What to take for sore legs


What are the holes? Surely you will know that soreness appears after physical exercise, more or less intense, especially if you are not used to sports. Soreness usually manifests itself in the form of mild muscle discomfort that, in some cases, can become painful but do you know what exactly soreness is?

What to take for sore legs

The laces are micro tears that muscle fibers experience during the effort of exercising. These do not represent any danger to health, however, they can be very annoying and even painful.

Fruit juices and smoothies

If you're wondering how to combat soreness quickly with home remedies, forget it, because there are no miracle remedies for soreness . However, there are certain foods that, due to their properties, can help you make these discomforts disappear in less time.

This is the case of fruit, full of vitamins and minerals perfect for stimulating your recovery. On the one hand, natural fruit juice will help you to promote hydration, which is essential for the good condition of muscles and joints, but on the other hand, fruit juices will help you replenish the minerals lost during sports practice, thereby making you feel better.

We cannot forget either that fruits like pineapple or papaya are incredible natural anti-inflammatories , so nothing better to add them to your juice after each workout.

Chamomile and thyme

As we have already seen, there are no miraculous foods, but if you want to know what is good for soreness , you should take into account the infusion of chamomile or thyme. Both medicinal plants have great calming and anti-inflammatory properties that will help relieve muscle discomfort after an exercise session.

Dark chocolate

Did you know that with an ounce of chocolate you can reduce exercise fatigue but also cramps and stiffness? Dark chocolate is a source of magnesium , a very beneficial mineral to promote proper muscle contraction-relaxation.

To discover a complete list of the Benefits of dark chocolate , take a look at this other article!


How to remove very painful shoelaces? If you want to learn what to take to stop sore legs, nothing better than painkillers. To do this, we advise you to go to your trusted pharmacy so they can prescribe a specific medication to minimize discomfort.

Ointments with an analgesic effect, for example, are the most beneficial, since they do not have contraindications and will make you feel better in a few applications.

Cayenne infusion

Another of the best foods for soreness is cayenne pepper, a natural analgesic that is most beneficial to health due to its capsaicin content, a substance that works on pain neurotransmitter cells. Are you wondering how to remove shoelaces with cayenne?

Prepare a glass of hot water and drop some cayenne pepper (a pinch will do). Let it sit for a few minutes, then add a tablespoon of honey to enhance its flavor. Ready!

Sugar water: does it work?

We have all heard of sugar water for soreness , a very easy home remedy that, they say, can help with muscle recovery through the intake of simple carbohydrates, that is, direct energy for the body.

But is that true? Does sugar water work for soreness? The quickest answer is that it doesn't work . Drinking a glass of water with a tablespoon of sugar could be very useful if the soreness were an energy problem, but the truth is that they are not.

Those who defend this remedy say that drinking water with sugar dissolves the lactate crystals that form in our muscles when we exercise and that crystallize, causing punctures and pain. However, the truth is that there is no relationship between lactic acid and soreness ; this does not crystallize at any time and is not the cause of these discomforts.

Other tips to combat stiffness

The best way to fight against shoelaces is to try to prevent them from appearing, and for this you must put three basic principles into practice :

  • Always do a good warm-up before starting, as we teach you in this article on How to do a leg warm-up .
  • Increase the intensity of the exercise always progressively
  • Finish the exercise with stretchingHowever, we want to provide you with other essential tricks if you're wondering how to combat soreness quickly .

Contrast shower

If you have started or resumed your training and the first few days you have moderate soreness, try massaging your legs by directing the warm water over them at the time of the shower. Make the movements from the ankles to the knees or the upper part of the thighs and finish the process with cooler water to reactivate the circulation and help reduce discomfort and inflammation.

Massages with essential oils

we suggest you make ginger or sweet marjoram oil (or both!), as they are ingredients full of analgesic and anti -inflammatory properties that are extremely beneficial for the muscles. Gently massage your legs with these ingredients and let them penetrate to the muscles. If you need help making these oils naturally, don't miss this article on How to make ginger oil at home .

Active sleep

If you are wondering how to get rid of shoelaces , you should know that moderate exercise can be beneficial as long as it does not increase the pain. For example, if you have sore legs after running , it is best to alternate the necessary rest with a short walk at an easy pace. Remember that spending all day on the couch without moving will not speed up your recovery.

Hot bottle

Another good trick to eliminate soreness is to fill a bottle or canteen with hot water to relieve discomfort. Roll the bottle over the affected area, giving a light massage with each pass, and you will see how you manage to relax the muscles.


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