The best postpartum disposable panties


Whether you are a new mother or not, you should know about the necessary postpartum care to avoid any infection, bleeding, pain or discomfort. Once our baby has been born, for a remarkable period of time we will not be able to wear the underwear we normally wear, since it is not prepared against infections, nor will it be suitable for our size at that time, in addition to that we can spoil it.

The best postpartum disposable panties

Postpartum disposable panties are designed with materials against infection, they are stretchable and very comfortable thanks to their design, thus seeking the greatest possible comfort. In, we have collected the best postpartum disposable panties that we can find in the market at the best price.

Disposable panties Roche Diagnostics Pack of 4

These disposable panties come in a pack of 4 units and are available in three different sizes: 36-38, 40-42 and 44-46. It is not necessary to acquire a larger size than you usually use, even if you do not use that size currently the disposable panties are designed for your usual size, stretching and getting an adaptable panty effect. They are extremely comfortable, stretchable and recommended in case of cesarean section and stitches to avoid openings and infections.

Disposable Panties One-Wear Pack of 5

If we are looking for softness first and foremost, we should take a look at One-Wear's disposable panties, as they are as thin as possible and completely breathable. They are recommended both during pregnancy and postpartum, since their elasticity covers the sizes of a pregnant woman without problem thanks to its elastic latex band. They are ideal to use during the hospital stay and the first days at home, so with this pack of 5 units you are probably served for as long as necessary.

Indasec Tocological Compresses

The risk of infection, irritation, opening of stitches or staining is quite high once we have given birth, so we recommend these comfortable and economical postpartum compresses. If INDASEC has shown us anything for years, it is to be a highly recommended quality product at any stage of a woman's life, and of course it could not be missing this time to accompany us in the postpartum period. Its cotton compresses help prevent infections, irritations and allergies, also prevent moisture and allow perspiration.

Chicco Mammy elastic panties

Once again, we rely on one of the best brands for the care of mothers, after collecting information Chicco Mammy has worked hard to bring us their disposable panties postpartum. Their disposable panties are hygienic, soft and are ideal for the days following childbirth, especially in case of receiving stitches or cesarean section. They are prepared to be used with compress for their design and elasticity, without risk of breaking them.

Canpol Babies postpartum panties

Perhaps we feel more comfortable and safer when using products approved and used by hospitals, as is the case with Canpol Babies postpartum panties. Their disposable panties simulate the use and finish of hospital clothes, with quality materials, soft and getting panties that stand out for their perspiration. They allow to keep the compress in place preventing it from moving and its flexible rubber does not squeeze anywhere on the waist.



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