Difference between mosquito bite and tiger mosquito bite


Mosquito bites are one of the big headaches during the summer. Preventing them is a challenge and relieving them is a necessity for both adults and children. In addition, if it is the bite of a tiger mosquito, it is even more important to know how to avoid and treat them since they are more painful and dangerous.

If you live in an area of mosquito proliferation or the tiger variant is very present, differentiating between the bites of these two mosquitoes will help you treat them properly without suffering their consequences excessively. In this sense, knowing the symptoms of each one is essential. To discover the difference between mosquito bite and tiger mosquito bite, how to relieve and prevent tiger mosquito bite, at we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Difference between mosquito bite and tiger mosquito bite

Symptoms of common mosquito bit

The bite of a common mosquito has been suffered by virtually anyone. The most well-known symptoms are the following:

  • Appearance of a red, swollen lump minutes after the bite.
  • After the first day of bites, small hard reddish or brown bumps usually appear in the middle that produce itching.
  • Small blisters arising instead of the hard lumps.
  • Appearance of dark spots with a bruised appearance.

The most severe reactions are usually suffered by children, people with severe immune system disorders and adults who have been bitten by a species of mosquito to which they had not previously been exposed.

Those who suffer from the most severe reactions have the following symptoms:

  • Low fever or tenths.
  • Redness and swelling in a wide area of the body around the bite.
  • Swollen lymph nodes.
  • Hives.

In addition, like all mosquito species, they can transmit some diseases and parasites.

Symptoms of tiger mosquito bite

The bites of tiger mosquitoes are usually very similar to those of the common mosquito, but stronger or more intense. It can be said that they are more painful, itch more and produce violet lesions and blisters. The symptoms are more severe when they are suffered by nursing children and newborns, as they can cause very intense pain and fever.

The consequences of a tiger mosquito bite can be even more serious. Excessive scratching as a result of itching could lead to wounds that can become infected. In addition, it is an insect that carries diseases, such as yellow fever or dengue, and is a transmitter of different viral diseases to animals.

The saliva that inoculates with its bites can be toxic to the human organism, subtracting inside at least for 3 or 4 days. This toxic saliva can trigger an allergic reaction and produce anaphylactic shock or asthma attack.

Other differences between a mosquito and a tiger mosquito

The differences that can be established between a common mosquito and a tiger mosquito are these:

  • The body of the tiger mosquito is black, with white stripes on the hind legs and white spots on the abdomen.
  • The flight of the tiger mosquito is at a lower altitude than that of the common mosquito, which explains why its bites occur in the lower extremities mostly.
  • The tiger mosquito reproduces more easily than the common one. Each female can have up to 80 new mosquitoes in a single week.
  • The tiger mosquito requires a smaller amount of water to complete its biological cycle. Thus, their populations reproduce and concentrate in stagnant waters of small size such as containers, buckets or puddles.

How to relieve a tiger mosquito bite

To relieve a tiger mosquito bite, at we recommend that you follow these tips:

  • Wash the area affected by the bite with soap and water as soon as possible to disinfect it.
  • Soak the skin with fresh water and avoid rubbing it to relieve itching, as this will produce the opposite effect.
  • Apply ice wrapped in a cloth or ice pack to the area of the bite.
  • Don't take medications or any natural pain relievers to relieve symptoms without them being prescribed by a doctor.
  • In the event that the discomfort persists for several days, go to a medical center to get the best treatment of the tiger mosquito bite.

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How to Prevent Tiger Mosquito Bites

To prevent such annoying and painful bites of tiger mosquito, follow these recommendations:

  • Put physical barriers, such as mosquito nets in areas at risk of mosquitoes.
  • Avoid wearing perfumes as they attract these insects and dress in light-colored clothing.
  • Discard standing water from canisters, containers, pots or ashtrays because they are ideal environments for the proliferation of the tiger mosquito.
  • Use electric insecticides to be able to open the windows and quietly enjoy the summer nights without the worry of tiger mosquito bites. These insecticides use effective technology to protect the rooms of any home from the presence of mosquitoes.

Now that you know better the difference between mosquito bite and tiger mosquito bite, we recommend you follow these tips to prevent them and learn more details in this other article on How to avoid mosquito bites.


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