When to go to the midwife if you are pregnant


Pregnancy is a stage in the life of the woman that requires a lot of care for both her and the baby so that the entire gestation progresses properly and there are no complications either during the nine months or at the time of delivery.

When to go to the midwife if you are pregnant

It is especially important to go to all medical appointments and perform the necessary tests to check that everything is perfect. However, many times, doubts arise about when to go to the doctor for the first time and, above all, to the midwife. In we explain when to go to the midwife if you are pregnant so that you do not miss the date if you are going to be a mother.

Confirm pregnancy before going to the midwife

Before going to the midwife, it is important to check that you are really pregnant and that the absence of menstruation or period does not respond to a gynecological problem or stress, among other possible reasons. In this way, after realizing the first delay, the first thing you should do is take a pregnancy test to see the result. If it is positive, you should go to the doctor to corroborate it.

When to go to the gynecologist if you are pregnant

Normally, the process (it may vary in some autonomies due to the transfer of health competences) begins with the visit to the family doctor to indicate that you are pregnant. He himself will send you a first analysis to check that you are really pregnant and will refer you to the gynecologist to do a first check-up and already appointment you for the midwife. It may also happen that directly the family doctor refers you to the gynecologist and that it is this doctor who performs the analysis of confirmation of pregnancy and then refers you to the midwife.

In addition to the first test to check the pregnancy, the gynecologist can do another analysis to screen for Down syndrome and detect possible neural tube defects. It is also possible that you will be asked the amniocentesis test to perform it later, among others.

The most advisable thing is that you go to the doctor, regardless of whether you have to go through the family or they send you directly to gynecology, as soon as you learn that you are pregnant so that you can follow dietary guidelines or adequate care from the beginning of pregnancy.

How many weeks do you have to go to the midwife

Anyway, if it took you longer to realize you were pregnant, it's not a problem either. But it is always appropriate that you go to the midwife before the first 12 weeks of gestation.

After the first visit, the consultation with the midwife will be repeated every four weeks approximately until you are in the 36th of pregnancy and every two weeks until the 38th. From there, the periodicity increases to a week until the pregnancy comes to an end.

First visit with the midwife in pregnancy

The first appointment with the midwife, which must be made before those first 12 weeks of pregnancy, is individual to attend in a personalized way to each pregnant woman and solve the possible doubts that may have.

In short, it's about getting to know yourself well (he'll ask you some intimate questions) and giving you as much information as possible about pregnancy. Later, you can be accompanied by other people because collective visits are also made. In fact, during the first stage of pregnancy, there will be different types of meetings because classes or the course of preparation for childbirth will also begin, being recommended that you start it before the 28th week.

Childbirth preparation courses

This course is especially useful because it explains everything that happens in childbirth, in addition to being able to learn how to breathe, how to breastfeed or what is the time when you have to go to the hospital for the birth of your child.

In addition, they will also teach you exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor, which you can also perform after delivery (at the time you are indicated) to avoid the fall of the bladder, among other benefits.

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Go to the midwife without already being pregnant

After delivery, it is also advisable that you visit the midwife again. In these consultations, it can help you recover muscle tone in the abdomen and perineum, as well as guide you in the care you must follow now, especially if you are breastfeeding the baby. Likewise, he will advise you to prevent postpartum depression and will be able to indicate the best care and recommendations for your baby.

Normally, this appointment will be given to you already in the hospital after the birth or you must request it yourself with the documents provided in the maternity.

With these indications, at we hope we have answered your question of when to go to the midwife if you are pregnant. And, in case of any doubt, it is always recommended that you go as soon as possible to the doctor, gynecologist or midwife to solve them and that you make all the consultations you need. You may also be interested in how to have a healthy pregnancy.


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