Scabs on the nose: why they come out and folk remedies


Have you ever had a wound or cut on your nose and you have seen what we know as scabs? When we suffer an injury to the nose for a certain reason, the wound that occurs has to go through a period of healing until it has completely healed. In this period the scabs appear, which consists of a kind of tissue that is formed above the wound or cut to facilitate the regeneration of damaged skin.

Scabs on the nose why they come out and folk remedies

But why do these tissues appear around the nose? If the scabs have appeared occasionally in this part of the body you would not have to worry much about the matter since they can appear even from scratching us through the area until we make a wound. But if the tissue appears along with other symptoms, we recommend that you continue reading this article from where we explain everything about scabs on the nose, why they come out and home remedies. Read!

Crusts from dryness in the nose

One of the reasons why scabs come out in the nose could be because you are suffering from a condition that causes dryness in this area, such as rhinitis. According to Mayo Clinic, rhinitis is a disease that causes general inflammation in the nose, either from exposure to an allergen (in the case of allergic rhinitis) or from other risk factors such as infection, consumption of certain foods and/or medications, or stress, among others.

In the event that nasal dryness is caused by rhinitis, other symptoms will appear that aggravate this skin condition such as nasal congestion and excess mucus. Both symptoms reduce the natural moisture of the nostrils, which causes dryness in the inner skin of the nose and consequently small wounds that will form crusts.

Appearance of scabs in the nose due to atmospheric changes

Another possible cause of the appearance of scabs on the nose may be due to constant climatic changes. Living in an area where changes in temperature or humidity are too constant can cause the mucous membranes inside the nose to end up becoming inflamed, resulting in nasal congestion and, therefore, the formation of crusts due to dryness.

For example, if every time winter arrives, a time when the air is usually drier than in other seasons and temperatures are low, you notice that the skin of your nose ends up cracking until wounds and crusts occur, it is because you have a dermis quite sensitive to atmospheric changes.

Herpes simplex in the nose, a cause of nasal scabs

Herpes simplex is a condition caused by the virus of the same name. According to the MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia, there are 2 types of herpes: type 1 or oral herpes or type 2, also known as genital herpes. Although the exact causes of this disease are not known, there are some factors that increase the risk such as stress, a nutritionally deficient diet or being in direct contact with an infected person.

Although oral herpes usually affects mainly the mouth area, in some cases it can also spread to the nose producing symptoms such as inflammation in the area, itching and pain and the appearance of highly contagious blisters. These ulcers can end up exploding causing wounds in which scabs will occur on top of them.

Wounds and scabs on the nose from piercings

Did you recently get a nose piercing? In addition to the above causes, the appearance of scabs on the nose may also be due to the placement of an earring in this area of the body.

When we get a piercing, the specialist who is dedicated to body art does not stop piercing the skin of our nostrils with a needle or sharp object, that is, he is making a wound in the dermis. Therefore, when the wound begins to heal during the days after this perforation, a kind of crust can be created in the area of the piercing hole so that it heals correctly.

Home Remedies for Scabs on the Nose

Now that you know why scabs come out in the nose, then we will give you a few home remedies for scabs in the nose, which will help you accelerate the healing process of wounds in this area and therefore that this type of tissue disappears:

Hot compresses

One of the most common symptoms of these scabs are the annoying itching that can make us fall into the temptation of scratching in the area and detaching the tissue. To avoid this, we teach you a very simple trick that consists of applying a purchase with warm water to the crusts for 15 minutes. In this way, the itching in the area will disappear immediately.

Sodium bicarbonate

This natural product has excellent antiseptic properties so it will help you keep the skin disinfected. This remedy can only be used on external areas of the nose and consists of applying a little baking soda diluted in water on the crusts and leaving it until it dries. Then remove it with plenty of warm water.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is ideal both to remove scabs and to combat nasal dryness since it is a powerful natural moisturizer. Heat a tablespoon of coconut oil and then apply it on the crusts with the help of a cotton ball. Use daily until the scabs are gone.

Aloe vera gel

The content of this plant is a natural moisturizer with excellent regenerating properties so it will help you accelerate the healing process of nose wounds. Apply some aloe vera gel with a cotton pad to the scabs of the nose and let it act for 5 minutes. Then remove it with warm water.



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