of the smell of pee is the taking of some foods that produce odor in the urine. Among the best-known cases is that of asparagus, although it also occurs when eating green leafy vegetables, salmon or garlic. And what about coffee? Does it also change the smell of urine? The answer is yes. In fact, many people say that, after drinking a cup of coffee, their urine has that aroma. This is partly because coffee contains many aromatic compounds.

However, this is not always the case. Various medical investigations have shown that this alteration by drinking coffee does not occur in all people. In this way, you should not worry so much if your urine smells like coffee or if there is no alternation with its intake. Everything is within normality.

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Reasons why coffee changes the smell of urine

The composition of coffee acts on the body and on kidney function, altering its normal functioning. This leads to urine sometimes smelling like coffee. There are two main reactions that occur in the body:

  • Coffee is a diuretic: so, it makes you urinate more often. With its intake, more water is sent through the renal tubules, leading to increased urine production. In addition, the reabsorption of sodium ions is difficult. This leads to reduced water filtration from the blood and increased urination, generating urine that is much more concentrated in waste (including the compounds in coffee itself), as well as ammonia and urea.
  • Coffee increases glomerular blood pressure: also called the blood pressure in the capillaries of the kidneys, which causes an increase in blood filtration that results in more urination. But this effect is not only due to caffeine, but also to the other stimulating compounds it includes. This set of components causes the bladder and bowels to be stimulated. Consequently, its own chemical compounds are more concentrated in the urine and that smell of coffee appears.

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Do I have any illness if my urine smells like coffee?

Urinating the smell of coffee is also a sign that something in the body is not right, so you have to pay attention to it. Among the possible reasons that explain this fact, the following stand out:


The most common is to relate this smell to dehydration. And, as we have said before, coffee is a diuretic. Actually, it is a distant possibility, because coffee, as we have said, reduces the filtration of water in the blood, but the intake of large amounts and continuously can lead to the body becoming dehydrated.

In fact, it is common to have to urinate more frequently and, therefore, more fluids are removed from the body, giving way to dehydration. As a result, urine has a stronger smell because more vitamins and chemical remains of the organism are concentrated that are discarded.

A similar effect occurs with other beverages similar to coffee, such as tea or some soft drinks that also contain caffeine, among others. The solution is simple in all these cases: you just have to drink more water.

Possible diseases

Coffee-smelling urine can also be a sign of:

  • A disease
  • A kidney infection
  • Liver problems
  • Indicate possible diabetes

However, in these cases, the smell of coffee has to be accompanied by changes in color or the presence of blood.

With this explanation from we hope we have answered your question of why my urine smells like coffee? We always recommend that you go to the doctor if you have any questions or alterations, you notice when urinating. If, in addition, the smell of your urine is so strong that it has been impregnated in your underwear, even after washing it, you may also be interested in this other article on How to eliminate the smell of urine from clothes.



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