Why my urine smells sweet – here’s the answer


Any change in our body can alarm us, and more if these changes have to do with our genital organs. One of the most striking are the changes in the smell of urine, especially when it comes to an aroma that is far from normal. We may think at that time (and we may be right) that it is a temporary smell due to something we have eaten or drunk. But what if the smell persists for days or weeks? If in addition to the sweet smell in the urine we have any other symptoms, such as fever or genital pain, it is best to go to the doctor as soon as possible, since it may be diabetes, an STD or some type of serious infection.

Why my urine smells sweet - here's the answer

If this is your case and you want to know more about why my urine smells sweet, do not miss this article where we explain all the possible reasons and how to act on the sweet smell of urine.

Causes of sweet smell in the urine: You may be wondering what sweet urine means. When it begins to have a sweet smell, it can be a symptom of one of these conditions:

  • Diabetes: the sweet smell in the urine is one of the simplest ways to detect diabetes or, if you already suffer from it, a way to know that we are not controlling it correctly, so that through the urine we would expel large amounts of glucose, which would cause the sweet smell when urinating.
  • Maple syrup-smelling urine disease: Also abbreviated as EOOJA, this is an inherited genetic disorder that usually appears in childhood. The name is given because the smell of the urine of the baby or child smells, precisely, of maple syrup.
  • Urine infection: Another possible cause of the sweet smell in the urine would be a urinary tract infection. Some infections, such as candidiasis, can cause an alteration in the smell of urine. Although candidiasis does not normally produce an odor, it may be the case that both the flow and the urine smell different, either sweet or sour, depending on the type of infection and the causative microorganism.
  • Medications: Drug use may also alter the normal smell of urine. Although it may be a temporary change, it is best to consult with your doctor all the side affects you have in case it is convenient to change your medication or not.
  • Pregnancy: it is said, although it is not scientifically proven, that when a woman is pregnant, she can tell by the smell of her urine. This can vary between sweet and strong, usually opting for a somewhat unpleasant smell.

However, rarely the sweet smell of urine is due to infections or medications, so then we will focus on the first two options, which are usually the most frequent causes of this alteration.

Diabetes and urine

Formerly, doctors poured the patient's urine on the ground to see if it was sweet enough to attract insects. In this way they diagnosed diabetes. Today, of course, it is not necessary to go to that extreme, as there are much more sophisticated methods to discover this common disease.

Diabetes stands out for its inability to properly produce insulin in the body, which causes blood sugar levels to rise. This is because insulin allows glucose to enter the body's cells; if not, they pass into the blood, which can be dangerous in the long run.

When glucose accumulates in the blood, it passes through the kidneys, where the blood is purified, then through the ureters, the bladder and finally the urethra. Since urine is filtered blood, we can understand how having diabetes makes it smell sweet, due to the large amount of sugar it contains.

The disease of urine with the smell of maple syrup

Another possible reason why my urine smells sweet is maple syrup-smelling urine disease (MSUD). As we said, it is a rare inherited metabolic disorder where branched-chain amino acids cannot be properly broken down and, consequently, these accumulate in the blood. Among the main symptoms, the following stand out:

  • Food rejection
  • Drowsiness or tiredness
  • Vomiting
  • Smell of maple syrup in ear wax
  • Smell of maple syrup in the urine (later)

This disease appears as soon as it is born and its early detection and treatment is very important, since failure to do so could cause central respiratory failure and progressive encephalopathy.

Types of MSUD or EOOJA disease

Within this disease, there are four subtypes:

  • The classic
  • The intermediate
  • The flasher
  • Thiamine sensitive

In case of suffering from the most serious subtype of urine disease with the smell of maple syrup, it is very important to lead a healthy life and eat a balanced diet, since in case of infection, fever or starvation brain damage of great importance can occur.

Other types of urine odor

Sometimes the sweet smell of urine can be interspersed with other unconvious odors, such as:

  • Urine with the smell of ammonia
  • Urine with a metallic smell
  • Urine with the smell of sulfur
  • Fishy-smelling urine

You have to be very attentive to this type of changes, since they can mean more than one disorder or problem in the body. If you have any questions or strange symptoms, it is best to go to a doctor so that he can provide you with an accurate diagnosis.

Now that you know the answer to why my urine smells sweet, and diabetes being the main reason for this symptom, you may be interested in this other article on How to Tell If I Have Diabetes.



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