What to take for tummy pain and diarrhea


One of the most frequent discomforts in digestive problems are stomach pain and diarrhea. Bad habits and some digestive disorders can lead to dyspepsia, reflux, tummy pain, and diarrhea.

What to take for tummy pain and diarrhea

There are certain home remedies for belly pain that will allow you to relieve these discomforts, although to treat digestive problems properly you can also resort to specific products and drugs, such as those made available by the Morlán Pharmacy, one of the best in value for money. Here's what to take for tummy pain and diarrhea. Minimizing these discomforts is possible if you bet on the best remedies. Notes!

Symptoms of digestive problems and how to treat them

Digestive problems are usually accompanied by an upset stomach and other discomfort, such as the following:

  • Indigestion.
  • Heaviness.
  • Swelling.
  • Dyspepsia.
  • Reflux.
  • Gases.
  • Nausea.
  • Diarrhea.

What medicine to take for tummy pain

In Pharmacia Morlon they have the best products, supplements and other remedies that will help you fight the symptoms related to digestive problems.

In case the belly pains are strong and frequent, we recommend you go to your family doctor to make a specific diagnosis and you can take the most appropriate medication or treatment for your case.

Home Remedies for Tummy Pain

In addition to supplements and specific products to relieve alterations of the digestive system, we recommend you try one of these home remedies for belly pain:

  • Lemon with baking soda: allows greater intestinal mobility, reducing gas, heartburn and fighting indigestion.
  • Clove: fights tummy pains, decreases cramps and gas and increases gastric secretions. It also helps to soothe nausea and vomiting.
  • Coconut water: its high content of potassium and magnesium helps you soothe belly pain.
  • Cinnamon: facilitates digestion thanks to its high content of antioxidants such as camphor, eugenol or linalool, which help you reduce cramps, bloating and neutralize stomach acids.
  • Aloe vera juice: improves intestinal mobility and protein digestion, while eliminating toxins, reducing inflammation and reducing excess acids.

Other tips for tummy pain

In addition to home remedies, we recommend following the following tips to relieve stomach discomfort:

  • Drinking plenty of water will help you absorb and digest food better. Hydration allows you to digest better and prevent tummy pain. In case of diarrhea, hydration is also essential.
  • Do not lie down after eating and if you want to rest do not do it in a horizontal position, otherwise heartburn may appear.
  • If you have a tummy ache, apply a heat bag to the area until it cools, so you will relax the muscles and facilitate digestion.
  • In case of diarrhea, follow a diet based on bananas, white rice, applesauce and toast. Thanks to the starch of these foods, they will relieve diarrhea and help make the stool much firmer.
  • Avoid heavy foods, which are hard to digest or feel bad.
  • Tobacco and alcohol can irritate and damage stomach tissues. Avoid them to relieve discomfort.


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