Types of menstrual hygiene products


To talk about the period is to talk about menstrual hygiene. This concept refers to the methods to maintain adequate hygiene during the period that, in addition, allows women to feel comfortable, to be able to carry out their daily activities without any problem and, in addition, to take care of their intimate health. Therefore, menstrual hygiene has not only become fundamental in health matters, but a right of any woman, who must have access to basic products that facilitate their feminine hygiene, from classic products, to the most revolutionary methods that bet on ecology and sustainability, in addition to a much more respectful care for the body.

Types of menstrual hygiene products

Next, at we want to give you greater visibility on the types of menstrual hygiene products you can find on the market today. And you, which one do you keep?

Pads and tampons

The classic products in terms of feminine hygiene are pads and tampons. These products are convenient to use, economical and have multiple options to suit your flow. Although they are the alternative that we know best, it is the least ecological, since they are disposable products that generate a lot of waste, causing a great environmental impact. However, they are an accessible alternative since you will find these products for sale in any supermarket and are the most used by women globally.

The difference between them is that the compress can be used by placing it on the surface of the panty, where it will be attached, and the tampon will be placed inside the vagina, where it will absorb all the menstrual flow.

Menstrual cup

If there is a product that has burst into feminine hygiene, it is the menstrual cup. This product has become the effective and sustainable alternative, preferred for many people who want to stop using conventional pads and tampons.

Menstrual cups have become a real revolution since they are a great benefit for women and, also, for the environment, being the star sustainable option. In addition, they are created from medical grade silicone, which prevents germs from being generated, do not alternate vaginal pH and are more respectful of the body. On the other hand, the menstrual cup generates zero waste, is reusable and can have a useful life of up to 10 years if you keep it in perfect condition.

To use a menstrual cup, you must select the right size for you (S, M, L), according to the manufacturer's instructions, because the size may vary depending on whether or not the woman has had sex, a birth or taking into account factors such as age or her own menstrual flow. Once your menstrual cup has been chosen, you should know that you should only place it in your vagina during menstruation and proceed to empty every 12 hours. Then you must clean it properly to put it back inside. After the period you must sterilize it by boiling it for 3 minutes and store it tightly until the next rule.

With the menstrual cup you can perform any type of sport, although you will not be able to have sex with it on. If you want to stop using disposable products and contribute to your vaginal health and environmental care, this is a safe bet. Try it!

Absorbent underwear

One of the products to carry a good menstrual hygiene that has more and more followers are absorbent panties. Although some women are still skeptical in reference to this method, the truth is that it is a very efficient alternative and, at the same time, sustainable and ecological, perfect for not generating waste.

The appearance of this absorbent underwear is that of a normal panty. In fact, you can find it in different formats and designs (panties, shorts, thong …) that adapt 100% to your favorite underwear style. The point is that, thanks to their composition, they are able to absorb menstrual flow without it being transferred to clothing. And, in addition, they are antibacterial, so you will avoid bad odors, and they dry out immediately. Menstrual panties can be washed normally after use with your usual washing machine cycle, so they are reusable and much more sustainable than disposable pads.

Menstrual panties can vary depending on the flow you have, however, most of them are made with three layers: the first based on hydrophylamide, polyamide and elastane to drain and avoid moisture; the second layer of polyester that is responsible for the absorption of flow and the third of a combination of polyester and polyurethane that helps waterproofing and makes these panties breathable and resistant to losses … They do not stain!

You can opt for menstrual panties as a menstrual hygiene product or combine it with other products such as menstrual cup or tampons, although this underwear has enough absorption capacity to be able to wear them quietly, without worry.

Reusable pads

If you're looking for an eco-friendly option, reusable pads can be a good menstrual hygiene product for you. These compresses are usually made of bamboo fiber or cotton, are biodegradablereusable and can be cleaned in the washing machine with your usual washing cycle. Thanks to them, you will reduce the impact on the environment, in addition to saving month by month, without the need to buy conventional compresses. In addition, they have about 3 years of useful life, so the initial cost will be well amortized.

Reusable pads are a great ecological and sustainable alternative to disposable pads. In addition, they are easy to use, comfortable to the touch and will help keep you away from infections, allergies or irritations that plastic compresses can cause. If you want to take zero waste to the letter without giving up the use of compresses, this is the best hygiene product for menstruation for you.

Menstrual sea sponges

Have you heard of sea sponges as a menstrual hygiene option? It is a product with an absorption capacity similar to that of a tampon, however, being natural there are much fewer risks than with synthetic fibers. It is also a renewable alternative (they can be used up to 6 months), compostable and organic, much more sustainable than conventional tampons.

For many women, menstrual sea sponges have been a discovery. This product acts as a method of retaining flow internally, while providing freedom of movement to the woman and, in addition, sexual relations can be maintained without having to remove it. In addition, it is easily placed, so it has become an alternative for those who did not find the trick to the menstrual cup. However, you have to be careful when taking it out and not do it abruptly, since it could break.

Being an animal, it is not a recommended method for strict vegans, although there are those who defend that not having a nervous system or differentiated cells, it would not be contrary to veganism.

Before using menstrual sea sponges, we recommend you consult with your gynecologist about the viability of the method for you, especially after childbirth.

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