Properties of Brazil nuts for weight loss and how to take them


Brazil nuts or also popularly known as Brazilian nuts or Amazon nuts are a species of nut that is extracted from chestnut trees called Juvia and that grow naturally in some Amazonian forests of Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. They are a seed that were used as a main food in many Amazonian tribes due to their richness in some nutrients such as vegetable proteins, healthy fatty acids and their high content of vitamins and minerals, especially selenium.

Properties of Brazil nuts for weight loss and how to take them

Currently these nuts are still used for food but also, it is a very popular natural product in cosmetics and personal care. In this article we explain the different properties of Brazil nuts to lose weight and how to take them to achieve it, as well as other benefits of these seeds to lead a healthy life.

Nutritional values of Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts, although known as nuts, are actually both raw and roasted edible seeds that stand out for the following nutritional information:

  • It highlights its high content of essential fatty acids, especially linoleic acid (omega 6) and oleic acid (omega 9), which play vital roles for the health of our heart.
  • Brazil nuts also provide a great contribution in vegetable proteins, are low in fat and contain a high level of soluble fiber.
  • Among its vitamins, its richness in vitamin E stands out, although it also has a good content of B vitamins (B1 and B2), vitamin C and provitamin A.
  • It is also high in selenium, a mineral with excellent antioxidant properties. It also contains calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc.

Properties and benefits of Brazil nuts for weight loss

Thanks to the nutritional values that we have explained above, Brazil nuts have a powerful slimming action for the following benefits and properties to lose weight:

  • They are very low in fat. One serving of these nuts (a small glass) can contain 19 grams of this nutrient.
  • They are also very low in carbohydrates (186 calories per small glass) which makes them an ideal food for people who are on a diet.
  • They are rich in fiber, an essential nutrient to accelerate the metabolism of fats causing much of them not to be stored in our body.
  • Brazil nuts contain arginine, a protein that, when consumed, stimulates the body's consumption of calories.
  • They have excellent satiating properties that reduce our appetite, which helps us eat less after consuming them and, consequently, lose weight.
  • They are rich in other nutrients that promote weight loss such as essential fatty oils and their vitamin content (B, C and E).

How to take Brazil nuts to lose weight

Like any product, these nuts to lose weight cannot do miracles, that is, you must accompany the consumption of these seeds with some diet and exercise to achieve your goal of losing weight. However, although it is not a miracle food, we have already seen that it contains properties and nutrients that will help us lose weight. If you want to take Brazil nuts to lose weight it is recommended that you read the following tips:

  • To lose weight with these nuts you have to get used to being constant: start by consuming a small portion a day and increase the dose gradually without exceeding 20 grams per serving.
  • When you are more accustomed, take two servings a day of these nuts to lose weight: one in the morning and one in the evening. It is recommended that you take them accompanied by a glass of water.
  • Once you have managed to lose weight and reach the weight you wanted, it is recommended that you stop taking it since excessive consumption could have side effects.
  • Be sure to buy authentic and natural Brazil nuts since an imitation does not have to contain the same benefits to lose weight.
  • Try to drink two liters of water a day and avoid the consumption of refined flours and industrial pastries.
  • Try to do half an hour of exercise a day such as walking, running, or biking.


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