Why my legs itch at night – find out


Many people, especially women, notice that at night they have an itch in their legs, which is even sometimes perceived with some intensity. It is an annoying situation that also makes it difficult to fall asleep and rest properly. Besides, sometimes it generates other types of problems because there are conditions on the skin due to that need to scratch.

Why my legs itch at night - find out

But why do my legs itch at night? The causes for which this itching occurs are varied. Behind it there can be from circulation problems, dry skin, an allergy to a cream or some eczema. In we are going to answer this question.

Causes of itchy legs at night

One of the main causes that explain that your legs itch at night are problems with the skin. And these can be diverse and have their origin in different conditions or simply by the lack of adequate care.

  • Dry skin: this is one of the reasons behind the itching of the legs at night. The key is that, when the dermis is not well hydrated and nourished, it dries out and, consequently, feels more strained. This causes it to itch. In addition, itching is not only caused by lack of care, but also by showering with excessively hot water, which also has a drying effect.
  • Poor hygiene: as well as letting sweat accumulate on the skin is an unhealthy gesture that causes itching to appear.
  • Hair removal: this is another factor that influences nocturnal itching. On many occasions, the legs undergo rapid hair removal that damages the skin as can happen with too hot a wax or misuse of the blade. It is always important to remove the hair properly and, of course, apply a cream afterwards to repair the skin and soothe the possible discomfort that may appear. Among the most recommended are those of aloe vera. On other occasions, the itching is due to the fact that the new hair is being born and, until it leaves the skin, it is common for these discomforts to be generated.
  • Clothing: either the use of certain detergents or softeners for the washing machine, as well as bath gels or soaps, can cause that itching by being allergic to any of the components. This has an easy solution. Change products and do not dress in garments that do not use natural materials. That is, you have to avoid all those confections with 100% synthetic fabrics.

Skin diseases that cause nocturnal itching in the legs

Some diseases can also cause itchy skin. This is the case of many infections that occur in the dermis due to the presence of germs, bacteria or fungi, among others:

  • Hairy keratosis: is another possible cause of nocturnal itching in the lower extremities. It occurs because dead cells fall off the top layer of the skin, resulting in an obstruction of the hair follicles. This gives way to grains that have a pointed appearance and that itch.
  •  Staphylococcus aureus: this produces folliculitis, which is manifested by red pimples that appear on the legs and that itch a lot as a result of infection by this bacterium.
  • Ringworm: it is another disease that can cause itching and that is manifested by circular skin conditions by this fungus, which requires medical treatment.

Itchy legs at night due to temperature changes

Temperature changes also favor the appearance of itching in the legs at night. A situation that is common to occur in bed. And it is that the contrast, for example, of the cold of winter with the heat of the blanket or duvet causes itching to be generated, which is relieved and reduced when clothes are removed from the bed or the legs are taken out of it.

This is sometimes accompanied by poor circulation. People who have circulatory problems also notice itching when, for example, they spend a lot of time sitting because blood flow is not facilitated or they exercise little.

Restless legs syndrome

The so-called restless legs syndrome can also be behind nocturnal itching. And it is that, frequently, that need to move them constantly is accompanied by a certain itching and itching, which is more intense when you are sitting or lying down, either in bed or on the sofa. If you want more information, you will find it here: What are the symptoms of restless legs syndrome.

They are some of the main causes with which from we hope to have answered your question of why do my legs itch at night? We advise you to visit the doctor to explain the reason for this nocturnal itching and give you the most appropriate treatment.



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