Why stain with the menstrual cup – here the answer


The menstrual cup is one of the latest trends in these years and is gaining more and more followers, leaving aside compresses and tampons, both quite harmful to the health of the intimate area of the woman. The menstrual cup has many advantages, both environmental, economic and healthy.

Why stain with the menstrual cup - here the answer

However, some women claim to have problems with the menstrual cup. The most frequent situation they complain about is, precisely, to stain. This is not due to a defect of the cup, but to a bad placement of this or that it is not the right size for us, among other reasons. That is why in this article we try to answer the question of why I stain with the menstrual cup.

Folds in the menstrual cup

It may be the case that the menstrual cup is misplaced and folds have formed inside the vagina. In this case it is best to remove the cup, clean it a little and start again.

  1. Before putting it on, wash your hands carefully.
  2. Put yourself in a position that is comfortable for you and where you can be relaxed.
  3. Next, slightly fold the U-shaped cup and insert it into the vagina.
  4. Release the cup and check that you have it well placed. If so, you should not notice any discomfort.

Follow the instructions attached to your menstrual cup to learn how to put it on correctly. However, you can also be guided by this other article on How the menstrual cup is used.

The menstrual cup does not open in the vagina

Some women say that the menstrual cup stays bent inside despite having correctly followed all the steps to introduce the cup. If it has also happened to you, we tell you that it is likely that the following is due:

  • The size of the cup: You may be using a size that is not right for your vagina. If you have doubts about which size would be best for you, consult with your gynecologist for guidance. You can also read the following section on “The menstrual cup is too big or too small”.
  • Cup material: Due to misuse or over the years, the cup material may have been slightly damaged. In this case, it would be best to buy a new menstrual cup.
  • Bad placement of the cup: there is also the possibility that we believe that we are putting the cup well, and there may be some step that we are not doing correctly. If this were the case, your gynecologist might be able to help.

The menstrual cup is too large or small

The size of the cup is also important, since if we did not choose the right one, we would have problems of discomfort or blood loss. As a rule, there are two sizes, the small and the large. The little one is advised for all those women who have not given birth, and the big one for those who have already been mothers.

However, if you have doubts about what would be the right size for you, visit your gynecologist or specialist to make an inspection and advise you on the best size for your case.

The menstrual cup stays deep inside

Another reason that can answer your question of why I stain with the menstrual cup, is the size of your vagina. Keep in mind that the vaginal walls are not the same size. That is, as we enter the depths of this intimate female area, the walls widen slightly. In this way, we must bear in mind that if we place the menstrual cup too much inside, not only will we have problems to remove it later, but we will also have menstrual losses because the cup will not be well attached to the vagina.

If you want more information about it, the following article about What are the parts of the vagina may help you.

Carry the menstrual cup for more than 12 hours

As with pads or tampons, menstrual cups should be emptied from time to time. Depending on how much we bleed, as well as the day of the rule in which we find ourselves, we will have more or less losses, so we should be attentive and control how often we must empty the contents of the cup. If we spend more hours than we should, it is normal that we begin to stain, especially if we wear the cup more than 12 hours in a row, which would not only cause us to have losses, but it would not be healthy or hygienic.

Our vagina has a limited capacity, so going over the established time with the cup on could create internal blood pressure and, consequently, hurt us. It would be similar to what many women suffer when putting on a tampon, which claim to feel discomfort because menstruation gets stuck in the vagina.

How long you can have the menstrual cup

Usually, depending on the woman the maximum time varies between 2, 4 and 6 hours. However, you should never exceed 12 hours for the reasons mentioned above, not to mention that it is advisable to clean the menstrual cup after each use and that exceeding 12 hours would be unhygienic.



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