Properties of rosemary honey


Rosemary honey is a substance produced by bees as a result of the contact of these insects with the rosemary flower. The bees extract the nectar from the flowers and this substance condenses inside the animal and subsequently deposes in the hive, where honey is finally produced. The special feature of this type of honey is that the properties of rosemary are transferred to be made with this plant.

Properties of rosemary honey

In this article we let you know what are the properties of rosemary honey, a substance with a number of health benefits and an excellent option when it comes to including it as an ingredient in our recipes.

What is rosemary honey

When it comes to understanding what rosemary honey is for, it is essential to know the characteristics of this plant. Rosemary is an aromatic plant widely used to treat different ailments, in addition to being used in various cosmetic tramatientos. Mainly, its aroma has given it an important role in the kitchen, where it is added to season a number of dishes. In addition, it is also widely used to make the famous rosemary oil.

Now, how is rosemary honey made? Bees absorb nectar with their tongue and deposit it inside. Subsequently, they return to the hive where the workers collect the substance and are responsible for depositing it in the hive. It is then that the process of transforming nectar into honey begins. How? Decreasing the percentage of humidity. This process takes several days, depending on the humidity and temperature outside.

Thus, the properties of rosemary honey are obtained through this process, starting with the collection of nectar from the flower and continuing with the transformation to honey within the hive. Interesting!

Properties of rosemary honey

The main properties of rosemary honey are as follows:

  • Stomach protector.
  • Powerful antiseptic and healing.
  • Beneficial to the mind.
  • Excellent anti-inflammatory.

Next, we are going to develop the benefits of rosemary honey so that you know in more depth what this product is for.

Stomach protector

One of the main uses of rosemary honey for health is its digestive action. It is an excellent alternative to prescription medications in order to achieve the same effect. Why? Medications contain chemical compounds, which to a lesser or greater extent can increase toxins in our body. For this reason, a few tablespoons of rosemary honey will help fight problems as frequent as gas, heartburn or indigestion.

Powerful antiseptic and healing

This product made by bees was already used in previous generations. Its antiseptic properties fight flu, cold and other respiratory problems such as cough. If you also add to these its pectoral and balsamic properties, we find an incredible natural remedy.

In addition, it is also very useful to treat small wounds, cuts and scratches, since its healing actions help the healing process to accelerate.

Beneficial to the mind

This substance is rich in lithium, a drug used to treat mental problems, such as memory problems, lack of concentration, bipolar disorder and mental fatigue, among others. Lithium is a mood stabilizer, which is why it is used in the above cases. However, anyone who suffers from this disease should go to a specialist, since the consumption of rosemary honey is in no case a definitive treatment.

Excellent anti-inflammatory

The anti-inflammatory properties of rosemary honey are a good option when using it as a home remedy for pain derived from conditions such as osteoarthritis, gout or rheumatism.


We can use this compound to give a sweet touch to our preparations in the kitchen. You can add it to milk, yogurt or our infusions.

How to use rosemary honey

The uses of rosemary honey can be internal or external, but in both cases, they are simple to perform, in addition to the fact that this product can be consumed daily in small quantities.

Internal use of rosemary honey

To treat digestive problems, take advantage of its lithium content or its antiseptic properties, the best option is to drink a cup of milk with a couple of tablespoons of rosemary honey. Another option is to prepare an infusion of this plant and sweeten it with honey.

External use of rosemary honey

In the case of wanting to take advantage of the properties of rosemary honey for external health, we can directly apply rosemary honey on a wound or on the area of the body painful due to arthritis or gout.

Contraindications of rosemary honey

The truth is that rosemary honey is an excellent natural product that can be consumed every day without any danger; as long as it has not been processed later, it will retain its properties. However, people with psoriasis should monitor the consumption of this substance for its lithium content. Some lithium treatments have been shown to have a side effect of various skin problems, most notably psoriasis.



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