Rejuvelac: properties, benefits and contraindications


Have you heard of rejuvelac? It is a fermented drink that provides a wide variety of benefits to your body and is obtained from germinated wheat grains. However, this drink cannot be bought, the only way to take advantage of its properties is to make it yourself at home.

Rejuvelac properties, benefits and contraindications

Properties and benefits of rejuvelac

Rejuvelac is a probiotic drink made from ferments that has become very popular among those who are committed to raw food , as well as a healthy and organic diet. The reason is that it is rich in beneficial properties for health, among which we can count:

  • It has a high enzyme content.
  • Contains probiotics, benign for your stomach and intestine.
  • It contains B vitamins and others such as K, E and C.
  • It is antioxidant.
  • It works as a natural detoxifier for the body.

Thanks to its properties, there are many benefits of rejuvelac that you can take advantage of to improve your health on a daily basis, among which the following stand out:

  • Strengthens the immune system . By drinking this drink, you will be helping your immune system to function properly, in addition to helping it increase your body's defenses thanks to its enzyme content.
  • Fight digestive problems . If you suffer from colitis, gastritis, heartburn or your digestion tends to be heavy or slow, taking rejuvelac can help your digestive system to deflate naturally, in addition to digesting food properly.
  • It is a very digestible drink . Due to its high content of enzymes, this drink helps to regulate your digestion and, consequently, to better digest food and avoid flatulence.
  • It keeps the colon clean and healthy , thanks to the fact that it stimulates the growth of good bacteria for the intestine, such as lactobacilli (probiotics), and eliminates toxins. Learn more ways to cleanse the colon by entering our article How to cleanse the colon .

How to prepare and take rejuvelac

As you may have noticed, rejuvelac is a very beneficial enzyme drink for your body, so if you want to include it in your diet, follow the steps below:

  1. To prepare it, it is necessary to germinate wheat seeds. It is important to pay attention to the seeds you buy, since they have to comply with the health guarantee.
  2. To germinate wheat grains, rinse them and put them in a jar adding 1/2 or 1 glass of water. Put the lid on and leave it in a dark place. Every day you should change the water 2 times.
  3. After 72 hours from the first day you put the seeds to germinate, you will be able to see their roots. This means that they are already germinated and ready.
  4. Pour a glass of these germinated seeds into a jar and add water, without chlorine and clean. Next, cover it and cover it with a cloth.
  5. After 48 hours they will have fermented. When this is the case, you will see that the seeds have a translucent-white color, which means that the properties described above are already in the water, ready to be used.
  6. Finally, filter the seeds and keep only the water, put it in a bottle, close it very well and store it in the fridge.
  7. Now you can drink this water whenever you want!

You see that knowing how to make rejuvelac at home is very easy. However, you need to keep these tips in mind so that you can make the most of your drink:

  • You must be especially careful, since you are working with bacteria and contamination of the sprouts must be prevented. If the seeds become contaminated, you will not be able to ingest the rejuvelac, as it can be toxic. Wash your hands well before handling it and disinfect the jars in which you will keep it.
  • Another point to take into account is the temperature, as this directly affects the fermentation process. If the temperature is warm, your rejuvelac will be more powerful. If it is low, you will have to leave it longer so that it ferments well.
  • While you can consume rejuvelac at natural temperature right after making it, we recommend refrigerating it so you can drink it longer.
  • You can add lemon, mint, ginger or fruit juice to make the flavor more appetizing.
  • It is better to take it on an empty stomach to take advantage of all its properties. However, if you have heavy digestions, drinking this enzymatic drink after eating can help your digestion to be correct.

Although rejuvelac is originally made from wheat, other versions are currently prepared such as quinoa rejuvelac, lentil rejuvelac, rice rejuvelac, among others.

Rejuvelac contraindications

Beyond intolerance or allergy to wheat , there are not many contraindications for rejuvelac, as it is a healthy and natural drink. However, keep in mind the following before taking it and including it in your diet:

  • We recommend talking to your doctor if you want to include this enzyme drink in your diet. She or he will give you the necessary advice to make the most of it.
  • Do not abuse this drink, remember that everything in excess is bad.
  • Do not drink the drink after 3 days of preparation, it is better to throw it away and make a new one.
  • If you feel stomach discomfort after drinking rejuvelac, see your doctor to rule out poisoning.



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