The Integral Barn – the best bio-options


More than 35 years in the market endorse El Granero Integral. Its commitment to the ecological world, health and well-being and biocultural have made it a space to discover the best bio-options to have a healthier, more pleasant and tasty life. The Integral Barn cares about healthy eating and, therefore, offers you a multitude of products, recipes and articles in which you can learn more about the bio universe.

he Integral Barn - the best bio options

In we are committed to the healthy way, therefore, we want to offer you the best bio-options from the hand of El Granero Integral. Do you dare to discover it?

What is El Granero Integral

With enthusiasm and a lot of effort, El Granero Integral has been betting on organic farming, respect for the environment and bioculture for more than 35 years. The care of people and our planet is a value, an ideal and a practice that endorses the work of this company, which contributes tirelessly to a model of ecological and sustainable life that transmits to all corners of the Iberian Peninsula.

In order to build a better future, El Granero Integral has a unique channel from where it transmits its values and also where you can find more than 500 products related to bioculture: from organic food to natural food supplements.

What El Granero Integral offers

In addition, El Granero Integral offers your different spaces where you can:

  • Savor the best recipes made with their own organic products.
  • Improve your health through food supplements and the benefits that plants, minerals, algae and fatty acids will bring you.
  • Discover places, such as organic restaurants, activities and amazing products.
  • Connect through the most interesting applications at an ecological and healthy level and listen to the best music with which you can connect with nature and relax.

Are you signing up to enter the world of El Granero Integral?

Products of El Granero Integral

One of the best ways to achieve happiness is through a healthy living model. This is what El Granero Integral believes and, to help you achieve it, it has an incredible range of products that will allow you to feel better, healthier and much happier. Among its product catalog are hidden various categories:


Oils and condiments, sweeteners, flours, cereals, macrobiotic products, seeds, legumes, supraliments… The list of organic foods is inexhaustible. In El Granero Integral you can get the best organic foods to carry out a balanced and healthy diet. All these products will contribute to keeping your body healthy and making you feel much better. Try them!

If you are interested in this type of food, you may find the following article on How to introduce organic foods into your diet useful.

Refrigerated products

El Granero Integral knows that our pace of life is high, therefore, it also has a range of refrigerated products among which you can taste prepared vegetable dishes such as vegetarian Nuggets, organic vegetarian cordon bleu or bio cheese medallions. Delicious.

Food supplements

As we have pointed out before, another of the products offered by El Granero Integral are food supplements. Probiotics, vitamins, supraliments, minerals, algae, fatty acids are some of the proposals that make up the long list of food supplements that they put at your disposal.

The objective of El Granero Integral

In short, El Granero Integral is committed to achieving a better future, working at an ecological and sustainable level. Its more than 500 products, sold in herbalists and ecological stores will help you achieve a healthier and more balanced model of life. Achieving happiness, living more and better and doing so with respect for the environment and the environment are the main premises of this great company. Sowing the future and doing it with the best products is the great objective of El Granero Integral.

Education, health, the environment, agriculture, food, sport… If you want to know more about these areas and do it following the models of ecological and sustainable living, do not hesitate to do it with the help of El Granero Integral, the best option to achieve a state of well-being. Discover them!


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