Why am I so sleepy – find out why


Waking up tired and as if we hadn't slept, despite having rested for the number of hours indicated, is something that happens to many people. Others, on the other hand, wake up more active, but after a couple of hours they feel tired and excessively sleepy, but the curious thing is that they are supposed to have slept the necessary time. So what is happening, what is affecting our energy and disposition throughout the day?  we are going to discover all the possible reasons that answer the question of why you are so sleepy and constantly tired and fatigued.

Why am I so sleepy - find out why

Differentiate between quantity and quality of sleep

The first thing that is important to understand why you are so sleepy is knowing how to differentiate the amount of sleep from the quality of sleep. Many times we sleep the number of hours that our body is supposed to need to repair itself and yet we spend the day sleepy, while there are other nights that we sleep less but get enough rest.

This is because deep, restful sleep is necessary to rest , which is not always directly linked to the time we spend sleeping. For example, not only the number of hours you sleep matters, but also respecting the sleep cycles; thus, depending on the time you go to sleep, you must calculate the time to get up or vice versa. To do this, we recommend using a sleep calculator to do it automatically.

External factors that affect the quality of sleep

The poor quality of sleep that ends up affecting us in our daily routine, making us feel tired and yawning all day, can be caused by various factors, some of them are external and others are linked to the way we sleep.

Among the external factors that affect the quality of our sleep, the following stand out:

  • Sleeping very hot or very cold, which will prevent us from resting well.
  • Sleeping in noisy environments, causing us to wake up several times at night. Sometimes we do not remember these small awakenings, but they still affect the quality of sleep.
  • Habits such as sleeping with the television on, which prevent proper rest.
  • Sleeping next to a person who disturbs the quality of our sleep, such as someone who snores, talks in his sleep, or a person who wakes up a lot, etc.
  • Going to bed very stressed, worried, or tense, which can lead to poor sleep.

Why am I always so sleepy?

Among the internal factors why you are so sleepy, some health conditions or sleep disorders can be mentioned that could prevent you from sleeping well, causing drowsiness and a lot of tiredness at all hours and throughout the day. Next, we will see what can be the causes of being sleepy and feeling tired despite having slept enough hours a day.

Sleep disorders

Those who suffer from some type of sleep disorder see how the quality of their nightly rest hours is considerably reduced and, consequently, the next day they can suddenly be very sleepy. These disorders include insomnia, sleepwalking, somniloquy (sleep talking), hypersomnia, restless legs syndrome (RLS) , etc.

When suffering from any of these conditions, it is essential to visit a specialist to identify the cause and start the appropriate treatment.

Respiratory problems

On the other hand, there are conditions that prevent proper breathing when sleeping, which can cause the affected person to wake up several times during the night and not rest well. Some of the common respiratory problems that interfere with the quality of night's rest are sleep apnea , snoring, nasal congestion, sleeping with your mouth open, etc.

inadequate nutrition

A diet poor in essential nutrients and rich in sugars, fats and refined flours can also cause, in addition to other health problems, that during the day you feel fatigued, exhausted and very sleepy at all hours. It is advisable to eat a balanced and healthy diet and also avoid obesity and being overweight, since these also significantly affect the quality of sleep.

Stress, anxiety, or depression

Emotional problems, such as excessive stress, anxiety or depression are one of the main causes of being very sleepy during the day, in addition to prolonged physical and mental exhaustion. When we are very tense or distressed, all the muscles are also tense during the night and, in addition, it has been shown that this type of psychological condition causes an abnormal activation of the neurochemical systems that are responsible for regulating the sleep-wake cycle.

Consumption of some drugs

There are certain medications, such as antidepressants, those aimed at treating high blood pressure, antihistamines, etc., that can cause side effects, such as drowsiness and tiredness throughout the day.

Other pathologies

In addition to the above causes that can give us an answer to the question “why am I so sleepy”, there are other types of diseases whose symptoms can also include excessive sleep or fatigue despite having slept enough hours:

  • Anemia
  • Heart diseases
  • hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

When to go to the doctor for being very sleepy

If you are aware that you suffer from a sleep disorder or pathology that could be affecting your daily rest, it is important to visit a doctor to treat it , because only a specialist can give you the necessary tools to improve your rest and prevent you from feeling so sleepy during the day. Because the causes, as we have seen, can be very varied, a medical diagnosis and the start of appropriate treatment for each particular case is essential.

Tips to improve sleep quality and sleep well

In addition to identifying the factor causing excessive sleep, it is also important to take into account the following recommendations to sleep better and enjoy a deeper and more restful sleep:

  • The right mattress: having a quality and comfortable mattress is essential to fall asleep quickly and have a better rest. In the following article, we give you all the details you need to know to choose a good mattress .
  • Establish a bedtime: try to go to sleep every day at the same time, in such a way that you rest for 8 hours in a row each day.
  • Exercise: physical activity helps release tension and relax the muscles, thus making night sleep deeper and more comfortable.
  • Have a light dinner: taking care of your diet and, above all, having light meals for dinner allows you to improve digestion at night and, therefore, that the body is in good condition to rest.
  • Avoid the consumption of stimulant products: before going to sleep, it is important to avoid drinks with caffeine or alcohol, as well as stimulant soft drinks, as they can make it difficult to fall asleep.


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