Why do I want to vomit when I eat?


Some people will have experienced a feeling of anguish after eating and have overlooked it. It is very important to pay attention when you feel like vomiting after eating, as it produces an unpleasant sensation and is not a good sign.

Why do I want to vomit when I eat

The causes can vary from a rapid intake of food to a serious illness, so it is important to see your doctor if you feel nauseated or vomit after eating. 

Nausea after eating from eating too fast

Eating fast is one of the most harmful things for our health, especially for the digestive system. Your digestive system is designed to absorb the nutrients your body needs to generate energy and perform its vital functions. Digestion is one of the most important processes of the body, which, if its functioning is altered, could cause serious problems that in the worst cases can take you to the operating room.

When you eat fast, you are not allowing the digestive system to assimilate food well, this can lead to reflux due to the malfunction of the muscular valve between the esophagus and the stomach, which causes acid to escape back into the esophagus. This is one cause of feeling like vomiting after eating.

To prevent this problem, take your time eating, chew your food and swallow slowly. You also have to keep in mind the indigestion that appears due to eating too fast, which can cause vomiting if it happens. When food is not assimilated well, poisoning can appear due to the mixture of ingredients in the stomach, which will cause nausea and discomfort in the stomach.

Nausea after eating from food poisoning

When foods that have been poorly refrigerated or have been exposed to room temperature for a long period of time are eaten, these foods become carriers of bacteria, viruses and parasites, which, when ingested, can cause poisoning with symptoms quite unpleasant. The body's reaction after eating spoiled food is to expel it from the body, which is why it is a cause of wanting to vomit one or eight hours later.

If this happens, it is important that you do not eat for a few hours so that your body can expel these foods from the body as soon as possible. Consult a doctor if your discomfort is very high.

Feeling sick after eating: allergy or intolerance

There are certain foods such as lupins, molluscs, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, nuts, fish, peanuts, soybeans, milk and its derivatives, cereals containing gluten, crustaceans and eggs, which produce allergic reactions or intolerance in some people .

This happens because the digestive system does not adapt to certain foods , which causes the body to respond negatively when these foods come into contact with the stomach and is also a reason why you can vomit after eating.

The doctor will carry out a series of tests for a good diagnosis and will give you the necessary instructions so that this does not happen.

Vomiting due to gallbladder disorder

The gallbladder is an organ of the body responsible for secreting bile to absorb fats. When this fails, for example due to gallstones , your ability to digest fats decreases and as a result you will feel sick to your stomach and feel like vomiting, especially if you eat high-fat foods.

For more information, we leave you this other article from OneHOWTO on How to treat gallstones or lithiasis . However, if you think you may have this problem, it is best that you go to the doctor as soon as possible to have the necessary tests done.

Nausea, one of the first symptoms of pregnancy

The urge to vomit after eating is commonly one of the first symptoms that you are pregnant , especially after the second month. This is because during this period great hormonal changes take place in your body. However, you do not have to worry about this situation, since it is totally normal and should not affect the baby's health at all.

If you are in these circumstances, it is recommended that you eat small amounts of food a day, since if you go for long periods of time without eating you will feel like vomiting even more and that can affect the health of the baby.

Feeling like vomiting after eating due to anxiety and stress

Experts and psychologists claim that the mind has an effect on the gut and that the nerves and chemical receptors are closely connected. When you have anxiety or stress, it negatively affects the body when you eat, causing nausea, dizziness and vomiting after eating any type of food. This happens because the function in which the intestine and stomach digest and transport food is altered.

There are other reasons why a person feels like vomiting after eating, such as vomiting after eating something sweet. This is due to hypoglycaemia in that person (low blood sugar levels) and stomach ulcers, this is usually accompanied by bloating and pain after eating.


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