This digital scale is ideal for controlling your weight

In the midst of the revolution of smart devices, where conventional devices acquire the right technology to make our lives easier and more comfortable, scales have not been left behind. Below we analyze an Ecomed smart scale with which you can measure different parameters of your body and also record them on your smartphone, which we find today at 33% discount.
This digital scale is ideal for controlling your weight

Ecomed Digital Scale

This digital bathroom scale is ideal for monitoring your weight and monitoring your progress. Its ignition is very simple, you just have to touch its surface with your foot. It has a long battery life, since the scale turns off automatically after ten seconds without use. Its high-quality safety glass with 6 mm thickness supports a weight of up to 150 kg.

Its usual price is € 19.95 but today we can find it on Amazon at 33% discount. The customer rating is quite good: 4.5/5.



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