What is coconut water for?


The coconut is the tropical fruit of the coconut palm and is, in addition, a food from which the human being has known how to get the most out of it; That is because we not only use coconut as an ingredient for various dishes, but over time we have become the protagonist of a large number of products for the field of cosmetics and health.

What is coconut water for

But do you know what coconut water is for in all these fields? Below, from, we explain everything you need to know about this delicious fruit.

Properties of coconut water

This interesting exotic fruit that quenches our thirst and is typical of coastal areas has excellent properties for our health:

  • Regulatory properties: Possessing a large amount of potassium, coconut water is a natural regulator of electrolytes, which makes it a perfect homemade toxin eliminator.
  • Strengthening properties: thanks to the fact that it is a rich source of minerals such as iron, potassium, phosphorus and calcium, coconut water has the property of strengthening the immune system, thus eliminating pathogens harmful to health. In addition, thanks to its high content of mineral salts, coconut water helps us strengthen our bones when they are growing.
  • Moisturizing properties: on the other hand, coconut water has incredible moisturizing properties, something that is due to its composition of sugars with isotonic effects. That is why coconut water is especially recommended for athletes.
  • Antioxidant properties: If coconut water is mainly used in the field of beauty, it is due to its amazing antioxidant properties. These properties slow down cellular aging and thus prevent premature aging.
  • Digestive properties: In the field of health, coconut water is used especially for its digestive properties. This is mainly due to the bioactive enzymes in coconut water, which contain acid phosphatase and diastase among others.
  • Regenerative properties: due to its high content of vitamin A, coconut water has regenerative properties for vision, a sense that is widely affected by the lack of such a vitamin.
  • Antibacterial properties: we come to one of the key properties to understand the popularity of coconut water. It should be noted that there are very few natural sources of lauric acid, from which coconut water derives these properties, which is why nutritionists recommend moderate consumption of this ingredient.

Now that you know the main properties of coconut water, let's see how all these properties can benefit you. Let's go there!

What coconut water is for – benefits and disadvantages

To talk about the benefits and disadvantages of coconut water, we will start by introducing you to the most popular and profitable uses of this product.

Coconut water for the skin

Coconut water can help you maintain smooth and hydrated skin at all times, something that is due to its high content of vitamin C and folic acid, great collagen regenerators. In addition, thanks to the cytokinins it contains, coconut water is also perfect for softening the skin and giving it a younger look.

As if that were not enough, coconut water is an incredible natural moisturizer (something that we must also thank for its high content of different minerals). If we take this into account, it is not surprising that many creams and ointments to improve the appearance of the complexion contain coconut water. Check out this other article on coconut water properties for skin.

Coconut water for hair

These moisturizing properties of coconut water are also the reason why this product is essential for the care of your hair.

If you want to give vigor and shine to your hair, coconut water is the natural remedy you need, because thanks to its high content of vitamins C and E, this product activates the collagen of the scalp and strengthens it significantly in a short time. As if that were not enough, coconut water is the best ally of those with dry hair, since this remedy is able to nourish the hair and make it maintain moisture for longer.

Coconut water for kidneys and cardiovascular health

Did you know that coconut water is capable of eliminating toxins from our body? If you want to keep your organs strong and healthy, coconut water can help you achieve your goal. In addition, it is a product capable of preventing heart disease, since its high content of potassium and electrolytes help the cardiovascular system not to faint.

Coconut water for cold

Coconut water is responsible for strengthening the immune system to prevent viruses and fungi. In addition, it serves as a great help to eradicate more quickly those that have already settled in your body.

Coconut water for the digestive system

We ended up with one of the most popular coconut water benefits. This product is ideal to hydrate both children and adults in the face of the symptoms of diarrhea. This is due to the cocktail of enzymes that regulate digestive system and coconut water. In addition, it is an isotonic drink also perfect for energizing naturally.

Coconut water is perfect for recovering lost electrolytes, so before a day of great heat or great physical activity, do not hesitate to prepare a little of this home remedy.

What are the disadvantages of coconut water?

Coconut water also has some contraindications and disadvantages, so keep in mind the following information:

  • It contains many calories: coconut water has the disadvantage of being rich in calories, since about 250 ml of this product contains up to 60 calories. Therefore, you should be very careful if you are trying to lose weight, as this ingredient could betray you. This doesn't mean you should remove coconut water from your menu altogether, but we do advise you to consume it in moderation.
  • It contains high levels of sugars: on the other hand, and contrary to what many think, coconut water has quite high levels of sugars. One cup of coconut water could contain up to 7 grams of sugar, the equivalent of a tablespoon and a half. If you drink green coconut water, at which point the sugar level is higher, you could consume up to 16 grams of sugar in a glass, the equivalent of 4 tablespoons. Needless to say, this can be very dangerous, so if you are diabetic or have hypertension, avoid consuming this product.

Coconut water: how to take it

Now that you know what coconut water is for and what its benefits are, the time has come for you to discover how to drink coconut water to take advantage of all its properties.

Coconut water: how to take it on an empty stomach

According to experts, the best time to drink this exquisite water is when you get up. When we are fasting, the body absorbs nutrients better in the body, so it is not surprising that the digestive system presents a better functioning at this time.

In addition, drinking coconut water on an empty stomach ensures a good performance throughout the day, since as we have said before, it is a natural energizer. As if that were not enough, coconut water is an extraordinary diuretic, so you can eliminate toxins through the urine.

To drink coconut water on an empty stomach, we recommend a 100% natural preparation. Drink coconut water at room temperature and do not add any additional components to it. We also recommend you visit this article about the great benefits of fasting coconut water.

How to Drink Coconut Water After Exercising

Coconut water regenerates lost electrolytes, making it an excellent hydrating and energizing drink. Because of this, many specialists say that coconut water can easily replace artificial energy drinks, so taking it after exercising (or even before) is a great ideal.

You can drink coconut water immediately after finishing physical activity or during the day in the hottest hours. For this case, we recommend you take the natural coconut water after leaving it for a long time in the fridge or with some ice cubes to make it more refreshing.

How to drink coconut water to lose weight

This may surprise you, because as we have said before, coconut water contains enough calories and sugars unnecessary for the body. But don't let these features fool you, as coconut water is a satiating ingredient that can help you lose weight quickly.

If you want to drink coconut water to lose weight, from we recommend you to ingest a glass next to the foods of the diet you consume. If you want to get an excellent fat burner that helps you improve digestive processes, add lemon juice to coconut water and your drink will be even more powerful, as it will accelerate the metabolic functions of your body.

To lose weight with coconut water you can also consume a glass just before each meal, because this way you will feel more satiated and will make your appetite decrease considerably. In this other article, you will find everything you need to know about the Properties of coconut water for weight loss.

How to drink coconut water to hydrate

During the suffering of symptoms of diarrhea, we recommend drinking plenty of coconut water. Due to the dehydration that a person presents when having diarrhea, it is recommended to consume 2 glasses a day and no more than 3 times a week.

If you want to create a natural home remedy of the most powerful, add to the glass of coconut water a small teaspoon of baking soda, as this way you will be able to reduce your symptoms quickly.

In addition, coconut water is also the ideal product to drink after a night of drinks, as it will help reduce hangover symptoms such as the urge to vomit, headaches and dehydration. As if that were not enough, coconut water will bring a refreshing sensation to your body, so you can get up after a night of partying without worrying about the annoying symptoms of a hangover.

If you want more information about how to make coconut water, this easy step by step can be of great help.


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