The best weekly pill boxes to control medication


When we are under pharmacological treatment to treat one or several diseases, one of the things that we must take care of the most is strict compliance with the medication doses that must be taken. Many medications need to be taken three times a day, and when something becomes routine, we can sometimes wonder if we've taken the pill yet. To avoid doubts and forgetfulness, a simple and economical solution is the weekly pill boxes , which help you organize your medication throughout the week, so that if you don't remember if you took the pill this morning, you just have to look at said compartment to check it. 

The best weekly pill boxes to control medication

Weekly Pill Box 3 Shots DOHIMGIO

With this pill box you will be able to organize each pill without problem that has enough space to fill and classify your medication throughout the week. The pillbox has three compartments for each day , so you can classify them in the morning, afternoon and evening. The casing of the box is made of a translucent material, which allows the contents to be easily seen, but at the same time protects it from sunlight.

You won't have to worry about pets or children trying to open it, as it features a button that stays closed once locked and closes securely to keep your pills safe. It's easy to take anywhere and fits in any bag or travel case.

Weekly Pill Box 3 Shots BUG HULL

This pill organizer is made up of seven compartments , one for each day of the week, and each one is divided into three smaller compartments to be able to organize them: breakfast, lunch and dinner. In this way you will not forget to take the pill at the corresponding time, and you will not have to remember if you have taken it or not, since you can use the pillbox as a reference.

Weekly Pill Box 3 Shots LAOYE

This pillbox is ideal for those who need to carry their medication in a small space. Its size is very small: 8 cm long and 5 cm wide, so you can store it anywhere: wallets, bags, suitcases, sports bags, etc. Includes four pill boxes (green, pink, blue and orange), each divided into three removable compartments. They are completely waterproof, hygienic and moisture resistant.

Weekly Pill Box 8 Compartments Baoweihua

This pill box is made of high quality materials: polypropylene and solid ABS. It does not contain BPA or toxic substances, it is odorless and very safe. It is organized in seven compartments divided into two sealed layers , resistant to humidity and sudden changes in temperature. Being made of a translucent material, you will be able to observe the content of each compartment without having to open it.

Includes a double-lock design to prevent pills from slipping out or falling out. Its size is 5.7 cm long and 4 cm wide.

Bayinbrook Water Bottle with Integrated Pill Box

This revolutionary invention is ideal for those who want to carry their water bottle and medication together in a single object. The bottle has a capacity of almost 600 ml and is made with high-quality BPA-free plastic materials. On its side it includes seven compartments, one for each day of the week, and each of them holds three pills.

In addition, the cap of the bottle is shaped like a glass , so that it can be used when taking the medication. The pill box can be easily removed from the bottle, either to clean it or to add more pills.



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