How old do men and women grow


The development of the human body has been an object of continued study. Determining how it evolves and how it grows over the years has focused a great multitude of analyzes from different perspectives, both genetic, socioeconomic and geographical. In this sense, one of the most influential factors is gender, since the growth of men and women is different.

How old do men and women grow

Growth in boys is later than in girls, since in the female sector hormonal variations occur at 8 years old and in the male sector they begin at 10. But, until what age do men and women grow?

When do men and women stop growing?

To determine how tall you are going to be, it is very important to take into account age and sex. We note that since the beginning of the growth spurt, the height of men increases by an average of 25/30 cm and the height of women increases by 23/27 cm. People with tall family descendants experience a more pronounced growth spurt, but it is a factor that does not have an excessive influence on the difference in height and size between individuals.

To answer the question about what age does it stop growing, it is necessary to establish differences between men and women. The average age at which growth stops in women is advanced to 17 years. And how long do men grow? 21 years is a good reference, but it is a variable age, since it depends on the beginning of puberty and the speed of its development in any case.

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On what factors does the growth of men and women depend?

Knowing to what age women and men grow, that is, 17 and 21 years respectively as a general reference, it is also important to specify the most influential factors in the development of both sexes. Genetics is one of the most pronounced factors, but there are other variables to consider:

Sleep and food

A balanced and healthy diet provides the minerals and vitamins necessary for the development of muscles and bones, especially during puberty. In addition, the good rest of the body is very important for growth. The body is capable of generating hormones while you sleep. One of them is somatotropin, popularly known as growth hormone. Therefore, it is essential that children comply with the habit of sleeping at night, taking into account that each age requires a different number of hours of sleep. We point out that sleeping more does not mean that you will grow more, but that it helps the body to rest better and that it generates more hormones.


There are other hormones linked to the thyroid whose influence on bone development is direct. One of the growth problems in children is linked to hypothyroidism, that is, the hormonal disorder in which the thyroid gland is unable to generate the necessary amount of vital hormones such as growth hormone.

As a general rule, a person grows from the first moment he is born. This development is appreciated as he turns years and increases the size of shoes or clothes. In cases where growth stops out of time or in an unusual way, you should see a doctor to have your son or daughter evaluated. Thus, you will be able to establish the specific cause and the treatment to be followed to solve the problem.

Curiosities about the growth of men and women

After discovering how old men and women grow, we help you discover more curiosities about the development of the human body :

  • The height of an adult person can sometimes be known when they turn two years old. In girls, at 20 months the height can be multiplied by two to determine what they will have when they are women. In children, the same thing happens when they register 24 months.
  • 20 minutes in the sun each day is enough for the body to synthesize the amount of vitamin D it needs. Vitamin D is essential for the mineralization of bones, thus having an impact on the growth of an individual.
  • Some ailments and diseases such as bulimia and anorexia not only alter growth, but also act as a stopper slowing down this development. As the body does not receive the necessary nutrients to grow, it is unable to reach a great height.
  • The first menstruation does not imply the end of growth. It is true that it determines the maturity of women's bodies and their respective heights, but it does not mean that they reach the final height.


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