Pain in the genital lips: causes and treatment


It is more common than it may seem to feel pain and discomfort in the genital lips at some point in your life. In addition, it is common for this sensation to interrupt the routine and intimacy of those who suffer from it. There can be multiple causes why this problem can appear, from an allergic cause to a condition capable of producing serious health problems.

Pain in the genital lips causes and treatment

If you suffer discomfort in your private parts and want to know what is due, keep reading because in this article we tell you all about pain in the genital lips, its causes and treatment.

Pain in the genital lips and other symptoms

Women with an active sex life are more likely to suffer from this condition, in addition it is also common for other symptoms to appear or for there to be symptoms associated with pain in the genital lips.

  • Vaginal itching.
  • Burning on the genital lips.
  • Changes in vaginal discharge.
  • Redness of the genital lips.
  • Inflammation.
  • on the genital lips.

If you feel burning in the genital lips it is possible that you are facing an infectious process in the vulva or vagina, so it is especially important to go to a specialist, who in this case will be the gynecologist, so that you can analyze other symptoms and reach a diagnosis to apply the most appropriate treatment.

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Pain in the genital lips: causes

As we have mentioned before, the reasons why this problem may appear are many, but the following are the main causes of pain in the genital lips:

  • Bartholinitis: Bartholin's glands secrete fluid that lubricates the vagina and are located on each side of the vaginal opening. Sometimes these glands become inflamed and an abscess occurs as a result. Faced with this problem you may experience pain in the genital lips when sitting, walking or having sex, fever and especially a painful lump near the opening of the vagina. Here we talk more about the Symptoms of bartholinitis.
  • Vulvodynia: This condition is chronic pain of the vulvar region. In the face of this, you may experience pain or a burning sensation, including swelling and redness. It can appear spontaneously and the pain is intermittent but lasts over time.
  • Vulvar vestibulitis: this condition develops in the vestibule and the symptoms that are usually experienced are inflammation and pain in the secretory mucous glands and skin, resulting in very annoying.
  • Vaginitis: This occurs due to an inflammation of the mucous wall of the vagina and is a problem for which many women go to the gynecologist.
  • Vulvar cancer: usually characterized by constant itching and pain in the vulva that is not relieved by any treatment. If you notice white, red or discolored areas on your vulva or vagina, in addition to scaly patches similar to warts, a thickening of the skin, an ulcer or any other strange change in your private parts, do not hesitate to go to the gynecologist to examine you as soon as possible.
  • Contact allergy: these are infamous skin reactions caused by irritative mechanisms or some external agent. Among these is vulvovaginitis, very similar to vaginitis.
  • Vaginal infections: these can be of different origins (bacteria, viruses or fungi).
  • During pregnancy there are many hormonal changes that can lead to certain vaginal and vulvar problems, so if you feel pain in the genital lips during pregnancy you should know that all or almost all women suffer vulvodynia during pregnancy. It's the same with menstruation, and it's completely normal, so if you feel pain in your genital lips during menstruation, try taking a bath with warm water and changing your tampons and compresses frequently to avoid further irritation.
  • Having unprotected sex, or that these are abrupt, is also usually a frequent cause that produces this problem.

Treatment for pain in the genital lips

The treatment for pain in the genital lips, as you already know, will depend on the cause that is producing these discomforts.

  • If you suffer from an infection such as bartholinitis, antibiotics are usually the most useful, but you may need a small surgery to drain fluid from a cyst or, in more advanced cases, even remove a gland that has been affected.
  • If your problem is vulvodynia, the treatment can vary from the use of oral or topical medications, it depends on the symptoms you have, it is also possible that physiotherapy or a psychological treatment based on removing irritants capable of causing some type of damage to the vulva, such as certain intimate hygiene materials such as compresses and soaps.
  • The treatment of vulvar vestibulitis consists of the application of steroid creams to relieve discomfort.
  • If you suffer from vaginitis, you should know that the treatment will depend on the cause that is producing this problem. It can be due to a foreign object lodged in the vagina or allergy to a chemical, for example. Only your doctor will be able to evaluate you and apply the appropriate treatment.
  • If your problem is vaginal cancer, your doctor will evaluate the best treatment, which is usually removal of the tumor.

Before any pain in the genital lips do not hesitate to go to a specialist to examine you and avoid further damage.

Home Remedies for Pain in the Genital Lips

There are home remedies to relieve pain and discomfort in the genital lips, depending on the cause that is producing the problem:

  • Especially if your problem is that you suffer from bartholinitis, the doctor may tell you to perform sitz baths, which can help the cyst rupture and drain on its own. These baths consist of sitting in the bathtub and filling it with a little hot water, without burning. Take these baths 3 or 4 times a day for 10 or 15 minutes. You can also take ibuprofen or paracetamol to relieve discomfort, always following the instructions of the doctor or pharmacist. You can also use slightly warm water compresses to feel better. Sitz baths usually relieve a lot of pain in the genital lips, but if you have irritation try to make the water colder than hot.
  • Avoid soaps that can irritate your private parts, better use a soap with neutral ph.
  • Apply cold but not excessively, because the cold will help you lower inflammation by contracting the blood vessels in the area.
  • The best thing is that while you are with this problem do not have sex, but if you do always use protection and lubricant to minimize friction.
  • Natural yogurt is a remedy that applying it on the genital lips usually relieves burning and, in addition, acts against harmful fungi and bacteria.
  • Leading a healthy life and a balanced diet will make your defenses strong and prevent health problem



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